What is your favourite thing about Earth?

Yesterday I went to the movies with my partner and we watched – The Space Between Us.

This is a beautiful movie, so if you haven’t been to watch it yet, highly recommend it.

I won’t tell you much about the movie, don’t want to spoil it for you…

The main character, Gardner, asks several people this question:

What is your favourite thing about Earth?

What a powerful question, I thought and I kept wondering what is my favourite thing about Earth.

I don’t have a single favourite thing about Earth, though I have many.

These are my favourite things about Earth:

  1. Knowledge and wisdom, we are blessed that for millenia we have been able to capture valuable information about our planet and us as a race and these data will be passed to generations to come.
  2. Fauna and flora, I have always loved nature, we are truly blessed to have the ecosystems we have, the plants and animals and the means to learn from it.
  3. Variety, the older I get and the more I travel I feel humbled and in awe at the variety in our cultures and traditions; it is so beautiful to know that even though we are all humans we still have to much to learn from one another AND we keep enriching each others lives.
  4. Our curiosity, us human beings are so curious and we do whatever it takes to understand what is around us to improve our quality of life.
  5. Our resilience, there is no denying that we are resilient beings and it doesn’t matter what comes our way we come back stronger and more prepared for what is next.
  6. The ability to express our emotions, to me this is one of the mos beautiful things we can do on Earth, tell others what our feelings are.
  7. Life, I love witnessing and experiencing what it is like to be alive and celebrate others lives. It gives me great joy and satisfaction. 

I could go on and on, as it is a great experience to enjoy what we have, we are truly blessed to live in an era where we can be and enjoy life.

It is a true blessing knowing that we can express our thoughts and concerns and joy and share with the world what we love about our communities, societies and our planet as a whole.

I am curious:

What is your favourite thing about Earth?

See you soon,

Jorge 😙

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