It is OK to have a bad day!

Yesterday was a significant day for me, in many ways. Sadly, the way I reacted and how I took this event was pretty bad.

Before I continue writing I will not tell you much on this post as it is still raw and I am processing it, so talking about it brings “stuff” to the surface. 

What I will tell you though is I already have a title for my next book 😉. 

So, I had a rubbish day yesterday. 

How rubbish you might be asking yourself?

Vodka kind of rubbish. 

I didn’t want to talk to anyone about what had happened and the only 2 people who knew about this incident I begged to not mention it.

As I was drinking my vodka and coke, I am not crazy to swig it neat (yuck!), I kept saying to myself why am reacting like this? 

You are a coach and a therapist (and a healer), a trainer and an author and you empower people and help them and blah blah blah…

Is alcohol the solution? 

Is pushing people away the solution?

Is blaming other people the right thing to do?

I started to analyse what was going through my mind at that moment  (before the vodka kicked in!).

And this is where I got to…

You are a coach and a therapist (and a healer), a trainer and an author and you empower people and help them AND…
You are human too!

I realised and totally recognised the importance of having a bad day.

I chose to divert my attention from what was happening to something else, yes I know vodka wasn’t the solution  (though there was nothing else I could do around midnight!).

I learned that having a bad day is a great opportunity to take a look at your life and reassess where you are at. 

That there are lessons in every situation and that by taking a break from it you are giving yourself the time to process the situation and take the learnings. 

When you acknowledge that it is ok to have a bad day and accept it for what it is you are at cause in your life, rather than at the effect of the “issue”.

It was so refreshing knowing I don’t have to get it right all the time, it is OK to go through all the emotions known to human kind in a few seconds and even have a cry.

I also learned I was too attached to this outcome and because it didn’t go as I had planned I was upset. 

Note to self: stay unattached and remain committed instead. 

I woke up in a different space (and and NOT hungover!) AND I wanted to talk, I wanted to tell people.

In fact, it was so healing talking to people because I learned people do care when you let them in.

I just needed to acknowledge and declare I was having a bad day and i had to take some time off.

I promise when I am ready I will share with you what happened, and when the book is published I will send you the link too 😉!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and realised that even people who help other people to transform their lives have bad days and go for the vodka (sometimes!). 

We are like everyone else and stuff get to us too.

So remember it is ok to have a bad day. 

Till next time,

Jorge 😘❤💋

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