How many people are you helping succeed?

One of the biggest lessons I learned was when I joined my network marketing company, in order to succeed in this business is by helping as many people as possible to succeed, to achieve their financial goals.

Genius, I thought. 

From that moment on I embraced that same mentality into my coaching and training businesses. 

I started to help as many people as possible to become more confident and succeed in areas of their lives they never thought of or saw possible.

I was helping others to become practitioners of NLP, EFT and other applied psychology modalities and enabled them to see themselves as the solution to people’s existing “problems”.

So, the more people I helped to succeed the more successful I became, this new approach to my businesses changed them dramatically for the best.

How many people are you helping in your line of business or career?

Are you offering solutions to people’s problems and adding value to their lives?

It doesn’t matter what you do whether you are a barista or a lawyer or a therapist.

In each and every one of the above mentioned scenarios you are helping people wake up and get on with their day, you are helping people with the law to either defend themselves or to change a law and lastly you are helping people to improve their ways of thinking  (mindset) and ways of being  (behaviours).

Remember, in order to succeed and achieve success you ought to help people, the more people you help, the more successful you become.

Till next time, 


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