Are We Being Too “Ambitious”?

Are We Being Too “Ambitious”?


To want more is such an innate part of who we are, it is 100% normal; we want to be better than we were yesterday, we want to know more, we want to earn more, we want to lose more weight, etc.

However, at the same time we are faced with our new culture’s mindset, instant gratification; we want things NOW, in fact now is too late!!!

So, on the one hand we have our goal, what we want and on the other is what most of us are used to these days, getting things NOOOOOW! It doesn’t take a genius to work out that we can’t get most things now.

In fact, many things are the result of a succession of steps taken to make it happen.

We want to lose 20 lbs and we want to lose them now, is that even possible? It’s crazy to think that we took weeks if not months to gain those pounds but suddenly we want them gone and we want them gone NOW!

With everything being on the palm of our hands and one-click away, sometimes our expectations are waaaay too unrealistic! We give professionals and people who mean well a hard time because we have NOT planned things out accordingly.


Hence, the question:

Are we being too ambitious?

Have we forgotten how not so long ago we had to patiently wait for things to happen, we didn’t have the luxury to enjoy fruit from the tropics or even native fruit available all year round.

Instead, all those years ago, we had to plan, we had to work the land, we had to invest to reap the rewards, that sadly is no more.

How can we align our expectations with our goals?

In my opinion it is a matter of being realistic!

In my case I have been wanting a great physique for a long time; though in my 20’s I hated the idea of going to the gym; I enjoyed yoga and cycling more, so I kept fit but the muscles didn’t grow.

How can I grow muscles if I don’t lift the weights? How can I give my body the foods it needs to grow muscle if I don’t eat properly?

I never got the body I wanted because I was not doing what needed to be done, it was that simple!

These days things are differently, I realised that I had to align my expectations to the levels of activities and commitments I was willing to give it. The results? Waaaay better than in my 20’s, I changed my lifestyle and I do the right exercises to promote the muscle growth. Guess what? I still haven’t got that physique and that is OK because I am doing it the right way.

There are, however some people who use steroids to gain muscle mass quicker, at the expense of their own health.

Others seek a get rich quick scheme or starve themselves to lose weight, or waste all their savings chasing after the impossible.

Most of us have heard of someone or even worse we may know them personally!

The solution?

It is OK to have dreams and to want more but we MUST be 1000% realistic about what we want, the period of time it will take to make it happen, the energy required, the money we need to invest AND to ensure that we stick to it all the way till the end.

This isn’t a matter of just setting a goal, but going the extra mile, really doing our due diligence and then get to work.


Ask yourself the following questions:

How bad do I want this?

What will happen if I don’t achieve this?

What won’t happen if I don’t achieve this?

What am I willing to give up to make this a reality?

How realistic is this goal?

Rather than being ambitious or greedy, let’s be realistic, patient and determined to do the right thing for everyone involved in achieving our goals.

Rome wasn’t built in one day! Can you imagine what that would have done to people? Millions would have died if that was the case, people working to exhaustion to attain the unattainable, pure madness!!!

Dreams do come true when we are realistic, optimistic, patient AND committed.

All it takes is to slow down and take the time to think what we really want and the best and most ecological way of making that a reality.

How does that sound?

Thank you for reading, why not share it, too?

With all my love,


2 thoughts on “Are We Being Too “Ambitious”?

  1. Fab post Jorge! I’m very realistic… I expect miracles! BUT I also recognise that I can’t just sit back and wait for these to happen, I also have to be prepared to show up for what I want, and put the work in, and the way to make that doable is to take the small steps you talk about


  2. Bonnie Dillabough January 30, 2018 — 20:55

    I think ambition is a good thing, but, as you said, we often sabotage ourselves right from the start by wanting everything yesterday and not being willing to recognize how we can be realistic in our goal-setting and yet reach farther every day toward what some would say was an unrealistic result. When we do this, we build discouragement and a sense of failure into the achievement process. Taking logical and realistic steps, by breaking a seemingly overwhelming goal into bite-sized pieces (the whole eating the elephant thing) gives us a sense of achievement that builds over time to a high sense of confidence and satisfaction during the journey as well as at our destination.

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