My Week In 500 Words – v3

My Week In 500 Words – v3


When I came up with this idea to sum my week up in 500 words I loved it, that I would be sharing with you what I learn from the week past AND it would encourage me to revisit things that I’d normally forget about.

It also keeps it relevant, current and enables me to reflect on them.

I attended a seminar today, it beautifully added to my week, so today I will be sharing with you some key phrases that summarise my week rather eloquently.

  • Life is about Energy, the more you have the more you can give AND the more productive you become.
  • Dedication is what moves you closer to your goals, I have mentioned discipline before, if this concept scares you then try using dedication instead.
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH NOW. I have recently become a huge advocate of health and just like Energy, the healthier you are the more you can be, do and have. It is a no brainer, you are in charge and control of your health, no one else is.
  • Be abundant with what you do. There are two types of people in the world, the abundant ones AND the stingy ones, which one are you? The quality of your life depends on what type of person you are, the more you give the more you receive in return.
  • Make things simple, do not overcomplicate anything. Life present us plenty of challenges why make them more complicated than they already are?
  • Have a plan NOW! Often, we start planning after we have got started, that is OK; though, having a clear vision and idea of where you are heading makes EVERYTHING so much easier, the moment to plan and take action is NOW!
  • Whatever you do, or whatever you are passionate about make it part of your daily conversations, do NOT be ashamed or embarrassed of what you do, if you don’t tell anyone what you do or what you are passionate about, no one will know!!!
  • Ask powerful questions, the more powerful and intentional the questions we ask, the better the answers.
  • Want to see more and better results in whatever you do? Be consistent, Rome wasn’t built in one day AND it took some serious amount of work and planning to create an impressive and lasting empire.
  • I heard this question from a Nutritionist: how long does it take to be ill? If you want to be healthy, forget about the time required to invest in your health, and never mind the price; illness is way more expensive and robs more of your time than prevention, fact!
  • Lastly, the truth is ALWAYS enough!!! When what you say is nothing but the truth that is ALL that is needed.

Here you have some of the top tips from this week, I hope they will inspire you in the following days so you have an incredible week.

Till next time, with all of my love,


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