Do I matter?

Good question right? 

Do I matter? Do you matter? Do we matter?

For years this question troubled and intrigued…

Do I matter? 

What I do matters?

Honestly I struggled to answer it because I couldn’t see any evidence of it (or that I thought!).

I started to notice and realise that what I did matter, though I would think people were being polite and kind to me.

It wasn’t til November last year when I truly learned that what I do matters!

I visited Atlanta, Georgia for a personal development training, I didn’t see the big deal in attending, I did it because u could and I was interested in it.

So, I got there. The truth is people knew about me going to visit and they forgot. 

The second I arrived, they were looking at me wondering who I was.

I introduced myself as Jorge from England and originally from Panama. Told them about my journey and who I was and did. 

The day was great. We learned so much and people were so kind and beautiful with me.

At the end, a lady stood up and thanked me for my bravery and honouring them with my presence this is what she said:

Thank you for coming and showing us how small we are playing.

You have travelled thousands of miles to invest on yourself and showing is what is possible. 

We make excuses about time and money and you have proven that those are just stories we make up to stop ourselves. 

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what an impact I had on that community. 

However, it showed that everything matters, it doesn’t matter how small an action is it will ALWAYS matter because people are watching and being impacted by it. 

Do I matter? 

Does what I do matter?

Absolutely, 100%.

Guess what?

It also applies to you. 

You do matter, what you do matter. 

You needn’t hear from others to know that what you do matters, just know it that what you do matter. Period. 

You are important therefore what you do matters. 

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