How To Be In The Moment

How To Be In The Moment

As I was typing today’s blog, how to be in the moment I accidentally typed in how to live in the moment, I guess my subconscious minds sees being and living as the same and even my conscious mind agrees with it, so we are heading in the right direction.

Yesterday I went to the movies with my partner, one of those spontaneous midweek dates where we just leave everything behind and enjoy each other’s company (surrounded by a bunch of strangers, LOL!), and we watched downsizing.

I didn’t know what to expect from the movie, but I loved the whole concept of the movie, went with an open mind and I wasn’t disappointed.

Being in personal development makes it “challenging” for me to “switch off”; due to my curious mind and wondering eye I am ALWAYS noticing everything!!!

Can you believe that I even noticed one of the girls who work at the cinema had a new tattoo? That’s the level of awareness I have in everything I do, that alone is a long story!

Going back to the movie there was one character in it I just fell in love with, Ngoc Lan Tran, a Vietnamese lady who lost one leg and whose whole life changed (for the better) the day she was made smaller.

There was one specific moment in the movie, which inspired today’s blog, where she was in a fjord in Norway and the way she was enjoying the view/moment was incredible and so moving.

For the very first time I was able to understand and see mindfulness, being in the NOW/moment, as someone was doing it, being in the moment.

Her facial expression was that of awe, amazement and ecstasy, she was getting the most from every second she was there.

This was the moment, I totally got mindfulness and being in the moment.

When you are in the moment it moves you and others around you, there is magic in every action AND love and affinity.

This part of the scene lasts seconds, yet as it happens you are drawn to experience what she is experiencing, so you too enjoy the serenity of the moment.

To be in moment, in the now, I learned we must surrender ourselves, our ego, any form of thought AND any judgement; when we are in the moment there is so much gratitude for everything there is and everything that IS.

This character, Ngoc Lan Tran, is far from “an angel”, she is so normal and down to earth, she is bossy, loud, swears a bit, can’t even speak English properly; and at the same time she has one the biggest hearts I have seen in any fictional character ever.

Seeing this character collapses the idea that you can only enjoy or be in the now if you are an angel or being touched by the hand of god.

In Summary

To be in the now you must surrender everything and at the same time be welcoming and willing to allow yourself to enjoy the moment and experience life as if it was the first time you were hearing, seeing, speaking, feeling and touching for the first time.

There is a sense of gratitude when you are in the now, you stop and appreciate all of god’s creations and you reap the rewards immediately.

What’s not to like of being in the moment?

Give it a go now and start experiencing the rewards immediately.

Why not share with what’s possible when you are in the moment, live in the moment by sharing this post?

Till next time, with all my love,


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