Timeless Love

Timeless Love


Every  now and then I write poetry, I find it brings emotions and thoughts out, in ways that make the messages even more powerful.

Love is an emotion so unique that we all know what it is like, what it feels like and also what it is like when we don’t have it.

Today it isn’t about the lack of love, we see too much of that out there; today is about celebrating love, this is the day we give ourselves “permission” to express that love and show it in ways we normally wouldn’t do it.

In fact, I love how we celebrate it in Latin America, we make it all about love and friendship! Isn’t this wonderful? If you are single that’s OK, cos you also get to celebrate friendship, the friends in your life. I love to take my single friends out to dinner on Valentine’s day, as it happens I will be dining with my partner and my brother tonight.

Let’s celebrate love in ALL its shapes and forms AND let’s carry this feeling and celebration spirit into tomorrow and the day after and the one after that!

Love is here today, tomorrow and ALWAYS, it simply is endless and timeless.

With all my love,



Timeless Love 2

Timeless Love







Living together,

Creating together,

Respecting one another,


Existing in harmony,

This, to me, real love,

Timeless love.


Jorge Vence 2018

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