Decluttering your mind

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts…

Where do they come from?

What is their purpose?

Well, I am going to be totally honest, I have no answer for either question. I have opinions about where they may come from and their purpose, yet they aren’t based on any solid facts. 

One thing I can talk to you about, for sure is decluttering our minds.

Decluttering our minds is vital to ensure our minds and brains function properly and meet our demands.

When we work and operate from a cluttered mind, mindset or busy head we simply don’t get much out our days, jobs and lives in general.

What tends to happen is we are at effect in our lives, and what I mean by this is that we react to things and give pretty much of our control to things and events in our lives. 

Our results are poor or non existing, we run around like headless chicken and lack any focus whatsoever.

We aren’t present to almost anything in our lives and we miss out on life changing events and opportunities just because we are too busy in our heads.

Is this a place you want to be operating from?

Is this your reality?

If this is your reality, would you like to transform and evolve it?

Is your answered yes, perfect because I will share with you just that, how to declutter your mind. 

3 effective ways to declutter your mind:

1. Mindfulness, this is the art of experiencing life and things as they happen, being present in your daily tasks, when eating, drinking, showering, etc.,

2. Yoga breathing, or any kind of breathing, this helps in many levels, breaking the state we are at and re-oxygenating our lungs and brain.

3. Rehydration, yep you are reading right, our mood changes when we are dehydrated, we become more stress and this as a direct result provokes “silly” thoughts that serve us for nothing.

Simple daily activities like the ones mentioned above can help us declutter our minds and lives, leading to being more present in our lives and better results. 

Because I appreciate you and I want you truly succeed at anything you set your mind to I will give you a bonus exercise to declutter your mind.

Star jumps!!!

Whenever a junk and polluted thought invades your thoughts (and please notice we have thousands a day!!!), drop whatever you are doing and do 20 star jumps saying the thought out loud…

Let me show you an example;

If you have the thought that you aren’t good enough because of your lack of education, whenever you have that thought, drop everything and while doing your star jumps say out loud:

I am not good enough because of my lack of education…

I am not good enough because of my lack of education…
I am not good enough because of my lack of education…

If you want to transform your life and create a life of purpose and success, track your thoughts and declutter your mind. 

Put them into practice as from now, do it right now.

Till next time,


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