3 easy steps to have a fantastic weekend!

Who doesn’t like having an amazing weekend?

The average person (according to my observations!) spends most of their weekend time, which I believe is precious to all of us, running around and recovering from the week gone.

So, how can we ensure we make the most of it, instead?

Those close to me constantly congratulate me for my levels of efficiency and being able to get everything done AND at the same time ensure I keep a balanced life.

How do I do it?

I use these 3 simple steps to ensure all my weekends are fantastic:

  1. I ALWAYS plan to do something fun. It doesn’t matter how long or challenging my week has been I will schedule something that will bring joy and laughter to me at the weekends. It could be going to the movies, going shopping or a nice meal out. I reward myself for the week gone.
  2. I set outcomes or goals for my weekends. This could be relationship or personal or even spiritual. I always ensure that there is something to be achieved at the weekend, something to look forward to. It inspires me to get more done at the weekends. Remember: time is a very precious resource, so why not use it wisely even at the weekends. And,
  3. I set aside some ‘me’ time. Selfish right? No, it isn’t, it is normal and healthy to want to have some you time, to do whatever you want or just to do nothing or reflect on the week one.

I have been doing this for years and I make the most of my weekends and I start my weeks empowered and energised. 

Give them a go this weekend and let me know how you get on.

Till next time,

Jorge 😘❤💋💥

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