Why Invest In Yourself?

Why Invest In Yourself?


I remember when I was growing up I felt such admiration for all the women in my family and community.
They would be at it nonstop all day, up before the husband and children, cook breakfast, take the children to school, do all the chores at home, go grocery shopping, cook lunch for the children, another school run, help their children with their homework, cook dinner, etc. This cycle would be repeated 24/7 and once the children grew up they’d do the same with their grandchildren.
Unless you were a single mother, you’d do as much as well as working full time.
I used to think: who looks after them? Who does things for them? Why are they so selfless and caring?
What would they get in return?
Many of them very little, and the unlucky ones abuse, violence and a whole host of drama they never signed up for.


Now, I wonder how things would have been different if these women as well as doing all of these things did some personal growth on the side?
What if they read books on creating a financial wall around them, starting a business at home and making money while their children were at school.
What if they explored their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth? Would they find other ways to encourage their family to be more self-sufficient?
I can talk from personal experience and what I witnessed growing up.
My mother was a young mother and because she came from the country she didn’t give her education the importance others did. She started working at a young age, moved to the city to live with one of her older siblings, next thing she knows she is pregnant and then a single mother.
In a way she was fortunate she had a skill that gave her some work stability, however when she wasn’t working she was being a mother and when she had any time left she was too tired to do anything.
When I was in my early teens and my mother in her late 20’s she committed to going back to school at night and eventually go to university. This decision of hers made me feel so proud because I knew what a difference I could make in someone’s life in Panama. 
However, after a couple of months my mother found it too much and ended up quitting.
Many years later, approximately 20 she regrets not having completed her studies and  wished she had done more with her life. 

Why invest in yourself?

I have learned that no-one can make you do anything… you are the one in charge of your life and it is up to yourself to do something with your life.
Our parents, friends and family may want us to do something, they may even offer us some kind of help or incentive but if we can’t see the bigger picture we will not do anything.
Just like in my mother’s case.
Investing in yourself (in my opinion and personal experience) is when you take a look at yourself and your life and decide the direction of your life.
You ask yourself the following questions:

Where do I want to go?

What do I want to do with my life?

What is missing in my life?

What will give me the most joy and happiness?

What skills do I need to learn?

What kind of help do I need to seek?

The last question is the one I have found the most useful.
I have invested a lot time, effort, energy, money and other resources in my self-education, I have gone where others haven’t gone and I have done what others haven’t done; I have asked questions others haven’t asked, you get the idea.
This investment has paid off in so many ways, I have knowledge and education that I can use in so many areas of my life, I have met some wonderful people, I have grown and become a person I love and no-one can take this knowledge away from me.
The self-awareness I developed has served me a great deal and my intuition has grown too.

The more you do and learn, the more you have to share, you become an asset to your life and the people around you. 


I remember meeting many people who had never left their community, they had never seen the world outside their environment and at the same time blame the system and others for their ‘circumstances’.
When you invest in yourself you learn there are no victims, that we all are victors AND anything truly is possible.
The best perk of investing in yourself is that you become a beacon of hope for others, you show what is possible and pave the way for the generations to come.
This has been the sweetest part of my self-education, I have prioritised my life and said yes to things that would enrich my life and said no to those that would disempower me or get in the way of my goals.
What would you like your future self to say to you in 20 or 30 years time?

Well done look what you have done with your life and everything you have made possible for others!

You should have done something with your life when you had the chance. Look at you now, you are alone, old, broke and full of regrets!

It is so true that we chose to be the way we are today 5, 10 years ago.
What will your future look like in 5 or 10 years from today?
Only you get to decide! Start investing in yourself today and let your future self thank you for your incredible actions taken today.
Why not start investing in yourself today and grab my 20-mins free consultation now and let’s get you on the road to success today.
Till next time,

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