How NOT to worry!

We have grown to become too “familiar” with worry and stress.

Although, they both deserve the same level of attention, today I want to talk about worry.

When I was 16/17 I was very fortunate to meet Jorge, my namesake, we meet in our group therapy and he took at shine to me. 

In those days I didn’t feel worthy of having a Lawyer as a friend, in fact, I didn’t feel I deserved any friends.

Anyway, so Jorge would chat to me after our therapies and often would give me a lift.

Jorge was 12 years older than me (still is, BTW), and he was very wise for his years.

He knew I had attempted suicide so he felt compelled to support me and be my guide, for he had had a tough period too when he was a teenager and in his early 20’s.

I wish I could lie but in those days I was a tad negative, who am I kidding? I was very negative, I didn’t know much about appreciation or gratitude!!!

However, Jorge would never criticise or judge my views.

So, one day I was being the “typical” teenager, complaining and whinging about everything!

So, Jorge said to me:

Jorge why are you constantly preoccupied?

Did you know that preoccupied really means to occupy yourself before its time?

Everytime you preoccupy you are wasting your time and energy AND you are busying yourself unnecessarily and before its due. 

Those words were what I needed to hear. 

From that moment on I preoccupied less and let worry out of my life.

So, how NOT to worry?

Stop preoccupying yourself and rather than busying your mind  (with things that may not even happen) and start enjoying what you have in your life.

Worrying or preoccupying is tiring and consuming, it leads nowhere and it can cost you EVERYTHING. 

It is almost like living into a negative future that you are putting there. 

It’s like using the Law of Attraction to your disadvantage and drawing negative things into your life. 

What about thinking of great and empowering things and attract a future you love.

It is possible, I learned to do it and so can you. 

Till next time,


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