How I Lost 2 Stone In 2 months AND Kept Them Off

How I Lost 2 Stone In 2 months AND Kept Them Off



This is the very first time in many years that a new year starts and weight loss is NOT one of concerns, so no new year’s resolution in that area for me!

How on earth did I manage to do that?

Gosh, I will do my best to share with you my weight loss triumph really short, as I wasn’t even intending to lose any weight to begin with.

Before I go into all the nitty gritty details there is a little confession I have to make:

I had an eating disorder and I did NOT know about it…

If you know me you might even be screaming at this post as you’d find hard to believe it.

So, what do I mean when I say I had an eating disorder?

For starters I was the average man, a few pounds fluctuating here and there and in terms of my physical appearance I looked OK, fit some would say.

I bought into that story too! I am OK, I look OK I just let myself go for a little while and I will lose these 10 lbs in no time, and it was a vicious circle that almost never ended.

I went from weighing 64 kg (approx. 141 lbs) to weighing 72 kg (159 lbs) in 2 years (2009-2011) and gained a further 2 kg for the next 6 years reaching my highest and heaviest weight EVER at 85 kg back in April 2017.

21 kg were gained in just 8 years!!! That is an average of just under 3 kg in a year and I didn’t notice. I know it doesn’t sound much but compounded it is a lot, specially when you have photographic evidence of befores and afters and you are needing to buy new clothes sometimes too often.

Also, let’s be a bit honest and clear about something here and that is I’ve been going to the gym a bit more in the last 5 years, so yes there has been an increase in muscle mass but the vast majority of my weight gain was fat.

Does this resonate with you too?

What happened then?

At the end of April 2017 when I came back from Holidays from Panama and the US I attended a seminar by Tony Robbins, UPW – Unleash The Power Within.

I have never jumped so much in my life! Good god, I think I lost a couple of pounds in sweat from all the jumping I did in 4 days.

If you know of Tony Robbins he is just sensational, it was a great experience to be in that environment, especially having been face to face with him.

The first 3 days were about peak states and state management and how to create a powerful life, I totally loved that and I’d do it all over again.

It wasn’t until the 4th day that I had a penny drop moment, an aha moment that would transform the way I was relating to my health and my body.

The last day of UPW was about Energy and Nutrition!

From the word go I was in shock and horrified to discover how rubbish my lifestyle and diet were!!! Shocking…

I mean, for someone who claimed to love himself fully I was killing myself without even knowing I was doing it.

I learned and discovered that I was depleting my energy and robbing myself from much needed resources of energy.

I realised I was eating the wrong foods, at the wrong times and mixing the wrong foods altogether.

For the first in a long time, I had an honest conversation with myself:


What have you been doing with your life?

Why has it taken you this long to look into nutrition and lifestyle choices?

(That’s how the conversation went BTW!)


I was petrified and disgusted that I didn’t know I was poisoning my body and slowly killing myself.

Someone showed me and taught me a lesson I had to learn, making it a pivotal moment in my life.

Without going into too much detail as to what was discussed that day, at the end of that day we were given a 10-day challenge.

Here, we had to go without the following, for 10-days:

  • Coffee,
  • Animal flesh and by-products,
  • Dairy products,
  • Processed foods,
  • Refined carbohydrates, and
  • Gluten.

One of the funniest moments was hearing the audience gasp every time an item was mentioned… Cries and upsets from all directions!!!

10-days without coffee?


No cheese?

No bread?

At that moment I decided to be honest with myself and I said 10-days is not enough to turn my life around and achieve the results I am after.

I am extending this challenge to 30-days, which Tony advised anyway.

He did say:

You do this for 10-days and your body will thank you for it, but if you do it for 30-days you will transform your life for EVER!!!

And he was right!

May 2017 came and from the 1st I made the commitment to myself I’d be a Vegan for a month.

Day 1 no problem, day 2 piece of cake, day 3 what’s the big deal… day 30 OMFG I have lost 1 st, and I felt amazing.

June came and I was committed to be a Vegan for another month and I lost yet another stone.

At this moment I had so much energy that I had forgotten what it was like to have that much energy, I was exercising and doing yoga and doing things I used to love doing and it felt just right.

July, August… December, January 2018 and I am still a Vegan and still not taking any of those poisons.

Lessons learned

I learned (almost the hard way), I was living in toxicity.

My whole adult life I had been slowly killing myself to fit it and because it was cool or because I could.

I used to be a chef (still am BTW) and I was taught (aka conditioned) the heavier and richer a meal, the better, it had more flavour!!! What a lie…

Caffeine, society’s best friend, for the fast-paced lifestyles we have! Total and utter cr*p!

Alcohol, as Tony calls it the drink of decay, and boy does it have some crazy effects on us, makes us hungry when we have been on a bender and clouds our choices and decisions, yet we have been conditioned to drink alcohol to celebrate life! Really?

We wanted more technology, we wanted more choices and yes we have them now, but the price we pay for this technology is our health. Ready meals, take outs, restaurant meals and some people don’t even know who to cook! Shocking!!! Shame on us… These are fastest ways to an early grave (unless you eat healthy meals when out or healthy take outs!!!) !!!

Time seems to be against us… and I repeat seems to!!!

I have now more time to spare than I did before, because I have the energy to take and tackle any task, I am energy rich now. Are you?

I learned that the only person who can really look after my health is myself, it is my responsibility (to myself, my family, my dreams and the world!!!) and no one else’s. It is my life and I got to take care of it. End of!

What did I do then?

As I already mentioned I eliminated all of those poisons from my diet.

So, I started to eat fresh (live) fruit and vegetables and use the least possible processed ingredients I could find.


I also did a 30-days programme using some vegan supplements and proteins that would help with introducing me to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle adjustment and it did just that!

30-Days To Healthy Living

All I did was follow the instructions of this programme to the letter and had fun in the process.

I was eating so many healthy and nutritious foods that my body loved feeling so great and being able to perform tasks in an even faster manner.

At the age of 34 I felt even better than when I was 21, and boy do I need a lot of energy for what I do.

I started to give my body, my temple the fuel it really needed, not silly sugary things or coffee or energy drinks that would cause my sugar levels to go up and down and then end up without any energy, anyway!

I started to give my body, myself and my life the respect they deserved, that I deserve.

I learned to authentically respect myself through respecting my body and creating a lasting and sustainable lifestyle change.

How can you experience the same results as me?

Lifestyle changes and adjustments are simple but not easy, they require discipline, support and a real commitment from you to yourself.

I will share something I hear very often from prospective clients and friends and family:

I really want to lose some weight… but you are too far!

I really want to lose some weight… but it is too expensive!

I really want to lose some weight… but I can’t cook!

I really want to lose some weight… but I don’t have time to do it!

I really want to lose some weight… but I don’t have the energy to do it!

I really want to lose some weight… but I can’t do this nor that!

I really want to lose some weight… but I don’t know how to!

To which I very kindly give them the best solutions to help solve their problems and those who still decline or let their problem win I just say:

Then you don’t really want to lose any weight because when you REALLY want to do anything or achieve any goal you WILL find the time, money, energy and resources to make it happen.

I was time poor because I had no energy, and now I have the energy and guess what more time too.

So, if you want to explore more and do this 30-days programme visit this site and take a look at the products and buy them, then get in touch with me and I will help you achieve your health goals for 2018.

If the idea of veganism horrifies you, do NOT worry because you can do this programme eating lean meats.

Anything in moderation is OK, if you wish to take it further afterwards even better.

A life well lived is a well spent!

Most of us go through life rather than getting from life, most of us waste our lives rather than spending wisely.

Things are changing rapidly around us and only those who are well equipped will adapt to those changes. Will you be one of them?

One last thing before finishing here:

Recently I read a post from an acquaintance on FB and here she was talking about loving and accepting yourself as you are with or without curves, I totally get that and I also promote that.

Here is where our opinions differ:

You can be poor but healthy.

You can be rich but healthy.

You can be overweight but healthy (which more often than not is NOT the case!).

You can be underweight but healthy.

Health is the key and answer to true happiness, we are what we eat and we aren’t what we are NOT eating. You cannot be happy if you aren’t healthy but you can be very happy if you are living healthily.

Health is best experienced than it is explained. Just do it!

Eat yourself to health and fitness OR eat yourself to an earlier grave.

In the end the choice is always ours.

I will ALWAYS choose HEALTH.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and please take a look at this 30-day programme and take action NOW!

Share the gift of health with your friends and family, share this post too!

With all my love,



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