What is dangerous?

As I have recently shared in the last few days I have been paying full attention to what is being said on TV, by people, what I read, everything in general.

I was watching a couple of movies at the weekend and in one of these movies one of the characters said the following  (I believe it was in Hidden Figures):

Dangerous is: inaction and indecision…!!!

At that moment I wanted to get my journal out and jot down such incredible quote (I used all the mind techniques to not forget it though!).

Hearing this quote was so relevant to everything I do and life in general.

If we don’t take action we will never get anything done or get what we want in life. 

It is a sad fact that we tend to rely on luck and we forget that the best way to get “lucky” is by taking action, getting s**t done and creating that luck ourselves through the opportunities the hat we come across. 

Also, when we are indecisive and “procrastinate” to make our minds up, we end up wasting time, money and energy AND the outcome we get is the of dissatisfaction and unfulfilment. 

However, if we flip the coin and take a look at what is safe or right we get: action and decisions  (or choices).

When we take action we call the shots and we make things happen, we take full responsibility and control of the situation and ultimately the outcome.

And when we are making decisions, choosing what actions to take we commit to our goals and dreams AND we steer our money, time and energy to what is important and matters to us.

We become resourceful and unstoppable AND we become of inspiration to others.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Please share with your friends. 

Till next time,

Jorge 😘

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