How programmed are you?

Have you ever watched a movie where all the characters seem to look the same, act the same, dress the same and speak the same?

Have you ever been to a place where people look like a clone of one another?

Today I want to touch on the subject of programming, simply put how our actions, behaviours, lifestyle and thoughts are shaped by others.

We go to school and are told:

  • Do not talk to strangers,
  • Do as you told,
  • Be a good boy/girl,
  • You are clever,
  • You are not intelligent enough,
  • You will never do it,
  • You are too short,
  • You are too fat,
  • You are too friendly,
  • You are ugly,
  • You… (fill in the blanks!)

You see, from very early we are programmed to respond and behave we do, it isn’t done intentionally, though, many don’t realise it.

Some people say I want to be autonomous and independent, guess what? That thought has been put there by someone else, ppeople of certain age “should” be autonomous and independent, so when you get to that age unconsciously you make that “choice”.

Same apply with every other area of your life, what you study, what you eat, what you wear, etc.

How do you break away from your programming?

First become aware of what it is you unconsciously do that isn’t in alignment with what you want and make notes about it.

Then, find the help necessary for guidance and support and then get to work.

The day you reprogramme your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and your life that is the day you break away from old paradigms and start living purposefully. 

You start to call the shots and rather than being reactive you become proactive. 

Give it a go, find what programmes you have been carrying for years and start transforming them. 

Till next time,


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