4 Questions To Ponder On…

Last Sunday and Monday I was driving from my city, Southampton to Weybridge and Weybridge to Eastbourne and finally Eastbourne to Southampton. 

It may sound like a lot of driving but it wasn’t.  

Since being self-employed I have become very time savvy and conscious, I have learned that time is the only resource we will never ever get back.

So, whenever I am driving, walking, moving, doing chores or at the gym I am either reading or listening to something that will help me be better at what I do and as a person. 

I was listening to Jim Rohn’s (he is just amazing) Challenge to Succeed. 

These recordings capture his philosophies and incredible wisdom.

Toward the end of 4 cds audios he said I will leave you with 4 questions to ponder on:

  1. Why? He says this is the most powerful questions we can ever ask. Why… children ask it all the time.
  2. Why not? Great question,isn’t it? Why not do it now? Why not now? Why not take action? Why not do something about it? Asking why not is a powerful way to get us into action.
  3. Why not me? As a teenager I used to ask the question why me? I would put and present myself as a victim, whereas this question why not me? Gives us power and the opportunity to get going… if he/she can, why not me? Great application of this question.
  4. Why not now? Is there more to add to this question? Why not now instead of tomorrow? It is really easy to postpone things and invest our time, money and efforts on things that aren’t as important. 

As I was driving back home I felt totally inspired by these questions. 

Often we see the why question as unimportant or unnecessary when in reality it shines new light into the situations we are presented with.

Remember ask yourself the following questions at all times:

  • Why,
  • Why not,
  • Why not me,
  • Why not now.

Don’t let their simplicity fool you. 

Till next time,


3 thoughts on “4 Questions To Ponder On…

  1. 4 great questions to really get you thinking. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure Sherry. I am so glad you liked this post. Jx ❤💋✌

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Why not now! Yes – such a great question and completely agree. Use these questions to keep me moving forward!

    Liked by 1 person

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