How do you know if you are at the effect of things?

If you aren’t familiar with cause and effect this is how it goes.

When you are at cause in your life, you are calling the shots, making your own decisions, in control of your life and actions AND you get to create your life the way you want to.

On the other hand, when you are at the effect of something or someone,  you are giving power to something or someone, you are their ‘bitch’ (sorry, couldn’t resist!), you are ‘affected’ by everyone and everything AND you are seen or acting as a ‘victim’.

How do you know if you are at the effect of things in your life?

Here is a short list of things that would tell you you are at the effect of things :

  1. You are constantly complaining about things and people, 
  2. You feel ‘unlucky’,
  3. You wait for things to happen to you, 
  4. You are reactive,
  5. You feel hard done by,
  6. You always feel left out,
  7. You have negative and unhelpful thoughts,
  8. You hate your environment,
  9. You are always unhappy, and
  10. You haven’t achieved your goals.

How do you stop this?

The best and easiest way to stop being at the effect of everything and start being at cause in your life.

By flipping this ‘metaphorical’ coin you start to create the life of your dreams, chasing after your goals and being a real winner in your life.

What are the signs of being at cause in your life?

  1. You are happy in yourself, 
  2. You are optimistic and courageous,
  3. You use positive language, 
  4. You attract more people into your life, 
  5. You set empowering and realistic goals, 
  6. You do what you love,
  7. People come to you for advice, guidance and support, 
  8. You experience a real sense of wellbeing, 
  9. You more energised, and
  10. You experience a real sense of belonging. 

The list shown above is just but a summary of what is possible when we are at cause in our lives.

Being at cause is a state of being and knowing our worth.

Are you ready to be at cause in your life? 

Let’s hear what you got to say.

Till next time,

Jorge :)💋❤

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