How DARE you?

Sometimes in life we have to hear those things we don’t want to hear, so here it is:


  • Not share your greatness in life?
  • Not show up in your life and commitments?
  • Make excuses to not take action?
  • Blame others for your lack of action?
  • Play a “safe” and “comfortable” life?
  • Quit even before you got started?
  • Avoid taking control of your life?
  • Hold onto the and reject your future?

I can go on and on and on… and explain where and which areas you haven’t been fully present.

That isn’t the point, the point I am making here is you can change it, transform and evolve it. 

I have brought it to your conscious awareness, so now it is over to you. 

You get to choose whether you reflect on these areas or you take no action.

You get to do something and achieve something and continue in the same path, heading in the same direction you are heading. 

Taking control of your life requires taking actions right now and being the human being you have to grow into to accomplish your goals.

What are you waiting for?

Your time is now.

Till next time,


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