Facts About Jorge

“I help people like you to achieve success and confidence in their lives, double their results in half the time, so they create the life they always dreamed of.”

Facts About Jorge


Jorge has 9 animals

  • 3 cats,
  • 4 gernils, and
  • 2 dwarf hamsters.

Jorge is originally from Panama

Jorge wanted to be a Medical Doctor

Jorge was a patisserie chef

Jorge loves nature and enjoys going for long walks

Jorge believes that we can all achieve our full potential with some help

Jorge thinks that our flaws make us unique, therefore we must be flawless

Jorge lives to do what he loves, coaching, training and writing

Jorge dreams of one day (pretty soon) be in big stages in the US

Jorge loves combining Spiritual, Coaching and Therapy Techniques in his work

Jorge is in love with life

Jorge has written 6 books

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