Excuses and Reasons

Are you like most people coming up with excuses and reasons as to why you can’t do X or Y?

Do circumstances appear challenging giving you ‘real’ reasons to not do something?

Is time, money, energy, relationships getting in the way of you accomplishing your goal?

The truth is excuses and reasons are just that things we come up with to avoid responsibility. 

When we are fully committed to our goals and lives we come up with solutions rather reasons to not do something. 

For example if said to you give me a reason why you couldn’t do your work around the following:

  1. Money
  2. Time 
  3. Health
  4. Skills
  5. Children 
  6. Location 
  7. Beliefs 
  8. Values
  9. Your age, etc.

If you were given the time you’d find reasons based on my suggestions. 

What does that say???

Reasons are:

  1. Easy to come up with, and
  2. We let forces outside of us influence our results 

What reasons and excuses are you coming up with?

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. 

Till next time,


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