On day one we were born: perfect, whole and complete, we were aware of our perfection and the vast opportunities available to us.

The truth is nothing has changed WE STILL ARE perfect, whole and complete, this is a fact, what is also a fact is that we forgot our essence who we truly are.

In order to get back to our greatness, back to our true selves we have to relearn to accept ourselves.

When we relearn (because we already knew this, anyway!) this, we start to accept three things:

1. We are perfect, whole and complete,

2. We are Energy beings, therefore we have energetic interactions and Energy is more than part of our lives, it is our lives, and

3. We get to create our lives and every aspect of it, Energy strong and we are at cause in our lives!

Isn’t this an empowering premise to adopt and live a life on purpose AND filled with love (which is Energy!!!).

Accepting ourselves as we are (amazing beings and unique in our own way!), that Energy is everything in our lives AND that we are free to be and do whatever our souls desire; this is the beginning of living an amazing and powerful life.

Thank you for your time.

With all my love,


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