Are You Clear On Your End Goal?

Are You Clear On Your End Goal?

Goal setting seems to be a mystery to many AND at the same time it can be scary and daunting.

When I started setting my goals (consciously), at first it was exciting and fun, then as the goals became bigger and more challenging I began to doubt myself, I would take longer to go back on track or at times I’d quit.

I learned a few lessons from these experiences such as:

1. Always have a contingency plan,

2. One must grow bigger than our goals and obstacles,

3. One must be patient and self-forgiving, and

4. Never quit.

At the beginning when it was all new none of these things were apparent and I would feel like a failure more often than not.

It was part of my journey AND it was unnecessarily, I didn’t have to learn the hard way, I chose to let ‘little things’ get me down and it would have an impact in the way I saw myself and felt about things.

Recently watching a movie one of the characters said a quote which captured why I didn’t succeed when the going got tough.

Here it is:

“We only see the destination,

Not the road we have to travel.”

Such a powerful phrase, when we set goals we only see the destination, sometimes (and I can most definitely talk from personal experience), we believe it will ALL be easy and EVERYTHING will go our way.

Where is the fault?

We forget what we think/imagine often is far from the reality.

In fact, I have grown to believe that sometimes we must face obstacles and learn some valuable lessons in order to go to the next level, when things are too easy we don’t grow and without growth we are somehow ‘stuck’.

It has been in the toughest and most challenging moments of my life when I have made the most progress and got closer to my goals.

The road the must cross unfolds right in front of us and we choose to face the challenges as they present themselves or we could simply let them take control of us.

As it happens, in a funny kind of way these unexpected journey gives us the power to really get to enjoy the attainment of our goals. When we apply lessons learned and learn as we go obstacles seem to get smaller and we grow even bigger than our ‘problems’.

Clarity is the key to a successful conclusion of our journey where we call the shots.

Being clear about what we want and letting this clarity move us in the right direction and coming up with solutions to our challenges as we move forward is all we need.

What do you want? What will you do when you come cross an obstacle? What far would you go to make your dreams come true?

Remember it isn’t just knowing your goal, it is about adjusting as you face new challenges and staying true to your overall goals.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post..

With all my love,


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