What are you doing?

Recently watching a movie (Hidden Figures), I came across the most incredible quote in the form of a question  (2 actually):

What are you doing?

Taking a break?

This was said when a character was supposed to take an immediate action and instead was sat looking at everyone as if waiting for someone to either tell her what to do or do it for her…

At that moment her friend look at her and said:

What are you doing? Taking a break?

I saw the relevancy to those questions into my life and the lives of many people.

What are we doing? Taking a break?

There are dreams to be achieved. There are projects to get started and sometimes we find ourselves staring into space waiting for something or someone to appear and give us orders.

Some people are fortunate, “lucky” they have someone or people to ask that question: What are you doing?

Is there something that needs doing?

Is the project going to complete itself? 

Or, are you just taking a break hoping things will do themselves?

These breaks or lack of action are our worst enemies because it is here when we tend to become complacent and start to procrastinate neglecting our future and what is important to us.

Remember the 4 questions to ponder on from yesterday?

Why not add what are you doing? Too? 

Till next time,


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