How Open Are You?

How Open Are You?

Growing up I found it very difficult to open up and tell others about me, my life and what was worrying me.

This behaviour and approach to life didn’t do much for me, I simply avoided any kind of human interaction and I stopped myself from having any meaningful conversation with anyone.

I grew up thinking and believing the least I talked to people about me the better, that by sharing with others about my life the more dirt they’d have on me and that I was better off saying nothing.

The outcome?

Well! Some people would say it was ok (ish!), just one suicide attempt and an overall sense of emptiness.

Saying nothing, communicating nothing and doing nothing quite simply did nothing for me.

I kept things from others and I prevenged people’s love and care in my life.

It wasn’t until I hit ‘rock bottom’ that I had to try another approach.

If you have read and followed my blogs you would have read that I attempted suicide at the age of 16 and that the moment I opened up was one of the most liberating moments in my life.

Culturally I was taught that boys didn’t cry or show emotions in public, that boys were only meant to like girls and that if you didn’t follow this norm you’d pay the price; from the word go I was screwed as I liked boys, and to make matters worse I didn’t tell a single soul anything about me!

However, I was good the other bit, not showing emotions in public! I was a teenage gay guy who was conditioned to not share anything about himself or his life.

I felt guilty at the idea that I was meant to be a good Catholic boy who was supposed to marry and have a lovely Catholic family, instead I was a gay teenager who’d have to live with the guilt of going against EVERYTHING his family and community believed in.

So, because I couldn’t tell anyone anything about my ‘sinful’ existence I had to keep a lot to myself.

It wasn’t until the day everything went south that I had to open up.

From that moment on I wondered, how would things be different if I had opened up to someone and told them what I was going through, before it even went pear-shaped?

Don’t get me wrong I do not wish things didn’t happen at all, on the contrary I’d like to know how they’d be different.

I did try to face life and some dark times alone, even though we are born alone we aren’t meant to be lonely creatures, quite the opposite we grow to be part of a community.

I learned the hard way that life is way easier with others around you, I discovered that we are meant to create memories with others and let them be part of our lives too!

The second I allowed people in my life changed for the better and magic appeared for the first time.

Now, things are different, I know the power of having others in our lives, I learned the importance of telling others what is and what isn’t working in our lives.

What am I going on about?

The answer to this question is quite easy, what I want say is how open are you to others?

Are you being opened and honest about what is happening in your life right now? Are you taking care of your emotional well-being and overall emotions?

There are times when learning from other people’s mistakes is way more economic and less wasteful than making our own, at the same time we can focus our attention on other areas of our lives where it could be beneficial to us.

Talking to others and being opened with others is a gift we give ourselves and one that keeps giving, equally everyone involved benefits and evolves too.

If there is something currently bothering you, why not try talking to someone about it or seek professional help?

Honesty and openness are the greatest gifts we could give ourselves.

Are you ready to be opened about your life and your worries?

If you aren’t already, why not give it a go today and start feeling the benefits right away?

Till the next time, with all my love,


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