5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Goals

5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Goals


We are more than half way through the month, we have seen resolutions been born and gone, frustration here and there, reality kicks in and we feel rather sh*t about the year and ourselves.

What can we do to stay on track?

For years I struggled with that too and it was challenging to remain strong and finish strong, staying focused and achieving my goals.

You are in luck today as I am sharing with you what I learned through the years and what worked best to stay on track.

5 tips to stay on track with your goals:

  1. Have a deadline, as crazy as it may sound some of us never EVER set a deadline, having a deadline is key to any goal, it is law that when you give yourself a time frame to finish something that’s how long it will take you, for example if you are building a house and you don’t set a deadline it can take you forever to finish and not only that but it will cost you a lot of money and emotional stress too. What is the goal you are working on? How long are you giving yourself to do it? Is it realistic? Who do you know who has done similar task? Have these questions in mind when setting a deadline, being realistic and driven can make a huge difference in any project.
  2. Have accountability, when I wrote my first book Growing Confident, I was telling everyone I was writing a personal development book and I was making them part of the project, in the end it took me 21 days to write the book, 3 months to publish it AND it gave me so much confidence in myself and my abilities. Currently I am accountable for two things writing a fiction book and writing 15 thousand words by the 1st of February. Will I get it done on time? 100% because I don’t want to let people down, people are taking some of their time to keep an eye on me and by not doing it I am letting them down and myself!!! Who do you know in your circle of friends or professionals who can hold you accountable to your actions AND to whom you can pay the favour forward by doing the same? Win-win scenarios win all the time.
  3. Be flexible, when you have a deadline and the time arrives and you haven’t completed your goal, that is ok! Life doesn’t always go as planned, that’s why being flexible is key and paramount. There is presupposition in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which says: the person with the most flexibility controls the system, better explained if you are flexible you will find ways to make things work for you. The number one reason why people fail at anything is the lack of flexibility. Winners and achievers are flexible, what this really means is they are learning from their mistakes and using these feedbacks to their advantage. Where are you at in relation to your goal? How can you be more flexible? What would having more flexibility give you? Are you being flexible in your life?
  4. Have a contingency plan, a plan is a strategy and if one doesn’t work, would you give up just like that? Having a plan B or a contingency plan gives you an advantage over yourself and other people (depending on the task); often most people put ALL of their eggs in one basket and when it is gone, that’s it! This goes in alignment with being flexible and having a deadline, if your goal is taking longer than planned, would you park it and give up? Let’s say you are losing weight and you gave yourself 2 months to lose 1 st and you only lose 9 lbs, would you quit when you only have another 5 lbs to go? The deadline didn’t work, perhaps you didn’t explore other avenues to lose the 5 lbs in the time frame agreed, this type of scenario is when a contingency plan comes in handy, perhaps you could exercise more, take on some cardio classes, eat less carbs, and so… When you start a new goal, explore different avenues and different outcomes.
  5. Be kind to yourself, for years any time anything failed I would be kicking myself, I’d talk to myself in ways I wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to me, yet I was doing it myself. Then I started to be kind to myself and, forgive myself for not getting the results I wanted and forgetting about these mistakes. I discovered that hating or even disliking myself was being counterproductive AND I was in a worse off place at the end of it. If things aren’t going the way you planned them that is OK, what are you learning from it, be kind to yourself and get on with whatever you must do to accomplish your goal.

These are the 5 tips I have found really useful throughout the years and I have seen many positive results by remembering these.

Why not share these tips with your family and friends too?

Thank you for reading, till next time,



YOU Are Precious!

Yesterday I was having a good catch-up with a friend and we talked about pretty much there is to talk when 2 friends who haven’t seen each other for a number of months.

As you can imagine this went on for a while, with lots of laughter and banter.

Then we were talking about our careers and goals, at this point we talked about rates and time and I simply said my fees match how much my time is worth as it is precious to me.

My friend looked at me and smiled and he said:

Your time isn’t precious, YOU ARE!

At this point he could see my jaw dropping to the floor.

My friend reminded me of something so simple and powerful which is my worth.

For a while now I have allowed myself to subscribe to the theory that istis our time that is precious… and yes our time is finite and once it is gone that’s it! We can’t get it back…

But hearing my friend reminder I was able to see that it isn’t the time I am investing that is precious, it is my input and what I bring into the hour that makes it precious, how I perceive myself and my worth.

I define how precious my time is based on what I do or don’t with it.

My day was totally enhanced by this realisation/reminder that it doesn’t matter what I do or for how long, I am the one who dictates how precious/valuable what I am doing actually is, not the length of time spent doing it.

Again, this chat with my friend stressed how powerful it is when we allow others in and how much they can teach you in just a few seconds and with very few words.

Thank you for reading, till next time,


How To Get ‘Stuff’ Done?

How To Get ‘Stuff’ Done?

How to Get Stuff Done (1)

When I was all “new” to adulthood and goal setting I was totally naïve, I had no idea about what I wanted nor how to get what I wanted.

I had very limited skills, I had a lot “potential” and yet I felt stuck!

Growing up I was very academic, which to be totally honest was more coincidental than anything else as I had a “pushy mother” on the one hand and no friends on the other!

What I mean to say is: studying hard and spending some time gathering information was NOT uncommon for me nor challenging…

So, I got to work and with what I found I was left even more confused!!!

Truthfully, it didn’t take much to confuse me as EVERYTHING was new to me, I became an adult far away from what I was used to: different language, different environment, different culture and I was alone, I had no family with me, just a partner who didn’t know how to communicate the adult stuff to me.

I read and read AND read till my eyes went red and square; I even found myself searching for the meaning of life, there had to be a clue somewhere.

All I found was:

  • You have to be motivated to achieve your goals and get sh*t done,
  • You have to set SMART goals (I did wonder who’d want to set STUPID goals?) LOL!,
  • You have to commit and be accountable for your actions,
  • You have to get to work straight away.

These all made sense and kind of did make a difference in my life at the time, however, it was through my own trial and error that I learned what was missing.

The missing link!

It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s and tired of the “rat race” and being dictated my worth that I got serious about creating a vision and a very compelling future for myself, so something I have never done had to be done.

What was it?


I had to be disciplined and do what others wouldn’t do to work magic in my life, I wanted to be self-employed and call my shots, I had to be someone else, someone who’d be stopped at NOTHING!

How did I do this?

When I look back and see what I did then I admire myself for the sacrifices made and EVERYHTING I did to make my dreams come true.

I was working full-time for a catering company and at the same time I was studying a full time Management course in my local college, a part time accountancy foundation AND some online courses.

I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours for months and months, I never missed one day at work or college, I submitted all my assignments on time AND I started a new relationship at the same time. If I am honest, the new relationships was the hardest!!!

How to Get Stuff Done (2)

The discipline I introduced into my routine was worthy of the military, up at the crack of dawn and I’d be up until EVERYTHING that had to be done was done. I pushed myself to new heights and I discovered I could do WHATEVER I set my mind to.

If I am honest, my dreams didn’t materialise immediately, it was on the second year of my Management course when I noticed how poorly staff were trained at work, how they were made feel they were unworthy of their jobs and this resulted in all of them having a low self-esteem, ultimately affecting the results at work.

This was the moment I discovered I was only getting started and there was more I had to do to not only work on my terms but to help people overcome their self-esteem and confidence issues, and to provide the appropriate training tools for employers so their staff performance and self-esteem were EVER increasing.

In conclusion

The 2 lessons I learned to get stuff done were:

  • I had to be disciplined, do what I had never done before, go where I had never gone before and do whatever (within reason!) it took to get sh*t done!
  • I had to become someone else, not a crummy version of someone else or a copy-cat, but a me that would stop at NOTHING to make my dreams come true, to overcome the obstacles that would come my way and have the strength I needed to go all the way where my dreams were.

This is what I learned worked for me, becoming disciplined and a better, stronger version of myself, I added these to the goal setting, motivation and ALL the other things I had learned.

You want to know what?

That search I did about the meaning of life did help, it enabled me to distinguish that I had to think of others and have a purpose, essentially become more to do more.

Powerful stuff, right?

I am glad you have read today’s post and I look forward to writing more useful content for you.

With all my love,


How do you review the month gone?

How do you review the month gone?

Often it can be a “challenge” to measure how far we have gone because of the lack of clear and well-formed goals.


How do you review your month at the end of it?


To determine whether we achieved our goals or not all we have to do is to look at the results we have produced.


Asking yourself the following questions is a great to measure your results:


Are they exactly as we planned them out to be?


Are they even better?


Is there more to be done?


What didn’t you do?


What could have been done better?


What will you be doing differently next time?


Alternatively, do you feel satisfied and fulfilled by your results?


What are other people saying about your results?


What will you put in place for the following month, so your outcomes, goals and targets are met?


What habits will you start implementing in your life?


Who are you going to become to be in alignment with your goals?


You see how can “simple” it is and can be to review your goals at the end of the month, you can do the same at the end of the day, end of the week; and put new strategies in place
to ensure you meet your goals.


Till next time,



Aligning Your Thoughts With What You Want

Aligning your thoughts with what you want


I remember many years ago when I heard of The Secret for the very first time, I was extremely excited, I could not believe we had finally found that missing bit of information that would enables to have the lives we always wanted AND most importantly effortlessly…

The reality is, it was too simple!

It was just too easy and always hard to believe that we could have anything, just by the power of our thoughts and The Law of Attraction.

So, I guess this concept put some people off (I was more cynical than put off by it – if I am being honest), and some interest was lost.

Saying this, I want to share with you how I have learned to interpret the message in The Secret and The Law of Attraction.

When we want something in life, be it a car, or a new partner, or to get that promotion at work; regardless of what it is, it ALL start as a thought, a single thought.

This thought gives birth to an idea of what life can be life when (see how I am saying when not IF!), we get that car, or meet our new partner, or get that promotion; this idea when decorated with all the different possibilities and what it will do for us is what we call a Vision.

In very simple words:

A Vision is seeing things the way they can be, not the way they are.

So, we have a thought which then becomes a vision and then what?

This is when The Law of Attraction comes in… this is the moment when we align our thoughts with that vision, we write it down as a goal or well-formed outcome that will inspire us, we get creative and make ourselves a nice vision board of what our lives will look like when we get what we want, we visualise ourselves being there, doing those things and enjoying the rewards.

However, it isn’t that easy, we have to do a few things that will help us materialise this goal or vision, these are:

  1. Action: a goal without action is just a dream, and dreams do not come true if we don’t do a single thing to make them happen… So, get to work if you want that vision to become a reality.
  2. Have a why: a why is the reason we do what we do, is why we get up at ridiculous o’clock to do what it takes to make that vision a reality.
  3. Remind ourselves of our goal/vision: if you aren’t familiar with visualisation, affirmations, goal setting or vision boards, I would encourage you to find out more, these tools help to remind us of what it is we want and why we are doing it. So, why do we need reminding? This internal repetition of our goal/vision is what will help us find the how, which is the strategy that will get us there, the more we think about our goal, the more we will be working in ways to make it a reality. And,
  4. Empowering habits: there always is a reason why we haven’t that what we want… let me explain this, if we had a way to get that car, partner or job we wouldn’t even bother thinking about it. However, the main reason we don’t have those things is because we do not have the skills or strategies to get them, so developing empowering habits is fundamental to ensure we accomplish our goals.

The truth is, there is no secret to The Secret, if there was a secret it would be:

Do what you know you have to do to create the results you want.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, it took years, decades to become the empire it did.

Can you imagine it Rome was built in one day? Surely, they wouldn’t have become the empire they did if they hadn’t built the solid foundations to support and guard their people.

The same applies to our goals, they become a reality once we have built the foundations in which they can materialise.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s read.

With all my love,




Time to stop, reflect and review

What have you been working on?

Are you heading in the right direction?

Whether you are employed or an entrepreneur I invite you to take a moment, stop doing what you are doing. 

Reflect on where you are right now, is it where you wanted to be? Is it close enough?

What has happened? Why haven’t you met your goals and targets?

Have you been making excuses or have you genuinely been slowed down by circumstances outside of you?

Now, review your plan.

What can you do or start doing so you start going in the right direction?

Have you been in employment and fulfilling someone else’s dreams? Or your business isn’t running the way you want it to?

Start afresh, write a list of actions you can take this very second and commit to them.

Start heading in the direction of your dreams and make them come true.

All it takes is time to stop doing what you are doing to reflect on what you have done and review what you have done and what you can start doing today.

Hope you have enjoyed.

Till next time,


Create Your Dreams Every Day 

Often we forget what it is like to dream, we get too “busy” being busy and at “playing” life.

But, what if…

I told you that you have the possibility to create/invent your life and dreams every day?

What if…

Every day was a new beginning?

You know what?

It is so, it is possible, every day is a new opportunity, every day is a clean slate, every day is a blank canvas.

Though, we forget and neglect, and we neglect and forget what it is like to dream.

Dreams bring hope, hope brings courage, courage brings passion, passion brings action and that action takes our dreams to us, or us to our dreams.

Achieving or creating our dreams is possible at any time, first we must believe it is possible. 

Once we embrace the fact that it is possible, everything else will fall into place. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

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How SMART Are Your Goals? – Download

How SMART Are Your Goals? – Download


We have all heard of SMART goals, do they really work?

Of course!

Setting goals is what enables people to achieve more in life, whether it is a personal goal or a fitness goal, it doesn’t matter.

When you have a vision and a detailed plan of action, anything seems possible; whether it is making a fortune or having the holiday of a lifetime.

Having goals is what makes you to go out there and do whatever it has to be done to accomplish them.


What are SMART Goals?

Let’s assume you don’t know anything about SMART goals

SMART in SMART goals stand for:

S – specific

What do you want? In detail! Do not spare any detail, be as specific as you possibly can.

M – Measurable

How do you know you have achieved it, what is the evidence? Ideally make it sensory based, use all of your senses in the evidence.

A – Achievable

Can it be done? Has it been done before? Do you know anyone who’s done it?

R – Realistic

Can you do it? Do you have the skills it takes to do it?

T – Time-framed

How long will it take you to do it? Can you break the goal down into smaller parts? Break it down into smaller mini goals if the goal is too “big” and set a deadline for each mini goal.

Why do people fail even when they set goals?

The reason why goal setting doesn’t work for some, if not most, people is that they do not set SMART enough goals and they are also ill-formed (baldy made goals).

People fail because their goals aren’t specific enough, they don’t know what they want, they can’t see it in their minds.

People set unrealistic goals, in the hope that they may “magically” accomplish them, not having a clue how they will do it nor what it takes to do it.

Lastly, people do not set a deadline; again, they hope for the best and praying that it just happens.

When we don’t sell SMART goals, it is like going for a drive without a map or a route, driving aimlessly without a final destination in mind and getting frustrated along the way because we don’t know when we will get there.

Side effects of not setting SMART goals

  • Waste of precious time,
  • Waste of precious resources,
  • Waste of energy

Do you want to become a goal accomplishing machine?

Start setting SMART goals, writing them down and seeing them through to the end.

It helps speaking to people about them and also having an accountability buddy to remind you of what is important to you.


Also download the SMART Goal Sheet to start setting new goals.

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Click here to download your SMART Goals Sheet

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Common Mistake Made By Entrepreneurs When Going For A Goal

Common Mistake Made By Entrepreneurs When Going For A Goal


In my experience as a coach I have learned that the most common mistake made by many entrepreneurs is that: they do not review their plans.

We live in a society where we are so used to getting what we want, things going our way that as soon as we face a challenge we lose interest, we QUIT, without even reviewing what has gone wrong!

During my training to become an NLP Practitioner, I learned a model that I used to this very day and I share it with my clients, this is the T.O.T.E Model.

T.O.T.E stands for Test, Operate, Test, Exit; this is based on computer systems and the idea behind is as follows:

We have a plan, we carry it out and see whether it works or not.

On the one hand, if it works, we exit and that is our goal achieved.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t work, we test again, all this really means is that we do something different, i.e. we review our plan, we see what worked and what didn’t work and improve any areas of weakness, before we can test again.

We repeat this until we get the results we want.

With this in mind, the core idea is that we must keep trying and trying until we get the results we want, review them again and again, and again.


So, in a nutshell what we should be done during any project or goal is to make a plan, do our plan and review our plan, until we get the results we desire.

Enjoy the read.



How much should you pay for coaching?

How much should you pay for coaching?

1 (4)

How much should I pay for coaching? I hear a lot of people asking me and some of my colleagues, too.

If you remember one of my previous blogs, Why do people not invest in their minds? I briefly mention the cost of various “treats” we tend to go for as a whole.

There is nothing wrong with treating oneself on a regular basis, weekly or monthly; though, if these treats are not tackling the underlying cause of our “issues”, wouldn’t it be better to invest in ourselves? And overcome our obstacles and limiting beliefs?

Based on what I just said, my answer would be: pay as much as you possible can to shift your mind and get you going…

Yesterday, I shared with you the 2 accidents I saw and the other one I heard on the radio… it really got me thinking and I asked: How long have we got left?

People will not remember us for how good looking or muscular we were, whether we wore Prada, Gucci or a Rolex; people will not care for how many times we went out to the movies, theatre or dining out.

People will only remember us for how we made them feel and any legacy we may have left behind.

You might have heard me talk about leaving a legacy quite a lot, and to be honest (in my personal opinion) this is what really matters, leaving a legacy, ensuring our families are taken care of when we are gone, that the world will remember us for what we did, that everyone we met was left feeling better after having been with us.

These luxuries we go for (and I include myself!) are just a form of escapism, we know what we should be doing, we know when are not on track, we just know it, it is in our DNA to differentiate between what is “good” and what isn’t, what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t be doing.

Just imagine a pair of X shoes (I just saw a nice pair on leopard print), they sell for £550 and more, that money depending on where you are in the world can buy you from 1 to 10 coaching sessions.

3 (2)

The average person sees a coach for 10 sessions, that same pair of shoes, could potentially enable you to work on a mindset shift or goal, and make many times over that amount of money, so had you invested that money on yourself, you could have bought yourself 10 more pairs if you saw the value of being coached.

How much should you pay to be coached?

The more you pay, the better because you will truly value what you are getting. If you see it just as a couple of “bucks” you will not value it, therefore you will not get the results you want.

There is a direct relation between price paid and results, the more you pay, the bigger the rewards, the more you get from it.

Want to get working on some goals? Want to go from stress to success? Want more confidence in your life?

Take my 30-minutes free consultation.

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How long have we got left?

How long have we got left?


Answering this question would be like trying to answer: how long is a piece of string!

However, the reason I have entitled today’s blog so is because today as I was driving down from Nottingham (England), after having spent some time with a dear friend, I saw two pretty bad accidents.

I was relieved for multiple reasons, 1) not having to commute long distances (I daily commute the long distance of a minute), 2) that I was going the opposite direction and, 3) that I was not involved in any of those accidents.

My love and prayers went to those involved, quite frankly I didn’t know the severity of either accident on the M40, A34 or M4.

As I was patiently waiting for the cars to move a bit (from 0 mph), I asked myself the following question:

How long have we got left?

How long have I got left?

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that those people left their homes earlier today thinking today was just going to be another day; they probably even left their homes saying to themselves: another day, another dollar.

They didn’t know that today was going to be a significant day in their lives, perhaps their last (I hope not), though, did they say I love you to their loved ones? Did they have all their affairs in order? Did they forgive? Did they ask for forgiveness? Did they write their will? Did they achieve their goals and fulfilled all their dreams? Did they leave a legacy to be remembered by?

Having asked those questions pretty much out loud as I was watching the cars, police and ambulance services, I felt gratitude for the reasons above mentioned and also because each day, it doesn’t matter how small I take a step closer to my goals and dreams and to leave a legacy.

I felt privileged to have taken the less travelled road so I can enjoy the life the 95% of the world population dream of, fantasise about and yet they do nothing about.

1 (3)

I knew in my heart that the long hours dedicated to my growth, career and chosen “new life” were worth it because it doesn’t matter what may happen today or tomorrow I have lived a life I am very proud of, I have forgiven and I have been forgiven, I have told the love of my life I love him because there isn’t anything stopping me from doing so first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I wished upon the midday hour that many people sought the help they deep down know they need to get from A to B and make their dreams come true; I prayed many more people took the less travelled road, so they become visionaries and inspire others to do so too.

We all need help, some people are just more open to it than others, I am glad I took the help when I was enabled to realise I needed it to get out of the “rat race” and live a life of options and opportunities.

Although, I know various families had a phone call giving them the bad news today, I was glad and relieved that it wasn’t me or someone I knew and also that it wouldn’t have mattered if it was my last day today for everyone around me would have known I lived my life to its fullest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you doing that little bit that will get you closer to your goals?

Have you forgiven and asked for forgiveness and shown love to those around you?

It is not too late to start and work towards your ideals.

Remember, you don’t know how long you’ve got left.

If you need some help with coaching and figuring out what it is you want, give me a shout and take my 30-minutes free consultation.

2 (3)

I hope you have enjoyed.

As always like, comment and share, you never know who may need this information.

With all my love and gratitude.

From my heart to yours,