Monday Strategy!

Monday Strategy!

Who said we all had to hate Mondays?

I consider myself very fortunate and blessed and I know you can feel that way too.

In the years, I trained to become a coach and trainer I learned from the best and the most amazing techniques too.

What stuck with me the most was goal setting or well-formed outcomes, as some people call them too.

As I started to apply this in my life I became very creative and ingenious with it, so I could become more efficient and truly leverage myself and my efforts.

So, this is what I came up with.

I started to set myself weekly outcomes/goals, for the whole of the week, those were the things I was going to accomplish, no matter what.

Then, I would chunk those goals down into daily outcomes/goals and ensured that they would be in alignment with the weekly goals and at the end of each day review and adjust as necessary.

The moment I started doing this I noticed how my results were improving and I was feeling good about myself and the results I was getting.

So, here is what I learned from this:

The main reason people dislike Mondays or going back to work is because they are lacking in strategies and planning.

People are failing to plan and planning to fail, which then take away their power and the way feel about themselves.

The opposite too is true when you plan your work and you work your plan you are empowering yourself and giving yourself the permission to succeed and achieve your goals.

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