How can I be of real contribution to others?

I have always believed that we are here on this planet for a reason. 

What’s that reason?

To be of service to others and love them for who they are.

So, how can you tap into what is important to others and help them?

Well, this is very simple and possible through the power of your intention, curiosity and asking powerful questions. 

What you get to discover is what is really important to that person, what is happening in their lives and how you can best contribute to them.

You accomplish by tailoring your help, assistance based on your findings and make the person feel valued, respected and appreciated. 

This doesn’t take ages, or tons of practice; all it takes is your willingness and true desire to does what’s best for them.

I invite you to practice this into your daily conversations and start noticing what you learn from your new interactions. 

Till next time,


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