What is love?

Today I want to give you a poem, a blessing from me.

Happy Valentine’s.

What is love?

What is love?
But a kiss, a caress,
One I love you,
One I need you.
What is love?
But an expression of who you are,
And extension of your being,
One action,
One thought.

What is love?
But a whisper, a smile,
One memory,
One second of intimacy.
What is love?
But feelings, emotions,
One heartbeat,
One breath taken and returned.

What is love?
But what I feel for you,
One unheard voice,
One unfelt touch.
What is love?
But the universe at your feet,
One world,
One heart.

What is love?
But me and you,
One part of you,
One part of me.
What is love?
But what we feel together,
Your heart,
My heart,
Dancing together at unison,
Making magic possible,
Discovering the impossible,
Exploring what’s possible.
Love is all there is,
Love is all we need,
Love is you,
Love is me!

What is love?
Who cares?
Noone fully gets it,
Noone fully understands it
What is love?
But all there is,
All we need,
All we should ever need.

Jorge Vence

I hope you have enjoyed and please share this love.

Till next time,


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