My Week In 500 Words – v6

My Week In 500 Words – v6

Another week gone and many more lessons learned.

I am humbled when I look into my life and realise how fortunate and privileged I am to take some time off and spend some quality time with my brother.

So, for his first visit to the UK I have made sure he goes to the best places to go and experience Britain like a local rather than a tourist.

We spent Monday and Tuesday gone sightseeing in London and I was proud of the fact that I could show my brother as if I was native and also because I knew enough of the local history to share with him.

He loved walking in central London at night, in fact he felt he knew the place by the end of the night.

The second day was all about history and museums, we visited the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and the V&A museum.

My brother has never had an interest in history or museums for that matter and I was rather nervous about our visit to these museums; however, I was delighted when he showed so much interest and was asking questions AND blown away by it all.

Walking into a room packed with artefacts that are thousands of years old is very humbling, it shows how young our actions and us are.

One thing that stood out more than many other things was about leaving a legacy.

As I was walking around, translating and observing I said to my brother: you can tell this person wanted to create/build something that would outlive them and be seen for hundreds if not thousands of years after their death.

At the same time I pointed out how some of the works were created just for a short period of time as the crafstamanship or overall intention of being seen after the creator was gone.

So, I started to share with my brother how many people I have met who feel/believe they have nothing to share or contribute to the world, and at the same time how people we see or hear about on the media will be remembered for many years to come as they see themselves as visionaries and they see what they do as a contribution to the overall existence of humankind.

Seeing this got me thinking: how long do I want to be remembered after I am gone? For 5/10 years? Or, thousands of years after my death?

How long do YOU want to remembered for once you are gone? And how?

I’d love to hear in the comments box.

Till next time,


1 thought on “My Week In 500 Words – v6

  1. I’d like to be remembered as someone who inspired others to write and share their stories.


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