How Do You Know You Are Going Through Your Own Hero’s Journey?

How Do You Know You Are Going Through Your Own Hero’s Journey?

During my training to become an NLP Practitioner I came across some really awesome techniques that I still use today and their effects have been so lasting and profound.

One of these techniques is the Hero’s Journey; everything about it was magic, the structure of the process, the subject I worked on, the practitioner and the outcome.

This technique is based on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey and highlights how every story starts with a calling, the moment the main character hears a ‘call to action’, it can be a problem or a feeling that something is missing, or simply a conversation with someone.

Once the character is aware of his/her calling, a threshold must be crossed and this may or may not come with some challenges; these challenges might be doubting oneself, having to leave home, wanting to do something and not being supported or even something like having a disability.

Depending on the strength of the character some people might not even get this far, for those who cross that threshold, this is a huge comfort zone stretch! It can be rocky at first and then you might even find yourself saying something like:

why didn’t I do this before?

As in every story there are other characters in our case we will call them mentors or guides, these are people who come into our lives and show us the way, give us advice, share their mistakes with us AND contribute to us in ways not many people do, they see our potential and they act almost as if they were our fairy godmothers, they seem to sprinkle gold dust in everything they touch.

Just like in every good story there is an unknown territory we must go through to learn the lessons we have to learn in order to make it out victorious and stronger; like in the threshold this can be anything internal or external, a person, a thing or even ourselves.

This unknown territory is called the abyss at times, because in some cases some of our hero’s feel this is their end, they face challenges they feel will break or even kill them, in some cases our characters have even died momentarily.

However, it is here that the fire from within is reignited AND just like the Phoenix rising from his ashes the Heroes get out glowing with fire and life AND a sense of purpose like he/she has never experienced before.

After this abyss has been conquered the Heroes step into a new paradigm where everything seems possible, they have faced demons and found strengths they didn’t know they had so nothing seems out of reach, so here the Dragon, Monster or Rival/Villain is slain and the Heroes return home victorious and with whatever treasures or wisdom they now possess.

When they return home it can be guaranteed:

life will never be the same.

And so, our Heroes can life happily ever after OR await their next adventure and continue to do so until they have overcome most of their challenges AND slain most if not all of their Rivals.

I have been in many hero’s journeys and everytime I return home from my adventures I love the feeling of newness and unstoppableness I return with, knowing that my life will never be the same and that I am better for it.

Do you know if you are going through your own hero’s journey now?

Are you hearing that calling that is calling you to action?

Are you struggling to cross a threshold?

Are you embracing the mentors/guides who are coming into your life?

Perhaps, you are hitting rock bottom and you are in the abyss?

Or, maybe you have found your inner strength and you are about to slay your own Dragon?

Wherever you are please know and remember all it takes is belief, hope, surrendering and patience, knowing that in the end you are going to be a better and stronger person, that today’s challenge will be but a memory in a not so far away future.

Finally, you might be in more than one hero’s journey in your life, starting a new one in your career and in the abyss professionally, so let it be and learn from the experience. You will be better for it in the end.

Let me know where you are in your hero’s journey today?

With all my love,


2 thoughts on “How Do You Know You Are Going Through Your Own Hero’s Journey?

  1. I love this idea – The Hero’s Journey is such a huge part of storytelling, but we seldom stop and consider where we might be on our own journey. Awesome post, thanks!

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  2. Fabulous! Loved your post. Thanks Sally


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