Have you sold out?

Are you wondering and intrigued as to what I mean by the title: Have you sold out?

All I mean by this is have you given up?

We start life so excited and full of dreams and hopes, suddenly things happen, we become full of fear and doubt and we end up selling out.

When we go through challenging periods and times in our lives and without the right support we forget about all those things we wanted.

Then, one day we wake up and wish things had been different. 

Guess what?

Things can be different if you choose to improve the way you feel and react to life and things in general.

When we seek support and help from professionals and coaches they enable us to improve our current situation and head towards the life we want and know we deserve.

However, wanting to improve our lives and finding someone to facilitate this transformational work requires great levels of commitment and doing what not many would do.

Wanting and doing are two different realms and areas of operating and living. 

We all want a better life, we all dream of a better future; though the magic begins in the doing.

By getting started we open the doors to opportunities and learning that will make us into the people we have to grow into to achieve our goals.

So, are you a dreamer or a doer?

Have you sold out?

Please, let me know on the comments box.

till next time,


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