10 easy to follow steps to have a great week!

I know not many people love that Monday feeling as much as I do, and what this means is that starting the week can be a challenge and a tad tiring for some.

Here are 10 easy to follow steps to have a great week:

  1. Allow yourself plenty of rest the night before, this normally mean getting up earlier on the Sunday, so you are tired early enough to ensure you have 6-8 hours sleep.
  2. Have happy and positive thoughts about Monday and your week. If you go to bed late thinking you will be tired the next morning, guest what? You will!
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, sometimes dehydration can cause us to feel tired, stressed and demotivated, prevent this by having water by your side at all times.
  4. Have healthy meals and snacks to promote your body to work on full cylinders. 
  5. Surround yourself with positive people; positivity, just like negativity is contagious, choose your company carefully.
  6. Allow yourself to take breaks, taking breaks in between jobs or tasks is not only healthy for the body but for the mind too, it allows the mind to recover and perform better over long periods of time.
  7. Listen to something or someone inspiring, this too will motivate you during the week.
  8. Read a book on personal development, a few pages a day is a great way of feeding the mind with positive and inspiring information. 
  9. Schedule everything in your diary, to ensure it gets done. 
  10. Write down the 3 most important things to achieve each day. 

By following these steps (some would call them habits), you are setting the scene to have not only a great but fantastic week too!

Happy week,

Jorge 😎✌❤

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