Just keep going bravely and remain confident 

Sometimes I feel I run of ideas and this can lead to me struggling to put sentences together.

Though, today I was reminded of something beautiful and almost magical. 

I noticed how “easy” it can be to find inspiration when you allow it, when you let things unravel around you. 

As I have mentioned before I prefer to blog daily, rather than in “bulk”, as I like to capture my day and what is happening around me.

So, today I was reading a book with daily thoughts and poetry and I came across this phrase:

Just keep going bravely and remain confident.

How apt it is and it applies to all of us.

Whatever we want in life, all we have to do is to keep going bravely and with courage for this is the fuel that will propel us in the direction of our goal.

No matter how many times “things happen” to us, if we keep in mind our end goal, we can make it happen, this will only happen when we keep going. 

Also, it is a great reminder to stay and remain confident. 

When we face a challenge, rather than running away or stopping, if we stay confident in our abilities and know that it will pass, because let’s face it, it always does.

If we take the learnings and feedback and sharpen our skills, use our resources and become more resourceful, this will invariably give us the confidence to keep going.

And the more we do this, the more resilient we become and ultimately we become unstoppable. 

Wasn’t this a great reminder today?

Just keep going bravely and remain confident!
I found it very apt and helpful, it is great to be reminded that to be successful and achieve our goals we have to bear in mind these two things:

  1. Keep going, and
  2. Remain confident. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and please share it and comment. 

Till next time,


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