The Power Of Silence

The Power Of Silence

As a coach, therapist and trainer I have learned to recognise the value and importance of silence.

There are times when words aren’t needed and reflecting is required.

In the last few years we have seen a huge growth in the popularity of meditation and mindfulness, they focus on stillness and appreciation, though silence is a great part of it too.

As I mentioned previously my brother is visiting me and for the first time in 15 years we are spending some quality time together; however, I have enjoyed his company as much when words aren’t being spoken, the silence fills itself and nothing needs to be filled with random or unnecessary words.

So, as I noticed this I thought how many times have I spoken just for the sake of saying a few words and missed the magic of the situation because I let that moment go when I spoke?

This experience made me more conscious of respecting the moment, recognising when words aren’t necessary AND letting things unfold for themselves.

I witness how the silence renewed and refreshed the moment and then we started talking naturally when we both had our moment, individually but together at the same time.

I learned to be more mindful of my own silence and to respect others’ silence as well.

The whole experience was healing as well as transformational, admiring the beauty of the surroundings and each one processing it without interventions.

I was left wanting to spend more time exploring my own silence and observing others when they have their own ‘me time’ and notice what’s there.

I would love to hear in the comments section what your experience with silence has been.

Till next time,


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