Life Doesn’t Always Give You What You Want

Life Doesn’t Always Give You What You Want

Most of us have learned the ‘hard’ way or been told that life doesn’t always give is what we want.

However, for the last 18 years I have learned that anything worth having is up to us.

As the saying goes:

If it is to be, it is up to me!

It was the moment I learned this that things changed for me, I went from simply wishing to doing and working for whatever I set my intention to.

It is true that life doesn’t give us what we want but at the same time life treats us ALL the same, we are ALL born naked, we ALL have to learn things AND we ALL have the same 24 hours.

Regardless of what we hear or think life is a level playing field and we ALL can be whoemever we want, we can do anything we want AND have whatever we want.

Again, this an area worth exploring for many of us as we are conditioned to think and believe there are some privileged people or that only rich people can create their own opportunities OR you can only do x, y or z if you are ‘lucky’.

There is no such thing as luck! We are the engineers of our own destiny, we create the opportunities in our lives, we open the doors we wish to AND we make our dreams our own reality.

I understand at first this may sound too woop woop or even surreal but the truth is once we align our thoughts with our dreams and plan AND strategise this plan, magic happens!

We go from blaming life and others to saying I call the shots AND I create my life, whatever I want I can have if I do the do.

Life isn’t difficult, it isn’t easy either but is is simple if we know how to.

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With a my love,


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