How can I transform my life?

We go through life battling and fighting, mostly ourselves, and come across challenges and trying periods.

One question I get asked by many people and clients is:

How can I transform my life?

To which I reply in order to transform your life you must want to transform the world around you.

In business they call this the “why power”, what is it that moves you to get out of bed and get to work?

We al need a reason to be and to act, to do what otherwise wouldn’t be done and get over ourselves. 

When I give this answers to people they are surprised by my reply because they expect it to be all about them.

The truth is that to accomplish and achieve anything in life, we ought to put the needs, wants and desires of others first. 


In business you can’t be successful if you don’t put your clients/customers needs first.

In writing and publishing you can’t be successful if you don’t publish what the audience want.

In cooking you can’t have a successful business if you don’t cook the customers favourite dishes.

In a relationship you can’t make it work if you make it all about you.

If you want to create real transformation you have to get over the idea that is is all about you. 

Bottom line is NOTHING is about you, you are but a vehicle that serves others. 

Transformation equals helping others transform. 

Neat or what?

Till next time,


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