5 Reiki Lessons I Apply In My Life Daily 

5 Reiki Lessons I Apply In My Life Daily 

If you aren’t familiar with Reiki, it is a Japanese healing art that has been around for the last 100 years or so, and it means Universal Energy.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life so far is that whatever you do, whatever line of business you are in, the best way to fully embrace it is by making it part of your lifestyle (and who you are) AND turn into habits too.

Some examples are:

  • Yoga, it is much more than a group of asanas, Yoga is considered a lifestyle,
  • Fitness, if you are an athlete or PT it is very likely that you are constantly looking after your wellbeing, including what you eat and exercise on a regular basis,
  • Dentist, you wouldn’t run a successful dental practice with rotten teeth and bad breath,
  • Accountants, they tend to keep their accounts in really good conditions, as it is part of their routine, etc.

Here are the 5 Reiki lessons I apply in my life daily:

  • Just for today I will let go of anger,
  • Just for today I will let go of worry,
  • Today I will count my many blessings,
  • Today I will do my work honestly,
  • Today I will be kind to every living creature.

I have found this such an empowering way to live my life daily, just one day at the time.

If you are Reiki trained you might be saying: but that’s part of the Reiki teachings… Which is 100% true, though, it doesn’t mean it is easy to do, just because it is there to be taught, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is to be followed.

However, I know that by following these principles, as they are also know, I am in for a great day.

If something goes wrong, I use it as my mantra: just for today I will let go of anger AND I will let go of worry.

Rather than focusing on how things are working the way I’d like them to, I count my many blessings, I can see, I can hear, I speak, I can fell, I can smell and taste, I have roof over my head; AND by constantly focusing on my many blessings I know I am truly blessed to have what I have… they tend to outweigh what I don’t have.

Every day, I set out with the intention to do my work right and at the same time to do the right thing, in terms of my work, if a client comes to see me wanting something that is out of my expertise I will send them to someone who can help them rather than “keeping them all for myself”, I earn my living with integrity and I make it a huge part of my way of being and working.

Lastly, I wake up wishing the best to every human being and animal on the planet, I am ever so grateful for the people and things around me, to the point that in my book Growing Confident (and in my forthcoming book 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels) in the acknowledgements session I thanked the plants and animals of the world because without them we would NOT be here, the plants keep us alive and the animals pollinise them so they continue to keep us alive.

Also, whether we want to admit it, we are all connected by wishing every human being the best we are wishing ourselves the best too.

By practising these simple principles, I have learned to love on people in ways I didn’t even know were possible, I have learned to love myself because I see and recognise the best in others and all of that is possible because I do it one day at the time.

Let me know which one of these principles is your favourite.

Till next time,

Jorge 😚✌

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