How To Stay Healthy Effortlessly?

How To Stay Healthy Effortlessly?

When I was training to become an NLP Practitioner and then Trainer of NLP I played full out at getting involved with the techniques and giving them my all, I thought if I am investing this much I might as well get some good coaching here too!

There were so many good outcomes from my commitment to improve my life and for becoming a Practitioner.

One of the aspects of NLP I fell in love with were strategies, discovering how we do things such as: falling in love, shopping, getting out of bed, eating and many others.

So, last year I was training a student on becoming a coach and as part of her training she had to show her competency at coaching and I was her client for a few sessions…

Again, I decided to work on something important to me and I chose to work on my eating habits, I wanted to eat better and healthier.

We work on my strategy and what I did when I was about to eat, I was blown away by what I was able to learn.

I would open the fridge at around 9pm and find nothing in it, I would say out loud: I am starting then pick my phone up and say to my partner: honey let’s go to the shops. Within 5 minutes we would be at our convenience store, I would shop hungry and I would buy 3 ready meals, 2 couple of bottles of wine and eat it all.

The result? A bloated, unfit, unhealthy and somewhat larger me.

When my student elicit this information from me, I was able to see how I was doing this daily!!!

Then she asked:

What would you like instead?

My response was immediate, I want to eat better and have more energy.

And then she asked:

What will you do to change that?

So, we came up with a very simple new strategy:

Buy lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables so every time I opened the fridge door there was something to eat.

Today, I am a very happy and slimmer vegan lost 2 stone and I don’t binge eat and drink as I used to.

How To Stay Healthy Effortlessly?

Easy, come up with your current eating or health regime strategy, and change what needs changing.

In summary

To stay healthy or healthier for longer all it requires is for you to learn the strategy you currently have and change the ‘bad habits’ for better and empowering ones instead.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “How To Stay Healthy Effortlessly?

  1. What a gift you give to your trainees by being so open to learning from them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Alice, I have been blessed I have similar teachers in the past where we contribute and enrich each other’s lives xo


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