Saying goodbye to the old

How many times have you wished you could just deal with the past and move on?

(I hope I am not the only one!!!)

Let me share with you what I have learned recently. Yep really, this is all so new for me too…

We hold onto the past and old emotions simply because we get our kicks out of it.

We loooove the drama in our lives, we can’t do without something to whinge or complain, this is what keep us in the same cycle, a never ending vicious circle.

What’s even crazier is that we purposely drink the poison (metaphorically speaking) and expect the other person to die. Does that even make sense?

To be totally frank we are so full of contradictions…

We talk about the future, yet we can’t let go of the past, we hold onto it like our lives depend on it!

We hold onto the past like our lives depended on it!!! Cant you see it?

How do we say goodbye to the old? How do we break free from the past?

Before I give you the answer, are you sure you want to let it go?

Old we have to do to say goodbye to the old, the past and set ourselves free is…

Be in the now, every moment we live in the now and focusing in the past is a wasted moment…

We waste our lives holding onto the what ifs… the could have beens, the should have beens and the regrets that stem from them.

These moments we take from granted then become our what ifs, should have beens, could have beens of tomorrow!

Do you get it?

All we have to do is to be in the now, enjoy it and make the most of it… 

How do we make the most of the now?

I have learned that the best way to make the most of the now is to have no expectations and to surrender to the moment, to the people you are with and to the task at hand.

Holding onto to the old, regrets and the past is robbing ourselves from the gift of the now, life and living. 

If we aren’t living, guess what?

We are dead…

When we are dead nothing makes sense and nothing is possible, we live in a realm of insecurities and doubts and fears…

We moment is gone and more regrets are born and carried onto the future.

Do you want to let go of the old and the past?

Stop it, let it go and begin to be. 

Till next time,


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