How Much Can A Conversation Help You?

We love to talk and have a conversation with everyone around us, these connect us and can be healing too, for all those involved.

Though, in my personal experience and that of my clients, family and friends we just talk about the superficial stuff and take everything else for granted OR we think others won’t care.

I used to withhold and be shallow and superficial in my conversations, they didn’t take me far and almost cost me my life.

I felt alone, lonely, unwanted and a burden to my family and society, but everyone thought I was fine and just another moody teenager.

The day after my suicide attempt that withholding stopped and I opened up, I spoke to someone about my life and how I felt.

That conversation without a shadow of a doubt saved my life, I learned people cared and they’d do whatever they can to help… all that is needed is for us to open up.

Why am I going on about this?

This year I have made myself the commitment to be there for everyone I know and to make new friends.

Today a friend phoned me and asked me round so I went and we had such a great conversation that lasted for hours.

What was great about this conversation was the generosity and honesty of every word spoken, we just had a real and open conversation.

We didn’t pretend to be anyone else but ourselves, we didn’t have to mind our every word and openly would disagree with each other without arguing about it.

That honesty and openness opened a gate of compliments and kindness and love that you don’t see every day.

Here is what we fail to do in our conversations, we are (or can be) very stingy and inauthentic… these create blockages and barriers that stop the real communication and there is almost no real content to it all.

It was a great reminder of the magic that takes place when we openly, honestly and humanly talk to another person AND the connection it strengthens, and the feeling afterwards is so rewarding.

Talking about ourselves can be scary and awkward at first but over time it gets easier to openly talk about what is worrying us and our concerns, and problems.

I invite you to have more open and honest conversations with your loved ones, and please let me know how these enrich your lives. Give it a go.

Till next time, with all my love,


¿Cuánto debes pagar por coaching?

¿Cuánto debes pagar por coaching?

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¿Cuánto debo pagar por coaching? Escucho mucha gente preguntándome a mí y a mis colegas también.

En uno de mis blogs anteriores titulado Why do people not invest in their minds?, brevemente menciono el precio de varios lujos que nos damos en general (Prometo que traduciré este blog pronto).

No hay nada malo con regalarnos estos lujos regularmente, semanalmente o mensualmente; ¿pero, si estos lujos no estas tratando la causa de nuestros “problemas”, no sería mejor invertir en nosotros mismo? ¿Y superar nuestros obstáculos y creencias limitantes?

Basado en lo que acabo de decir, mi respuesta sería: paga tanto como puedas para superar estos obstáculos y ayudarte a ir en la dirección que quieres.

Ayer compartí contigo los dos accidentes que vi y el otro que escuche en la radio… en realidad me dejo pensando: Cuanto tiempo nos queda?

La gente no nos recordará por lo atractivos o musculosos que éramos, si llevábamos Prada, Gucci o un Rolex; a la gente no le interesará cuantas veces fuimos al cine, al teatro o a cenar.

La gente solo nos recordara por cómo les hicimos sentir y cualquier legado que hayamos dejado.

Quizá me hayas oído hablar de dejar un legado bastantes veces, y para serte honesto (en mi opinión personal), esto es lo que en realidad importa, dejar un legado, asegurarnos de que nuestras familias estén seguras luego de nuestras partidas, que el mundo nos recordara por lo que hicimos, y que todos aquellos que nosotros conocimos se sintieron mejor luego de habernos conocido.

Estos lujos que nos gustan (y me incluyo a mí mismo), tan solo son un escape, nosotros sabemos que es lo que debemos estar hacienda, sabemos cuándo no estamos en el camino correcto, está en nuestro ADN, poder diferenciar entre lo que es “bueno” y lo que no lo es, lo que debemos hacer y lo que no debemos hacer.

Imagina un par de zapatos X (acabo de ver un par muy lindo con impresos de leopardo), ellos se venden por £550 y más, ese dinero dependiendo en donde estés en el mundo, te puede comprar entre 1 y 10 sesiones de coaching.

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La persona promedio ve a un coach por aproximadamente 10 sesiones, y ese mismo par de zapatos, posiblemente podría ayudarte a trabajar en tu mente o una meta, y ganar muchas más veces esa cantidad de dinero; si invirtieses ese dinero en tu mente, te podrías comprar 10 pares de zapatos más, tan solo en ver el valor en ver a un coach.

¿Cuánto debo pagar por coaching?

Entre más pagas mejor, verdaderamente valuaras lo que haces. Si solo lo ves como un par de “peniques” no lo valuaras, por ende, no obtendrás los resultados que deseas.

Hay una relación directa entre el precio pagado y resultados, entre más pagas, más grande los beneficios y lo más que obtienes del coaching.

¿Quieres trabajar en unas metas? ¿Quieres ir de estrés a éxito? ¿Quieres más seguridad en ti mismo en tu vida?

Toma mi consulta gratis de 30 minutos.

Espero que hayas disfrutado el blog de hoy, como siempre gusta, comenta y comparte con otros.

Con todo mi amor.

Desde mi corazón al tuyo,



How much should you pay for coaching?

How much should you pay for coaching?

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How much should I pay for coaching? I hear a lot of people asking me and some of my colleagues, too.

If you remember one of my previous blogs, Why do people not invest in their minds? I briefly mention the cost of various “treats” we tend to go for as a whole.

There is nothing wrong with treating oneself on a regular basis, weekly or monthly; though, if these treats are not tackling the underlying cause of our “issues”, wouldn’t it be better to invest in ourselves? And overcome our obstacles and limiting beliefs?

Based on what I just said, my answer would be: pay as much as you possible can to shift your mind and get you going…

Yesterday, I shared with you the 2 accidents I saw and the other one I heard on the radio… it really got me thinking and I asked: How long have we got left?

People will not remember us for how good looking or muscular we were, whether we wore Prada, Gucci or a Rolex; people will not care for how many times we went out to the movies, theatre or dining out.

People will only remember us for how we made them feel and any legacy we may have left behind.

You might have heard me talk about leaving a legacy quite a lot, and to be honest (in my personal opinion) this is what really matters, leaving a legacy, ensuring our families are taken care of when we are gone, that the world will remember us for what we did, that everyone we met was left feeling better after having been with us.

These luxuries we go for (and I include myself!) are just a form of escapism, we know what we should be doing, we know when are not on track, we just know it, it is in our DNA to differentiate between what is “good” and what isn’t, what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t be doing.

Just imagine a pair of X shoes (I just saw a nice pair on leopard print), they sell for £550 and more, that money depending on where you are in the world can buy you from 1 to 10 coaching sessions.

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The average person sees a coach for 10 sessions, that same pair of shoes, could potentially enable you to work on a mindset shift or goal, and make many times over that amount of money, so had you invested that money on yourself, you could have bought yourself 10 more pairs if you saw the value of being coached.

How much should you pay to be coached?

The more you pay, the better because you will truly value what you are getting. If you see it just as a couple of “bucks” you will not value it, therefore you will not get the results you want.

There is a direct relation between price paid and results, the more you pay, the bigger the rewards, the more you get from it.

Want to get working on some goals? Want to go from stress to success? Want more confidence in your life?

Take my 30-minutes free consultation.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s read, as always like, comment and share.

With all my love.

From my heart to yours,



How long have we got left?

How long have we got left?


Answering this question would be like trying to answer: how long is a piece of string!

However, the reason I have entitled today’s blog so is because today as I was driving down from Nottingham (England), after having spent some time with a dear friend, I saw two pretty bad accidents.

I was relieved for multiple reasons, 1) not having to commute long distances (I daily commute the long distance of a minute), 2) that I was going the opposite direction and, 3) that I was not involved in any of those accidents.

My love and prayers went to those involved, quite frankly I didn’t know the severity of either accident on the M40, A34 or M4.

As I was patiently waiting for the cars to move a bit (from 0 mph), I asked myself the following question:

How long have we got left?

How long have I got left?

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that those people left their homes earlier today thinking today was just going to be another day; they probably even left their homes saying to themselves: another day, another dollar.

They didn’t know that today was going to be a significant day in their lives, perhaps their last (I hope not), though, did they say I love you to their loved ones? Did they have all their affairs in order? Did they forgive? Did they ask for forgiveness? Did they write their will? Did they achieve their goals and fulfilled all their dreams? Did they leave a legacy to be remembered by?

Having asked those questions pretty much out loud as I was watching the cars, police and ambulance services, I felt gratitude for the reasons above mentioned and also because each day, it doesn’t matter how small I take a step closer to my goals and dreams and to leave a legacy.

I felt privileged to have taken the less travelled road so I can enjoy the life the 95% of the world population dream of, fantasise about and yet they do nothing about.

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I knew in my heart that the long hours dedicated to my growth, career and chosen “new life” were worth it because it doesn’t matter what may happen today or tomorrow I have lived a life I am very proud of, I have forgiven and I have been forgiven, I have told the love of my life I love him because there isn’t anything stopping me from doing so first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I wished upon the midday hour that many people sought the help they deep down know they need to get from A to B and make their dreams come true; I prayed many more people took the less travelled road, so they become visionaries and inspire others to do so too.

We all need help, some people are just more open to it than others, I am glad I took the help when I was enabled to realise I needed it to get out of the “rat race” and live a life of options and opportunities.

Although, I know various families had a phone call giving them the bad news today, I was glad and relieved that it wasn’t me or someone I knew and also that it wouldn’t have mattered if it was my last day today for everyone around me would have known I lived my life to its fullest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you doing that little bit that will get you closer to your goals?

Have you forgiven and asked for forgiveness and shown love to those around you?

It is not too late to start and work towards your ideals.

Remember, you don’t know how long you’ve got left.

If you need some help with coaching and figuring out what it is you want, give me a shout and take my 30-minutes free consultation.

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I hope you have enjoyed.

As always like, comment and share, you never know who may need this information.

With all my love and gratitude.

From my heart to yours,



25 Questions

25 Questions
Reflect & Answer With Honesty

Question Mark

Often, we want things, yet we don’t sit back and reflect on what it is we want and for what purpose, equally we don’t ask ourselves questions that could potentially transform the way we see life, ourselves and the world.

I have written some of the questions I commonly ask my clients during a coaching session.

Give them a go and answer with honesty.

1. What do you want to engraved in your grave?

2. What do you want to be remembered for?

3. Where do you want to be 10 years from now?

4. What are you doing right now that is moving you towards your goals?

5. What stories are you telling yourself?

6. Who is in charge your life, your actions and your thoughts?

7. If you don’t accept people treating you badly, why do it to yourself?

8. Are you in the best possible shape? What are you going to do about it?

9. Are you as fit as you want to be? What are you going to do about it?

10. What keeps you awake at night?

11. What propels you forward?

12. Are you living the life you once dreamed of? What are you going to do about it?

13. Are you working harder on yourself than you do on your job? What are you going to do about it?

14. Do you have habits that help you take action and make your dreams come true? What are you going to do about it?

15. If you could be granted a wish, what would it be?

16. What would having the life of your dreams enable you to do?

17. If you carry on doing what you have always done, do you think you will achieve something different? What are you going to do about it?

18. What is holding you back? What are you going to do about it?

19. Do you need help to accomplish your goals? What are you going to do about it?

20. Do you have some who makes you accountable for your actions, or lack thereof? What are you going to do about it?

21. Are you playing small? What are you going to do about it?

22. Have you stopped dreaming? Do you think it is too late to start dreaming? What are you going to do about it?

23. Do you want to be in charge and control of your life? What are you going to do about it?

24. If you could be somewhere in the world where would it be and why?

25. Are you afraid of success? What are you going to do about it?

With all my love.

From my heart you yours,


Desarrollo Personal En Nuestras Vidas

Desarrollo Personal En Nuestras Vidas

El Mannana Empieza A Ser Construido Hoy


Hola a todos. Espero que esten bien y trabajando hacia sus suennos.

Como mencione anteriormente (y esto incluye mis faltas ortograficas) en este viaje a Estados Unidos me he reencontrado con mis raices latinas (Que nunca he abandonado).

Desde la lengua hasta la cultura (comida y bebidas tambien jiji), y esto movio una nostalgia en mi mente y corazon.

Dejenme explicar, esta nostalgia no es una annoranza sino pena. Vi como muchos latinos que han venido a los Estados Unidos a vivir una mejor vida y realizar sus suennos terminan trabajando en trabajos similares a los que hubiesen hecho en sus paises natales.

Por que?

No es esta la nacion donde los suennos se hacen realidad?

Pues si que lo es. Y esta es la realidad.

La unica diferencia es que aunque muchas personas al migrar, solo cambian paises pero no su forma de pensar.

Voy a ser honesto, llevo muchos annos fuera de America Latina y se poco de como son las cosas en los diferentes paises y en las vidas de las personas en estos paises.

Lo que, por parte se es que cuando uno trabaja en su mente, la forma en que uno piensa y ve la vida, habla por si misma, los resultados lo dicen todo.

Ya recordaran que vivo en Inglaterra, y tambien hay latinos alla, y su forma de ver el mundo es negativa (en mi opinion personal!), y esto es palpable en lo que hacen, en su trabajo y en su vida en general.

Desde muy temprano me gusto la lectura y escribir (en esos dias mi gramatica era mejor jiji), y fue en libros donde encontre respuestas a muchas preguntas que tenia sobre la vida y el mundo, pero tenia mucha pena de preguntarle a alguien.

Fue a traves de los libros que aprendi sobre auto-ayuda y crecimiento personal, evolucion y fe en mi y mis capacidades.

Ahora postulo esta pregunta, estas haciendo algo para llevarte a tus metas?

Estas atendiendo algun seminario, leyendo algun buen libro de auto-ayuda, viendo un video para liberarte de tus pensamientos negativos o simplemente rodeandote de personas positivas (o mas positivas)?

En Europa he conocido a muchas personas de America Latina y de Espanna que llevan puestos una camisa diciendo victima!


Victimas del sistema, victimas de la sociedad, victimas de sus jefes, victimas de sus padres, y la lista es casi infinita.

Yo? Por otra parte nunca he visto ni he sido “victima” de tales cosas?

Cual es la diferencia?

En mi opinion, la diferencia ha sido la cantidad de estudios que he hecho, he invertido en mi y mi vida, me he rodeado de las personas mas positivas e inspiradoras que he podido encontrar; y como resultado mi vida ha sido diferente.

Todos los dias, leo paginas de un libro (o escribo paginas de uno jiji), escucho audios, veo videos y me rodeo de gente que agrega valor a mi vida y contribuyen hacia mis metas.

Algo que he aprendido en los ultimos 14 annos en Inglaterra ha sido que lo que tengo hoy es el resultado de lo que hice ayer, y lo que tendre manna sera el resultado de lo que hago hoy.

Actualmente estoy en Las Vegas, Nevada en Estados Unidos, muy lejos de mi casa; estoy en una conferencia de uno de mis negocios y aunque esto afecte mi rutina, lo veo como una inversion.

Aun aqui, estoy hacienda cosas que me estan llevando cada dia mas cerca de mis metas.

Cuando era pequenno recuerdo ver con annoranza ciudades y monumentos que pense era solo para personas ricas, como latino pobre pense que estaba condenado a vivir mi vida en un radio de 20 o 30 kilometros. Eso era todo lo que conocia.

Mas, nunca deje de sonnar.

Mis suennos eran y aun son mi prioridad.

Eleji hacer lo que los demas no quieren hacer y eso es sacrificar algo hoy, para tener un mejor mannana.

Ahora, te pregunto esto: Que estas haciendo que te mueve a tu futuro?

Estas leyendo? Estas aprendiendo? Estas trabajando para ser una mejor persona?

O, estas quejandote y haciendo absolutamente nada para mejorar tu situacion presente?

Tu sabes!

Con esto te dejo, y hasta la proxima.

Por favor, lee, comenta y comparte con la gente que conoces.

Con todo mi amor.

Desde mi corazon al tuyo,



Mindfulness Vs Meditation

Mindfulness Vs Meditation

How present are you in your life?


In the last few years I have noticed how Mindfulness and Meditation have become ever so popular.

Are we being “victims” of our own creation? Food for thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I am over the moon at the fact that society as a whole has evolved so much in the last 100 years, but… Was is it too much, too fast? Just a thought.

Regardless, the most important thing here is that people are needing these two techniques more and more, and even then, they “struggle” at times.

Being present, IMHO, starts at home, setting some boundaries and sticking to them.

On another hand, going back to what I have mentioned before about “knowing” what is right and what isn’t.

We know that using our phones when we are in somebody else’s company shouldn’t be done (I am guilty of that!). how does that make them feel?

We, also, know that watching TV or playing games when our family don’t see much of us isn’t the friendliest of approaches to keep a relationship in good health.

So, here is my view on the subject (please forgive me in advance, if I offend anyone).

My comment is going to be directed towards meditation, I feel that people meditate for the wrong reasons.

I have noticed that a great deal of people do it to escape their busy lives and not to find out more about themselves, spirit or the Universe for that matter.

By escaping their lives, they aren’t able to fully experience what meditation has to offer, which is awesome BTW.


Mindfulness, however, which can be done anywhere, at any time (don’t get me wrong meditation, too, can be done anywhere – just not the same), you don’t need silence or to retire to a quiet space.

Mindfulness, I see as the art of being present in one’s life, the world and the Universe, where we notice even the smallest of details and embrace life, with an almost childlike curiosity.

What does this feel like? What does it taste like? Let’s explore the journey of this fruit from the land to my intestines.

What does the wind feel like? What does it smell like?

You aren’t avoiding anything; you are fully present.

Just a thought.

I thought I would share my thoughts on the matter.

As ever, comments and feedback welcome.

Much love.

From my heart to yours,