15 Lessons Learned In January 2018

15 Lessons Learned In January 2018


When I made the decision to become a coach and a trainer I didn’t have a big vision about what I was going to do or where I was heading, I was playing way too small!

However, when I look back I knew I had made the right decision, it stimulated all of my senses and it excited me.

I’ve always had a huge hunger for knowledge and education, it served me as a companion growing up and it became a habit, I kind of feel empty when a day passes and I don’t learn anything.

Learning something new each and every single day is a MUST for me!

So, at the end of each day I take some time to reflect and gather the feedback from the day gone.

I give myself a pat on the back for the good work and why not give myself a little reward or celebrate any milestone.

Honesty is a massive part of this discipline, I ask myself the question: what didn’t work? And, why? So, from here I can come up with a new strategy and perform better the following time.

I do similar with the lessons I learn, I journal daily and more than once sometimes, and I capture the best lessons from my day or snippets I collect from conversations, books or my mistakes.

This year I have committed myself to have the best year yet, not just professionally or in my relationship but in every area of my life!

To accomplish this, I require a level of self-awareness and a discipline that will give me the results I am after, so, I pay attention to key lessons that will propel me forward and closer to my goals.

I’ve summarised these lessons so here they are.

15 lessons learned in January 2018.

  1. It is really easy to make excuses to not do something, and so it is to come up with reasons to do something,

  2. There is enough time to do everything, we only have to be strategic about it,

  3. To do more, I have to move more,

  4. Health and fitness don’t start at the gym or in the kitchen, they start in our heads and the moment we make the decision and commit to be healthier and fitter,

  5. The truth is enough, I mean what else is better than the truth?

  6. Whatever we do professionally or whatever we are interested in, if we don’t tell others, how will they know? Common sense, right?

  7. We can do anything we want, when we really want it; if we don’t do it, well we don’t want it that bad!

  8. Health is, without a shadow of a doubt, an indicator of our participation in life!

  9. We can either feel sorry for ourselves OR we can feel inspired by ourselves!

  10. People DO care, though when we are blinded by our own “inner stuff” we push them away without even knowing it and we may even hurt them unintentionally,

  11. Love is the answer to all the tough questions AND love is the cure that will heal our hearts and souls.

  12. Whenever things are going “wrong”, it is OK to stop and take a deep breath in AND reflect!

  13. We all know Rome was NOT built in one day, so what’s the point in wanting things yesterday? Let’s face it babies aren’t born right after the egg has been fertilised, it takes 9 months! It is part of a process, anything worth having IS WORTH WAITING FOR!

  14. There is a serious problem with our lives if we don’t have time to do anything! If this is the case, we better get to work AND make time for ourselves!

  15. It is OK to feel anxious and overwhelm and scared or whatever else we might be experiencing, but we MUST learn the lessons and move on.

I have learned so much so far and I encourage you to keep track of the lessons you learn too! It is so powerful when you do and even better when you apply the lessons.

Today is a huge and monumental day for me, and no doubt many lessons will come from this, as for the next 3 weeks I will be with my brother who is visiting, AND it is a real blessing to have learned lessons that will enable us to create long and lasting memories and who knows maybe even heal past wounds.

No doubt February will offer many more lessons too, till next time, with all my love,



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