How do you know you are making the wrong decisions? 

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why do you keep making the same mistakes and taking the wrong decisions time and time again? 

And where is the evidence that you are making the wrong decisions. 

It is quite simple, the evidence of those decisions are the results we get, or lack thereof. 

We fail to plan and therefore plan to fail and at the same time we get the results we don’t want.

Another common thing we tend to do (and this happened to me very recently, like Monday!), is that when we make decisions they are ill – formed and lacking in energy.

What do I mean by ill – formed decisions? 

They are fear or stress based. We are not consciously engaging with the task at hand and the results show it.

The same apply to our energy levels, overtime we have learned to grow out of touch with our energy levels and we don’t know when to take a break and restore our energy levels.

By doing this, we are allowing our brain and energy levels time to restore and be and be to function better without being depleted due to overuse and abuse.

If you want to make the right decisions and avoid mistakes, ensure you plan what you are intending to do and reenergise yourself allowing you to bring focus and clarity to your work.

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Till next time, 


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