What thoughts are you putting in your head?

Well, where can I start…

Daily we have conversations, these conversations include the ones we have with others and the ones we have with ourselves. 

We are communicative beings, talk and communicate is all we do.

We talk to express our needs. 

We talk to find out about others.

We talk to complain.

We talk to compliment. 

We talk to build and destroy. 

You get the idea.

So, this communication is processed and it has to be stored somewhere. 

I have no idea where it goes, though  (unfortunately), it is stored somewhere as our thoughts. 

Here is where things become a tiny bit more interesting. 

These thoughts act of food for our behaviours and emotions, to the point that they become our reality.

Let me exemplify this to you

Often I find myself having conversations with someone or even my partner and something is said that then is interpreted  (translated or converted) and based on past experiences we add meaning to it.

There have countless occasions in which my partner says or does something  (meaning well) and the thoughts I put in my head give them a totally different meaning.

You might remember me quoting one of the NLP presuppositions:

The meaning of communication is the response we get!!!

So powerful and so true.

The thoughts we store and hold onto are what shape our responses and therefore our reality, our lives and results.

Want to change your life for the better? 

Then, change your thoughts for more useful ones.

Till next time, with all my love,


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