Can anyone really be 100% confident?

​I used to ask myself this question ALL the time, I mean none stop:

Can anyone really be 100% confident?

In ALL areas of their lives?

At ALL times?

I’d be scratching my head and almost lost sleep over it. 

I knew nothing else, lack of confidence and low self-esteem  is all I knew.

So, I just wondered and never asked anyone. 

I carried on with my life and met wonderful people AND I got to work on my personal development, and towards the life I wanted. 

Next thing I was confident and I totally forgot about that question I once asked myself time and time again.

Until people started asking the same question to me… They were even more confident than I was by asking that question.

So, I got thinking and observing.

And here are my findings:

  1. People are always facing challenges, therefore their confidence is affected by it and at the same time just because they don’t show it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
  2. People are confident in some areas of their lives and not confident in others. 
  3. Some people face their “challenges” head on and feel the fear and do it anyway, so they develop that muscle and next time when they face similar situations they know what to do. And,
  4. Growing in confidence is an ongoing journey, it really never ends.

Just because you don’t feel or see yourself as a confident person it doesn’t mean you aren’t in some areas.

I have met really shy people who aren’t “as confident as” me, though in front of others they do come across as confident, brave, courageous and bold.

What you see in yourself isn’t what others see in you. 

Typical example would be parents with “no” confidence, to their children they are heroes and they can do anything. 

To many of us some friends, bosses or teachers come across as confident, though behind closed doors don’t know their “reality”.

So, to answer that question, the answer is a big fat and emphatic NO.

NOONE is really confident at all times. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. 

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Till next time,


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