What Is A Confidence Coach?

What Is A Confidence Coach?

Hi there,


I trust you are well and that you have been enjoying my blog posts. I must confess at the end of 2017 I made the commitment that I would right more often in 2018 and I am proud that I have been fulfilling that commitment so far.


Today I wanted to take the time to answer a question I get asked all the time:

What is a confidence coach?

A confidence coach is a life coach who has chosen to work with clients who have low self-confidence/self-esteem and together they work on empowering techniques to guide the client towards their confidence selves and a confident and compelling future.

There are two types of confidence coaches

  1. Coaches who found themselves almost by “accident” working with clients who have low self-confidence and over time the continue to work with these clients as they have enough experience and knowledge and they have a tried and tested set of techniques that help their clients, and
  2. Coaches who had low to almost no self-confidence; they know what it is like to have low self-esteem, so they are able to empathise with their clients because they were there themselves, and they can bring tools and skills they used from their personal experience, as well as the ones from their professional repertoire.

In my case I am the second type of coach, most of my childhood and teenage years I always felt there was something “off” with me, little did I know it was the fact I had no self-confidence/self-esteem, and this led me a suicide attempt at the age of 16 after I was outted to my mother by a priest.

The day after my suicide attempt after feeling more a failure I made the decision to speak up and talk to someone about my attempt the night before, it was at this moment I reconnected with humanity and I saw hope for the first time in my life.

So, at the age of 16 I realised I had been given a second chance and I was not going to let it go, hence I have been helping people most of my life, so they too enjoy a life with confidence and all the great things that come with it.


Like in life coaching a confidence coach will work with you towards your goals, in this case to have more confidence and together you will create a plan of action that is unique to you and you will tweak it as and when you need to.

The feedback and progress you make will determine the duration of the sessions, in average most people will take 5 to 10 sessions, sometimes more, it all depends on how you feel in yourself, the coach’s personal preferences and you budget sometimes.

Remember anything worth having requires you to put some effort and hard work to make it happen.

In summary

A confidence coach specialises in working with client who have low self-confidence.

There are two types of confidence coaches, 1) “accidental” ones who found themselves in the niche, and 2) coaches who had no confidence and overcame it, so they know too well what it is like to have low self-confidence.

It takes in average 5-10 sessions to get a level of competence where you feel condiment enough and comfortable saying so.

Thanks again for reading, if you’d like to work with a confidence coach, why not book for a free-20 minutes consultation with me?

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5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Goals

5 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Goals


We are more than half way through the month, we have seen resolutions been born and gone, frustration here and there, reality kicks in and we feel rather sh*t about the year and ourselves.

What can we do to stay on track?

For years I struggled with that too and it was challenging to remain strong and finish strong, staying focused and achieving my goals.

You are in luck today as I am sharing with you what I learned through the years and what worked best to stay on track.

5 tips to stay on track with your goals:

  1. Have a deadline, as crazy as it may sound some of us never EVER set a deadline, having a deadline is key to any goal, it is law that when you give yourself a time frame to finish something that’s how long it will take you, for example if you are building a house and you don’t set a deadline it can take you forever to finish and not only that but it will cost you a lot of money and emotional stress too. What is the goal you are working on? How long are you giving yourself to do it? Is it realistic? Who do you know who has done similar task? Have these questions in mind when setting a deadline, being realistic and driven can make a huge difference in any project.
  2. Have accountability, when I wrote my first book Growing Confident, I was telling everyone I was writing a personal development book and I was making them part of the project, in the end it took me 21 days to write the book, 3 months to publish it AND it gave me so much confidence in myself and my abilities. Currently I am accountable for two things writing a fiction book and writing 15 thousand words by the 1st of February. Will I get it done on time? 100% because I don’t want to let people down, people are taking some of their time to keep an eye on me and by not doing it I am letting them down and myself!!! Who do you know in your circle of friends or professionals who can hold you accountable to your actions AND to whom you can pay the favour forward by doing the same? Win-win scenarios win all the time.
  3. Be flexible, when you have a deadline and the time arrives and you haven’t completed your goal, that is ok! Life doesn’t always go as planned, that’s why being flexible is key and paramount. There is presupposition in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which says: the person with the most flexibility controls the system, better explained if you are flexible you will find ways to make things work for you. The number one reason why people fail at anything is the lack of flexibility. Winners and achievers are flexible, what this really means is they are learning from their mistakes and using these feedbacks to their advantage. Where are you at in relation to your goal? How can you be more flexible? What would having more flexibility give you? Are you being flexible in your life?
  4. Have a contingency plan, a plan is a strategy and if one doesn’t work, would you give up just like that? Having a plan B or a contingency plan gives you an advantage over yourself and other people (depending on the task); often most people put ALL of their eggs in one basket and when it is gone, that’s it! This goes in alignment with being flexible and having a deadline, if your goal is taking longer than planned, would you park it and give up? Let’s say you are losing weight and you gave yourself 2 months to lose 1 st and you only lose 9 lbs, would you quit when you only have another 5 lbs to go? The deadline didn’t work, perhaps you didn’t explore other avenues to lose the 5 lbs in the time frame agreed, this type of scenario is when a contingency plan comes in handy, perhaps you could exercise more, take on some cardio classes, eat less carbs, and so… When you start a new goal, explore different avenues and different outcomes.
  5. Be kind to yourself, for years any time anything failed I would be kicking myself, I’d talk to myself in ways I wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to me, yet I was doing it myself. Then I started to be kind to myself and, forgive myself for not getting the results I wanted and forgetting about these mistakes. I discovered that hating or even disliking myself was being counterproductive AND I was in a worse off place at the end of it. If things aren’t going the way you planned them that is OK, what are you learning from it, be kind to yourself and get on with whatever you must do to accomplish your goal.

These are the 5 tips I have found really useful throughout the years and I have seen many positive results by remembering these.

Why not share these tips with your family and friends too?

Thank you for reading, till next time,



Benefits Of Being Organised

Benefits Of Being Organised

Often we hear people saying the secret to their success is: either their organisational skills/time keeping or their drive.

All of these are right and in simplistic terms whatever works for each individual.

I have previously touched on time and drive, so today I thought I’d talk about being organised?

But what are the benefits?

Again, depending on what we are after or our profession, being organised could mean or manifest differently like having systems in place, or being on time, following up or simply getting things done.

I am listing 5 top benefits of being organised in my experience.

1. Peace of mind! I dislike the idea of overcomplicating my life, so I schedule EVERYTHING and stick to that schedule unless I must change it. Having a clear idea lf what I am doing frees me from any of the stresses I may encounter during the day AND it keeps stress itself away.

2. A sense of achievement, it doesn’t matter how big or small a task, if a plan goes as planned it just feels amazing and motivated you to do even more.

3. Frees time for other activities, knowing what to do and when and sticking to that plan means you are time rich, you won’t waste a second unnecessarily and ALL your time will be wisely invested.

4. It gives you more credibility, who doesn’t want to be known as the go getter and the one who gets things done? It is great for our self-esteem too!

5. Gives you time for yourself! Being organised and on top of everything gives you you time! A lot of people feel overwhelmed and snowed under because they aren’t getting things done or lack of organisation.

Let’s be quite frank and honest here, there are two types of people in the world:

• The ones who get through the day, and

• The ones who get from the Day.

Which one are you?

Due to my work I have learned and noticed how our performance is an mirror representation of our inner world.

In fewer words our lack of results is telling us there is something to be dealt with.

The big S or stress is also a HUGE influencing factor in our results and organisational skills.

Stress is much more than being anxious or overwhelmed, it almost literally drives our states and interactions.

If we don’t pay attention to what is happening in our outter world let’s face we won’t know there might be something needing addressing in our inner world.

Remember how previously I have mentioned that the first step to change anything is awareness? If we aren’t aware of the results we are or aren’t producing through our organisational skills we won’t know what needs to be improved.

Isn’t it powerful how the way we do one thing is the way we do everything?

Thank you for reading today’s post, till next time,


Lessons Learned Through Modern Energy Art

Lessons Learned Through Modern Energy Art


Nothing in life is worth doing if we aren’t learning any lessons from it, either good or bad lessons.

For as long as I can remember I have been a student of life, I guess I have one of those personalities where I have to have answers and if the people I ask don’t have them and I get to work and I do whatever it takes to get those answers.

I believe there are no mistakes or errors or booboos of f*ck ups in life, simply feedback and lessons, we will continue to “mess up” until we learn these lessons and then eventually move on.

Recently talking to a friend I commented on how blessed I was, as for most of my life I have learned through other people’s “mistakes” and “testimonials”, so my learning curve has been rather quick and pleasant too.

In personal development it is said that the first step for change is: awareness.

When you have awareness you literally see magic unfold before your very eyes and EVERYTHING seems to ‘make sense’, it is a great feeling and life becomes a walk in the park.

But what happens when you don’t have this awareness?

Truthfully, not much!!! Life, work, romance, you name it, these things do NOT seem to work at all; we are stressed, ‘under pressure’, we feel useless, overwhelming feelings, etc., etc.

Without awareness life isn’t as joyous or fun. Without it, you don’t know what you are doing right or ‘wrong’, what mistakes are being made, what needs to be improved, whether what you are doing works or not. Simple tasks can take up to twice as long, EVERYTHING becomes a burden or a chore!

If you are like me (especially if you are in personal development), there comes a point when you get to the ‘good stuff’ in your life, and by this I mean the stuff that has not being dealt with before AND this is when real and incredible transformation starts to take place.

Though, two things tend to occur here:

  1. We might not want to talk to anyone, for various reasons; or,
  2. We have no idea what is holding us back.

So, if we don’t have this ‘awareness’ to solve a ‘problem’ because we don’t want to talk about or because we don’t know what it is, what do we do?

More personal development? Or, try something new?

I guess this would be a very personal choice and I will share what I did and what insight and awareness it shone into my life.

Modern Energy Art


When we talk or hear Art, we immediately thing of Picasso, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc., people that history has told us are the greatest and most amazing artists EVER, and when we see their art we either think: what a masterpiece or what the hell!

I grew up thinking I was not good at drawing, never mind art.

Memories from childhood would haunt me, having to draw vases, or fruit baskets, or landscapes (the idea of art would trigger the hell out of me!); so, it’d end up either asking my mum to do it for me OR paying my cousin to do it for me.

Arts and Sports were my nemesis at school!

Every time I was colouring something in I’d go out of the edges and I’d lose my temper. In a nutshell, I quit the idea of EVER being an artist at a very young age.

There was no hope in hell for me as an artist, or at least I thought that.

In order for healing to occur and take place something magical has to happen or be done; though, in my experience our instinct (or 6th sense) always knows and when we listen to it we give this healing permission to take place.

I am blessed to say that I ‘almost’ always listen to my 6th sense and when I don’t I regret it immediately.

So, last year a friend, mentor and role model, Silvia Hartmann announced she’d be opening a coaching programme called: Modern Energy Art Apprenticeship; the second I heard about it I knew I had to do it.

However, at first, I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t do it:

  • Time,
  • Money,
  • Energy,
  • Was it worth it,
  • Do I have all the resources needed,
  • I am not an artist!,
  • What if I can’t do it, etc.

The typical excuses we all make and the ones I encourage my clients to dismiss when they REALLY want something!

Here is the thing, Silvia only opened it to 12 people and the spaces were flying real quick, as many people I suffer from F.O.M.O (fear of missing out), so every time she announced there was another space gone my heart would skip a beat.

I was sat on the fence for days and when there were only two spaces left I jumped in.

So, I got to work and I emailed Silvia for my first task! Originally the idea of doing art by myself without a tutor or teacher by my side was terrifying.

I loved how everything started! Silvia simply asked:

What were your first memories of art?

That was easy for me to answer: I loved playing with crayons when I was a child, I loved the freedom of doodling on the paper for hours on end, the smell of the wax and feeling of the crayons on the paper.

As I was typing the answer I had my first breakthrough and insight! I saw how this was a great investment, opportunity and the vehicle I needed to move to the next level AND I was thankful to my 6th sense for guiding me to it.

Then we moved onto the first drawing, an egg, what a metaphor! The beginning and birth of something new…


So, I did my first egg, it was painted using crayons. When I was drawing and painting the egg I was a child again, full of hope and dreams, the joy and love that irradiated from me at that moment was so healing and powerful that I lost track of time.

The feeling was so addictive that I did 2 more eggs and I had another insight:

I realised how much I judged people! I used to comment about people who were buying colouring books and colouring in instead of getting one with their work and lives; I learned I was the one missing out, I was the one who wasn’t healing nor giving myself the time to reenergise or clear my mind.

More tasks came in and I was producing even more paintings, when I thought I couldn’t paint or do any form of art.

Second insight:

I was making excuses for the sake of making excuses! How can I know I can’t do anything if I don’t give it a go? I couldn’t draw as a child but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it as an adult!

As the days, weeks and months went through I was learning so much about myself, without even looking for these answers!!!


I started to notice improvements in other areas of my life too!

Lessons learned through Modern Energy Art:

  1. I judged people without knowing their motives for doing what they were doing,
  2. I was making excuses for the sake of making them,
  3. I discovered how much of a perfectionist I was and how it was holding me back!,
  4. I realised I dislike the idea of being told what to AND following instructions/systems,
  5. I learned that in order to solve a problem, I must focus on the solution instead of the problem,
  6. When you are ready to be healed the healing event will manifest itself,
  7. Best healing occurs without words,
  8. Energy is ever present and the more Energy you put into something, the more you will get out,
  9. You are responsible for your happiness and joy, you ought to look for what’s missing,
  10. Intuition is everything, our 6th sense is there for a reason, lets use it,
  11. Energy well spent is Energy well invested,
  12. I learned I can do anything and that I am unstoppable, I am the only one who can stop me,
  13. I learned that the past really doesn’t define me, it is what I do in the now that does,
  14. Art isn’t rocket science, it is a form of self-expression therefore an Energy exchange,
  15. I am creative and not just an Artist, but a Modern Energy Artist,
  16. I discovered that I am awesome,
  17. I learned to love my creations, people’s opinions count but they aren’t everything,
  18. I learned to give myself a pat on the back, I am creating magic in my life,
  19. I realised the importance of feedback and how powerful and healing it can be,
  20. I learned there is so much more to discover about me and that I am only getting started!

I have taken a small selection of the lessons I have learned so far, it pleases to know I made the right decision when I took on this programme and how far I have come.

Energy is awareness and it is this what moves us forward and closer to our enlightenment and the life of our dreams.

In conclusion


Energy art is not just art, it is a self-healing tool where you the artist creative art as well as evolve and learn valuable lessons about yourself and your life.

You grow, you evolve, you discover what you are capable of.

Magic appears in your life, stays in your soul and you continue to sparkle towards your awesomeness.

What’s not to like?

Thank you so much for reading and comment on this post and let me know your experiences with art either as an artist or as a admirer.

Till next time,


How To Raise Your Energy Levels?

How To Raise Your Energy Levels?

How To Raise Your Energy Levels

Often people ask me: How on Earth do you manage to do so much? And how come you never seem to be doing much either?

I laugh a little and respond: Because I am smart!

The truth is that THAT is my secret I am smart! What do I mean by smart?

I spend my Energy efficiently AND I know how to get endless amounts of Energy!

That is a big statement I would hear some say and IT IS!

If you read yesterday’s blog post “How to get ‘stuff’ done”, there I mentioned I had to become disciplined AND the person who could achieve the big and ambitious goals I had, but there was something else I was doing that I didn’t discover till years later.

I was managing my Energy levels and state (more of this on another post). I was using Energy techniques that moved me forward and enabled me speed many tasks up.

How do you raise your Energy levels?

Have you noticed how I capitalise the word Energy, for me it is such an underused and underestimated resource.

Firstly, was is Energy?

I think an even better question to ask is what isn’t Energy? Energy is in everything AND it is EVERYTHING!

We find Energy in our foods for our nutrition, we use Energy to power our cars, for electricity, gas, etc., etc., the list can go on and on and on… We even use it in our day to day lives in phrases like, I can feel something is going to happen, or I get a negative vibe from someone…

We aren’t strangers to Energy, yet at the same time we don’t understand it much or use it to our advantage.

Adding to yesterday’s post what I was doing was I was Energising my goals, myself and how I did everything.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that cake?

There are many ways to raise our Energy levels and I will describe what I used to do to inspire me to get to work quicker and get sh*t done, I’d focus on how achieving that goal would make me feel once I achieved it AND I’d bring that amazing feeling (Energy) to the present and let it drive me to work harder. It worked each and every time. I was up to my neck in tasks and assignments; work was very demanding too and I got it ALL done!

So, as I also mentioned yesterday at that time I started a new relationship, so I would NOT waste a second I had to spare AND I would get ALL of my tasks done as quick and fast as I could, why? I had something to look forward to, my new love wanted to see me, so I’d get to work and seeing him would be my reward.

Similar scenario, there was something motivating me and empowering me to get EVERYTHING done, this driving force this ‘thing’ is our Energy being channelled and put to good work.

Last year, in the first quarter I felt compelled and driven to write a book where I could share with people some of the techniques I have used in the past to raise my Energy AND have fun above all.

What’s the point in doing anything if you can’t have fun, right?

There was one little ‘situation’, I had been using this techniques at a subconscious level which means, I didn’t know I was using them unless someone pointed them out to me, and no one EVER did!

I got to work and I started journaling what I was doing when I was at my most efficient and proactive. I did this for a couple of weeks and I was fascinated by my findings and how simple these techniques were, things that anyone could do at anytime and anywhere!

That’s how 23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels came to be, from the desire to be able to tell others how they can raise their Energy too, AND so I knew what I was doing ‘unconsciously” and apply when I needed some extra Energy and when I was ‘feeling sorry’ for myself.

23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels

The more Energy you have, the more you can do and the more you can give; Energy goes way beyond physicality, or nutrition, or “drinking coffee/redbull”.

Energy IS real and when you know how to use it to your advantage and to enrich your life, everything changes, you transform and evolve, AND you become the person you know yourself to be.

These techniques aren’t rocket science, I have given you two that aren’t in the book (now I can say I have 25 techniques that raise my Energy levels! Hehe).

Do you want more Energy in your life, then get to work, do something about it NOW!

I produce content and I put it out there for people to benefit from it, so it is up to you now, get your copy of 23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels, right here: https://dragonrising.com/store/23_ways_to_raise_your_energy_levels/ and start feeling the benefits right away.

Thank you for reading and till next time.

With all my love,








Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time there was a very kind deity that gave all of his creation a whole new start.

Their lives started afresh and hope was renewed.

These beings (who totally underestimated what they were capable of) were given new opportunities annually.

365 days, composed of 52 weeks, 12 months, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds filled with so much energy and all the required ingredients to make any of these beings successful and fulfilled beyond their wildest dreams and imagination.

At midnight where the old and the new year met and changed their course billions of these beings would make promises, cast wishes and would swear the year ahead would be their best ever.

Here is where the twists and turns of this story begin…

These beings would celebrate drinking the nectar of decay to numb themselves from the year past, their consciousness would be wiped out and all of their abilities would be compromised.


Cheers and cries of both sadness and joy would be heard, a false sense of safety, connection and hope would be felt, beings from all over the place would gather and witness how the years crossed and changed their directions.

Old and young, males and females, educated and uneducated would stand side by side and start the countdown…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…



The cheer and joy would be contagious.

Oh I love you man, this is your year I know it, I can feel it, no man this is our year, we have worked so hard and it is only fair.

The drinking of this nectar would continue, it was such a profitable business for its distributor.

Other more ‘sophisticated’ or wealthier or sillier beings would even purchase other substances to heightened their joy and euphoria and welcome the new year in a real ‘high’.

This gathering, party of the new year would last for many hours and even days if the time of the week allowed it.


The first day of the year, at the very beginning of this new era of hope, the WHOLE planet would be unconscious, wasted and numbed, the false illusion of certainty would have them helpless in what could be the most important day of their lives.

A day becomes 2 days and 3 and 4 days and next thing the ‘mañana’ syndrome starts to spread.


I will do it in a minute, this minute’s life span seems to break all the laws of the universe as it gets longer and longer and longer and nothing gets done, the task is ‘brushed under the carpet’ and they start to doubt themselves.

This pandemic would spread worldwide and noone would talk about it, heads would be ‘buried in the sand’ and they would continue to pretend everything was fine.

Beliefs would be formed at a conscious and unconscious levels…

I don’t deserve it,

I am not good enough,

I can’t do it,

People like me don’t deserve happiness,

If only I was taller,

If only I was slimmer…

Negative thoughts would pile on top of each other compounding their effect and you could see in these beings faces their hopes and desires for the year started to fade away…

Just another year, same “crap” just another decade…

Life will never change for us… only the ‘chosen ones’ get what they want in life…

Sighs of resignation and cynicism would soon spread across the globe and then the news would start…


Poverty is at its highest and doubled since last year,

Exploitation has quadrupled since the beginning of records,

Slavery has resurfaced this time as voluntary slavery…


Home repossessions, etc, etc…


These news would demoralise these beings and the light of hope they brought with them into the new year would soon disappear.

Their lives and world would see their colour fade away slowly until it totally disappeared and black and white would appear and take everything with it.

But if only…

They did something different the whole year and perhaps their lives would follow a different route.

They hadn’t explored of what it’d be like welcoming the new year sober or at least ‘semi-conscious’ and start with a clear head.

If the only knew how starting not so much the day but the year with a clear head and started to:

• Reflect on the year gone what worked and what didn’t work,

• What could be done differently,

• New career path in order to fulfil their dreams,

• Write down their goals and focused on what they really wanted to achieve in life,

• Doing something that moves them closer to their goal on a daily basis, from day one,

• Being honest with themselves and change what needs to change so their lives improve,

• Ask for help,

• Save for something worthwhile or important,

• Learn to be kind to themselves. 


If only they knew that their power is unlimited and anything is at their disposition.

If they only knew that the only thing that has stopped them all those previous years has been themselves and that they only need some guidance and support to help them on their way.

If they only knew that the most important moment of the day is their right now, the second they hesitate to take action because none was taken a second earlier. That the new year, new me; new year, better luck is but a myth.

If they only knew that yesterday’s mistakes and lack of results do not equal tomorrow’s failures but instead tomorrow’s lessons and feedbacks.

If instead of quitting on the 10th of January they carried on till the end of the year or beyond, until those dreams come true.

If they only knew that they are ALL the ‘chosen ones’, that anything worth having is worth working for and never stopping until it materialises and fulfill them to the core of their beings.


If they only knew that their lives and their stories are worth sharing with the rest of the world AND that they deserve happiness, joy and a lifetime of achievement.

If they only knew that they can do anything, and that there wasn’t a force strong enough to stop them from accomplishing their goals and fulfilling their lives.

If they only knew beliefs and behaviours are stories they keep telling themselves over and over and over again AND that they can override those stories any time and tell themselves a new empowering and uplifting story instead.

If they only knew that their lives matter and that by them living a powerful and magical life the WHOLE world would be inspired to follow suit and live a powerful and magical life.

If they only knew and realised that a life well lived is a life with ups and downs, triumphs and failures and always arriving at that goal that makes it all worth it.

If they only knew that people care about their happiness and achievements and that love and support were there for them if they needed them.


Though, it isn’t until one of them wakes up and shares with others what’s possible and becomes the evidence that the rest will follow.

All it takes is a person in a family, in a community, in a village, in a province, in a country to defy the odds and become the evidence.

So, in the end it is a choice what makes all the difference in these beings lives, do they continue doing what they have always done, or do they start a new paradigm?

The truth is we will only know when we hear about it through their stories, and anecdotes till then we can only wonder what happens next in the lives of these beings…

When a person reaches their full potential magic occurs AND people start dreaming again and getting to work, so life and love and hope start to spread like wildfire and people become an unstoppable force.

All it takes is one person who says yes to living, yes to life, yes to love and yes to creating a magnificent life.

Are you willing to be that person?

Happy New Year, may 2018 be the year in which your passion and love for life become contagious and you end up touching the lives of countless others.

With all my love,


3 Top Tips To Finish The Week Strong 

3 Top Tips To Finish The Week Strong

Each week towards the end of the week most people tend to slow down and get ready for the weekend.

Energy levels seem to deplete and important tasks are neglected.

It is 100% normal to feel that as we are looking forward to unwinding and relaxing at the weekend.

What if I told you that it is possible to maintain your energy levels steady and firing on all cylinders till the end of the week?

So, you can enjoy your weekend knowing you did all you had to do during the week and not dread going back to work on Monday.

Does that sound familiar?

Here are my 3 top tips to finish the week strong.

  1. Focus on the task at hand. When we think of the all the nice things we are going to be doing with our friends and family at the weekend work can seem boring and we start feeling demotivated wishing it was Friday 5 PM now. We struggle to focus on what we are doing and start clock watching. By focusing on what you are doing only, you are more likely to finish it quicker, giving you more momentum to tackle more tasks during the day.
  2. Take enough breaks. For every 45/50 mins work some experts recommend we should take between 5-10 mins break to allow the brain to recover and regain its strength.
  3. Raise your energy levels. The more energy we have the more responsive we are to the tasks at hand. If you want to complete all your daily and weekly tasks simply raise your energy levels and it will enable you to find the resources and creativity to finish what you are doing.

Finishing our week strong is a matter thinking strategically and effectively and investing ourselves where it is needed the most.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Till next time,


How do you review the month gone?

How do you review the month gone?

Often it can be a “challenge” to measure how far we have gone because of the lack of clear and well-formed goals.


How do you review your month at the end of it?


To determine whether we achieved our goals or not all we have to do is to look at the results we have produced.


Asking yourself the following questions is a great to measure your results:


Are they exactly as we planned them out to be?


Are they even better?


Is there more to be done?


What didn’t you do?


What could have been done better?


What will you be doing differently next time?


Alternatively, do you feel satisfied and fulfilled by your results?


What are other people saying about your results?


What will you put in place for the following month, so your outcomes, goals and targets are met?


What habits will you start implementing in your life?


Who are you going to become to be in alignment with your goals?


You see how can “simple” it is and can be to review your goals at the end of the month, you can do the same at the end of the day, end of the week; and put new strategies in place
to ensure you meet your goals.


Till next time,



Monday Strategy!

Monday Strategy!

Who said we all had to hate Mondays?

I consider myself very fortunate and blessed and I know you can feel that way too.

In the years, I trained to become a coach and trainer I learned from the best and the most amazing techniques too.

What stuck with me the most was goal setting or well-formed outcomes, as some people call them too.

As I started to apply this in my life I became very creative and ingenious with it, so I could become more efficient and truly leverage myself and my efforts.

So, this is what I came up with.

I started to set myself weekly outcomes/goals, for the whole of the week, those were the things I was going to accomplish, no matter what.

Then, I would chunk those goals down into daily outcomes/goals and ensured that they would be in alignment with the weekly goals and at the end of each day review and adjust as necessary.

The moment I started doing this I noticed how my results were improving and I was feeling good about myself and the results I was getting.

So, here is what I learned from this:

The main reason people dislike Mondays or going back to work is because they are lacking in strategies and planning.

People are failing to plan and planning to fail, which then take away their power and the way feel about themselves.

The opposite too is true when you plan your work and you work your plan you are empowering yourself and giving yourself the permission to succeed and achieve your goals.

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Till next time,


10 easy to follow steps to have a great week!

I know not many people love that Monday feeling as much as I do, and what this means is that starting the week can be a challenge and a tad tiring for some.

Here are 10 easy to follow steps to have a great week:

  1. Allow yourself plenty of rest the night before, this normally mean getting up earlier on the Sunday, so you are tired early enough to ensure you have 6-8 hours sleep.
  2. Have happy and positive thoughts about Monday and your week. If you go to bed late thinking you will be tired the next morning, guest what? You will!
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, sometimes dehydration can cause us to feel tired, stressed and demotivated, prevent this by having water by your side at all times.
  4. Have healthy meals and snacks to promote your body to work on full cylinders. 
  5. Surround yourself with positive people; positivity, just like negativity is contagious, choose your company carefully.
  6. Allow yourself to take breaks, taking breaks in between jobs or tasks is not only healthy for the body but for the mind too, it allows the mind to recover and perform better over long periods of time.
  7. Listen to something or someone inspiring, this too will motivate you during the week.
  8. Read a book on personal development, a few pages a day is a great way of feeding the mind with positive and inspiring information. 
  9. Schedule everything in your diary, to ensure it gets done. 
  10. Write down the 3 most important things to achieve each day. 

By following these steps (some would call them habits), you are setting the scene to have not only a great but fantastic week too!

Happy week,

Jorge 😎✌❤

3 Habits Confident People Have 

I remember growing up and having very little confidence and wishing I could be like so and so and one day pursue my dreams.

Though, not having much confidence was always a ghost I kept coming across, something I had to tackle head on.

So, here are 3 habits I found really helpful to becoming more confident.

3 habits confident people have:

  1. Confident people do not take themselves too seriously. By taking oneself too seriously we risk becoming disappointed and disenchanted with ourselves at some point when we make mistakes. Taking life and oneself too seriously can take away some our confidence and self-belief. 
  2. Confident people know that there is no failure only feedback. It is common for us to make mistakes, it is part and parcel of being human, at the same time something key to remember here is that there is no failure or bad experiences, simply feedback and experiences. And, 
  3. Confident people do not see themselves as victims. I remember in my journey to becoming more confident reading an article where it said that when you are a victim you are at the effect of someone! That was enough for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get my act together towards becoming more confident. 

Perhaps, you are responsible lacking in confidence or self-esteem and by following and repeating these three habits you can start your own journey towards a more confident you.

Lastly, always bear in mind:

The best is yet to come!

Till next time,


The Importance Of KISSing

The Importance Of KISSing


I got your attention, right?

Sadly I am not going to talk to you about kissing!

What I want to talk to you about is the importance of Keeping It Simple Stupid…

Why is it important to keep things simple and somehow basic?

Because the more complex and complicated the execution of anything, and I mean any project, job or task, the more likely it is to end up as an act of procrastination, or an end product/result you aren’t 100% satisfied with.

What do you know when your project/task is simple enough?

It is said that real genius is when you can explain anything to a 5 year old and they get it.

Also, you know your project is simple enough when you see yourself achieving it, it doesn’t overwhelm you and it makes you want to get on with it by taking immediate action.

A word of advice here is, do NOT let the idea that just because it is simple fool you, anything you want to get and achieve in your life requires immediate action, there is no time like the now.

If you are lacking confidence in yourself or an overall lack of direction as to how to tackle your goals, help is always available, shop around, ask others and find someone who can help you grow in confidence and become successful. Click here to visit my website.

The secret to any success is to have a simple and easy to follow system that will get you where you want to be.

Complex tasks and projects lead to disappointment and overwhelm.

Simple and easily structured tasks and projects lead to self-belief and certainty in oneself.

Remember, if you have a project you want to tackle and achieve successfully, simply give it a good KISS by keeping it simple stupid.

Till next time,



Things always move fast around here…

Watching a movie recently  (Hidden Figures) there was a quote that really stuck with me that was:

“Things always move fast around here.”

It hit home as it was a reminder of two things:

  1. That time is the only resource we can not ever get back, once it is gone, that’s it! And it is a great reminder that there is no point in dwelling in the past, doing so robs us from our now and future. And
  2. It stress the importance of acting straight away, that the here is no time like the now the now to take action because once that time is gone, well it’s gone.

How are you spending your time?

Are you time smart?

Till next time,


How do you know you are making the wrong decisions? 

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why do you keep making the same mistakes and taking the wrong decisions time and time again? 

And where is the evidence that you are making the wrong decisions. 

It is quite simple, the evidence of those decisions are the results we get, or lack thereof. 

We fail to plan and therefore plan to fail and at the same time we get the results we don’t want.

Another common thing we tend to do (and this happened to me very recently, like Monday!), is that when we make decisions they are ill – formed and lacking in energy.

What do I mean by ill – formed decisions? 

They are fear or stress based. We are not consciously engaging with the task at hand and the results show it.

The same apply to our energy levels, overtime we have learned to grow out of touch with our energy levels and we don’t know when to take a break and restore our energy levels.

By doing this, we are allowing our brain and energy levels time to restore and be and be to function better without being depleted due to overuse and abuse.

If you want to make the right decisions and avoid mistakes, ensure you plan what you are intending to do and reenergise yourself allowing you to bring focus and clarity to your work.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. Why not share it?

Till next time, 


5 Reiki Lessons I Apply In My Life Daily 

5 Reiki Lessons I Apply In My Life Daily 

If you aren’t familiar with Reiki, it is a Japanese healing art that has been around for the last 100 years or so, and it means Universal Energy.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life so far is that whatever you do, whatever line of business you are in, the best way to fully embrace it is by making it part of your lifestyle (and who you are) AND turn into habits too.

Some examples are:

  • Yoga, it is much more than a group of asanas, Yoga is considered a lifestyle,
  • Fitness, if you are an athlete or PT it is very likely that you are constantly looking after your wellbeing, including what you eat and exercise on a regular basis,
  • Dentist, you wouldn’t run a successful dental practice with rotten teeth and bad breath,
  • Accountants, they tend to keep their accounts in really good conditions, as it is part of their routine, etc.

Here are the 5 Reiki lessons I apply in my life daily:

  • Just for today I will let go of anger,
  • Just for today I will let go of worry,
  • Today I will count my many blessings,
  • Today I will do my work honestly,
  • Today I will be kind to every living creature.

I have found this such an empowering way to live my life daily, just one day at the time.

If you are Reiki trained you might be saying: but that’s part of the Reiki teachings… Which is 100% true, though, it doesn’t mean it is easy to do, just because it is there to be taught, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is to be followed.

However, I know that by following these principles, as they are also know, I am in for a great day.

If something goes wrong, I use it as my mantra: just for today I will let go of anger AND I will let go of worry.

Rather than focusing on how things are working the way I’d like them to, I count my many blessings, I can see, I can hear, I speak, I can fell, I can smell and taste, I have roof over my head; AND by constantly focusing on my many blessings I know I am truly blessed to have what I have… they tend to outweigh what I don’t have.

Every day, I set out with the intention to do my work right and at the same time to do the right thing, in terms of my work, if a client comes to see me wanting something that is out of my expertise I will send them to someone who can help them rather than “keeping them all for myself”, I earn my living with integrity and I make it a huge part of my way of being and working.

Lastly, I wake up wishing the best to every human being and animal on the planet, I am ever so grateful for the people and things around me, to the point that in my book Growing Confident (and in my forthcoming book 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels) in the acknowledgements session I thanked the plants and animals of the world because without them we would NOT be here, the plants keep us alive and the animals pollinise them so they continue to keep us alive.

Also, whether we want to admit it, we are all connected by wishing every human being the best we are wishing ourselves the best too.

By practising these simple principles, I have learned to love on people in ways I didn’t even know were possible, I have learned to love myself because I see and recognise the best in others and all of that is possible because I do it one day at the time.

Let me know which one of these principles is your favourite.

Till next time,

Jorge 😚✌

How to reboot your mindset?

We live in an era where pretty much everything is computerised and we talk in terms of softwares, hardwares, apps, etc. 
So, I thought I’d talk about the most important computer we will ever use and have, our mind!

I want to apologise in advance as I am not very tekky so I might the wrong terms. 

The main computer we were assigned at birth has been filled with downloads from all sources:

  • Parents,
  • Siblings,
  • Relatives,
  • Friends,
  • Neighbours,
  • School,
  • Teachers,
  • Culture,
  • Society,
  • Social media, etc.

Softwares and apps are constantly being downloaded, though, rarely they are updated, upgraded or discarded all together.

What are the side effects of operating using old programmes  (aka limiting beliefs)?

Among the many negative side effects here are some of the most common:

  1. Slow running of applications  (performance and overall speed),
  2. Prone to viruses and unwanted data,
  3. Carrying useless information,
  4. Frustration for the user, and
  5. A false sense of working properly. 

How can we optimise the running of our computer?

New softwares and apps are of importance, as well as a good antivirus.

These are best known as personal development, self-help and growth mindset.

Books, audios, seminars and 121 coaching are the necessary tools that will help our computer work and perform faster.

A constant and consistent upgrade and cleaning is of essence too.

We want to ensure we give our computer a time to recover too, so it can cool down, update apps and perform better all in all.

How good is your mind (computer) performing?

Does it need to be upgraded and updated?

Till next time,

Jorge 😚


I came across this poem recently and I thought I’d share it with you.


Jorge 😎

Courage to stand out. 

Courage to be me. 

This courage I wish I had so drastically! 

Courage to laugh. 

The feeling to be free. 

Oh I wish I wish I had this courage inside of me. 

Courage to love. 

Courage to trust. 

To have this courage would be a plus. 

Courage to accept I have courage. 

This is proven to be; 

The hardest courage their could be.

by Christina E. Brown

How do you know if you are at the effect of things?

If you aren’t familiar with cause and effect this is how it goes.

When you are at cause in your life, you are calling the shots, making your own decisions, in control of your life and actions AND you get to create your life the way you want to.

On the other hand, when you are at the effect of something or someone,  you are giving power to something or someone, you are their ‘bitch’ (sorry, couldn’t resist!), you are ‘affected’ by everyone and everything AND you are seen or acting as a ‘victim’.

How do you know if you are at the effect of things in your life?

Here is a short list of things that would tell you you are at the effect of things :

  1. You are constantly complaining about things and people, 
  2. You feel ‘unlucky’,
  3. You wait for things to happen to you, 
  4. You are reactive,
  5. You feel hard done by,
  6. You always feel left out,
  7. You have negative and unhelpful thoughts,
  8. You hate your environment,
  9. You are always unhappy, and
  10. You haven’t achieved your goals.

How do you stop this?

The best and easiest way to stop being at the effect of everything and start being at cause in your life.

By flipping this ‘metaphorical’ coin you start to create the life of your dreams, chasing after your goals and being a real winner in your life.

What are the signs of being at cause in your life?

  1. You are happy in yourself, 
  2. You are optimistic and courageous,
  3. You use positive language, 
  4. You attract more people into your life, 
  5. You set empowering and realistic goals, 
  6. You do what you love,
  7. People come to you for advice, guidance and support, 
  8. You experience a real sense of wellbeing, 
  9. You more energised, and
  10. You experience a real sense of belonging. 

The list shown above is just but a summary of what is possible when we are at cause in our lives.

Being at cause is a state of being and knowing our worth.

Are you ready to be at cause in your life? 

Let’s hear what you got to say.

Till next time,

Jorge :)💋❤

3 easy steps to have a fantastic weekend!

Who doesn’t like having an amazing weekend?

The average person (according to my observations!) spends most of their weekend time, which I believe is precious to all of us, running around and recovering from the week gone.

So, how can we ensure we make the most of it, instead?

Those close to me constantly congratulate me for my levels of efficiency and being able to get everything done AND at the same time ensure I keep a balanced life.

How do I do it?

I use these 3 simple steps to ensure all my weekends are fantastic:

  1. I ALWAYS plan to do something fun. It doesn’t matter how long or challenging my week has been I will schedule something that will bring joy and laughter to me at the weekends. It could be going to the movies, going shopping or a nice meal out. I reward myself for the week gone.
  2. I set outcomes or goals for my weekends. This could be relationship or personal or even spiritual. I always ensure that there is something to be achieved at the weekend, something to look forward to. It inspires me to get more done at the weekends. Remember: time is a very precious resource, so why not use it wisely even at the weekends. And,
  3. I set aside some ‘me’ time. Selfish right? No, it isn’t, it is normal and healthy to want to have some you time, to do whatever you want or just to do nothing or reflect on the week one.

I have been doing this for years and I make the most of my weekends and I start my weeks empowered and energised. 

Give them a go this weekend and let me know how you get on.

Till next time,

Jorge 😘❤💋💥

Do I matter?

Good question right? 

Do I matter? Do you matter? Do we matter?

For years this question troubled and intrigued…

Do I matter? 

What I do matters?

Honestly I struggled to answer it because I couldn’t see any evidence of it (or that I thought!).

I started to notice and realise that what I did matter, though I would think people were being polite and kind to me.

It wasn’t til November last year when I truly learned that what I do matters!

I visited Atlanta, Georgia for a personal development training, I didn’t see the big deal in attending, I did it because u could and I was interested in it.

So, I got there. The truth is people knew about me going to visit and they forgot. 

The second I arrived, they were looking at me wondering who I was.

I introduced myself as Jorge from England and originally from Panama. Told them about my journey and who I was and did. 

The day was great. We learned so much and people were so kind and beautiful with me.

At the end, a lady stood up and thanked me for my bravery and honouring them with my presence this is what she said:

Thank you for coming and showing us how small we are playing.

You have travelled thousands of miles to invest on yourself and showing is what is possible. 

We make excuses about time and money and you have proven that those are just stories we make up to stop ourselves. 

I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what an impact I had on that community. 

However, it showed that everything matters, it doesn’t matter how small an action is it will ALWAYS matter because people are watching and being impacted by it. 

Do I matter? 

Does what I do matter?

Absolutely, 100%.

Guess what?

It also applies to you. 

You do matter, what you do matter. 

You needn’t hear from others to know that what you do matters, just know it that what you do matter. Period. 

You are important therefore what you do matters. 

What are you doing?

Recently watching a movie (Hidden Figures), I came across the most incredible quote in the form of a question  (2 actually):

What are you doing?

Taking a break?

This was said when a character was supposed to take an immediate action and instead was sat looking at everyone as if waiting for someone to either tell her what to do or do it for her…

At that moment her friend look at her and said:

What are you doing? Taking a break?

I saw the relevancy to those questions into my life and the lives of many people.

What are we doing? Taking a break?

There are dreams to be achieved. There are projects to get started and sometimes we find ourselves staring into space waiting for something or someone to appear and give us orders.

Some people are fortunate, “lucky” they have someone or people to ask that question: What are you doing?

Is there something that needs doing?

Is the project going to complete itself? 

Or, are you just taking a break hoping things will do themselves?

These breaks or lack of action are our worst enemies because it is here when we tend to become complacent and start to procrastinate neglecting our future and what is important to us.

Remember the 4 questions to ponder on from yesterday?

Why not add what are you doing? Too? 

Till next time,


4 Questions To Ponder On…

Last Sunday and Monday I was driving from my city, Southampton to Weybridge and Weybridge to Eastbourne and finally Eastbourne to Southampton. 

It may sound like a lot of driving but it wasn’t.  

Since being self-employed I have become very time savvy and conscious, I have learned that time is the only resource we will never ever get back.

So, whenever I am driving, walking, moving, doing chores or at the gym I am either reading or listening to something that will help me be better at what I do and as a person. 

I was listening to Jim Rohn’s (he is just amazing) Challenge to Succeed. 

These recordings capture his philosophies and incredible wisdom.

Toward the end of 4 cds audios he said I will leave you with 4 questions to ponder on:

  1. Why? He says this is the most powerful questions we can ever ask. Why… children ask it all the time.
  2. Why not? Great question,isn’t it? Why not do it now? Why not now? Why not take action? Why not do something about it? Asking why not is a powerful way to get us into action.
  3. Why not me? As a teenager I used to ask the question why me? I would put and present myself as a victim, whereas this question why not me? Gives us power and the opportunity to get going… if he/she can, why not me? Great application of this question.
  4. Why not now? Is there more to add to this question? Why not now instead of tomorrow? It is really easy to postpone things and invest our time, money and efforts on things that aren’t as important. 

As I was driving back home I felt totally inspired by these questions. 

Often we see the why question as unimportant or unnecessary when in reality it shines new light into the situations we are presented with.

Remember ask yourself the following questions at all times:

  • Why,
  • Why not,
  • Why not me,
  • Why not now.

Don’t let their simplicity fool you. 

Till next time,


What is love?

Today I want to give you a poem, a blessing from me.

Happy Valentine’s.

What is love?

What is love?
But a kiss, a caress,
One I love you,
One I need you.
What is love?
But an expression of who you are,
And extension of your being,
One action,
One thought.

What is love?
But a whisper, a smile,
One memory,
One second of intimacy.
What is love?
But feelings, emotions,
One heartbeat,
One breath taken and returned.

What is love?
But what I feel for you,
One unheard voice,
One unfelt touch.
What is love?
But the universe at your feet,
One world,
One heart.

What is love?
But me and you,
One part of you,
One part of me.
What is love?
But what we feel together,
Your heart,
My heart,
Dancing together at unison,
Making magic possible,
Discovering the impossible,
Exploring what’s possible.
Love is all there is,
Love is all we need,
Love is you,
Love is me!

What is love?
Who cares?
Noone fully gets it,
Noone fully understands it
What is love?
But all there is,
All we need,
All we should ever need.

Jorge Vence

I hope you have enjoyed and please share this love.

Till next time,


What is dangerous?

As I have recently shared in the last few days I have been paying full attention to what is being said on TV, by people, what I read, everything in general.

I was watching a couple of movies at the weekend and in one of these movies one of the characters said the following  (I believe it was in Hidden Figures):

Dangerous is: inaction and indecision…!!!

At that moment I wanted to get my journal out and jot down such incredible quote (I used all the mind techniques to not forget it though!).

Hearing this quote was so relevant to everything I do and life in general.

If we don’t take action we will never get anything done or get what we want in life. 

It is a sad fact that we tend to rely on luck and we forget that the best way to get “lucky” is by taking action, getting s**t done and creating that luck ourselves through the opportunities the hat we come across. 

Also, when we are indecisive and “procrastinate” to make our minds up, we end up wasting time, money and energy AND the outcome we get is the of dissatisfaction and unfulfilment. 

However, if we flip the coin and take a look at what is safe or right we get: action and decisions  (or choices).

When we take action we call the shots and we make things happen, we take full responsibility and control of the situation and ultimately the outcome.

And when we are making decisions, choosing what actions to take we commit to our goals and dreams AND we steer our money, time and energy to what is important and matters to us.

We become resourceful and unstoppable AND we become of inspiration to others.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Please share with your friends. 

Till next time,

Jorge 😘

What do you want to be the first at?

I have started to pay more attention to what people say and lines (quotes) from movies and influential people. 

It is incredible what can be learned when we start focusing our attention more.

Yesterday I had a great day with my partner, we went shopping, out to the movies, for dinner and finished the night with tenpin bowling.

Although, every part of the day was sensational, my favourite part of the day was the cinema.

We watched Hidden Figures… What a movie, it is a MUST watch. 

Again, I am not spoiling the plot or storyline, just watch it.

One of the characters is in front of a judge for a hearing, as she is applying to attend lessons in an all-white  (and all male) class.

She had done her homework and researched the judge’s details. 

He had been the first to go to university, the first to become a judge, etc., etc. 

So she recited all his achievements, saying: 

You know what it is like to be the first in your family to do accomplish something.

I too want to be the first one in my family to go to university and become an engineer, I want to be the first black (this movie was based on the 60’s during the segregation between whites and blacks).

Wouldn’t you too like to be the first to let a black woman go to an all-white school?

What a bold statement to make:

What would you like to be the first in? Or, what would you like to be the first at?

This movie was about vision and conviction and it got me thinking. 

What do I want to be the first in/at?

I have been the first in my family at some things, to move abroad, to really follow my dreams, to start my own business, to write and publish books, etc. 

Though, I do not want to stagnate and be left behind. What can I be the first in/at next?

What hasn’t been done yet?

Please note it isn’t to appear better or superior but to challenge myself and continue to grow.

What would you like to be the first in?

I would love to hear. 

Till next time,

Jorge 😎💋❤

Courage is fear that has said its prayers 

Jim Rohn once said something along the lines of:

“Why try to overthink and come up with something new when others have said and put it so eloquently for us already.”

I couldn’t agree more with that quote especially after hearing the following quote today by Joyce Meyer :

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers and decided to go forward anyway.”

Well, what can I say?

This is so perfectly put that it leaves nothing unsaid…

When we proceed with courage we are essentially acknowledging and making the decision and commitment to go ahead and do it anyway as put by Susan Jeffers:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Acting with courage besides our dears is the best favour we can do for our future selves, conquering new territories and becoming a better person each day.

Learning something new and overcoming a new challenge daily is the best way to become the person we must in order to accomplish our goals.

I would love to hear any powerful statements or quotes you have heard/read today or in the past and how it has inspired you. 

Till next time,

Jorge 😎💕💋

It is OK to have a bad day!

Yesterday was a significant day for me, in many ways. Sadly, the way I reacted and how I took this event was pretty bad.

Before I continue writing I will not tell you much on this post as it is still raw and I am processing it, so talking about it brings “stuff” to the surface. 

What I will tell you though is I already have a title for my next book 😉. 

So, I had a rubbish day yesterday. 

How rubbish you might be asking yourself?

Vodka kind of rubbish. 

I didn’t want to talk to anyone about what had happened and the only 2 people who knew about this incident I begged to not mention it.

As I was drinking my vodka and coke, I am not crazy to swig it neat (yuck!), I kept saying to myself why am reacting like this? 

You are a coach and a therapist (and a healer), a trainer and an author and you empower people and help them and blah blah blah…

Is alcohol the solution? 

Is pushing people away the solution?

Is blaming other people the right thing to do?

I started to analyse what was going through my mind at that moment  (before the vodka kicked in!).

And this is where I got to…

You are a coach and a therapist (and a healer), a trainer and an author and you empower people and help them AND…
You are human too!

I realised and totally recognised the importance of having a bad day.

I chose to divert my attention from what was happening to something else, yes I know vodka wasn’t the solution  (though there was nothing else I could do around midnight!).

I learned that having a bad day is a great opportunity to take a look at your life and reassess where you are at. 

That there are lessons in every situation and that by taking a break from it you are giving yourself the time to process the situation and take the learnings. 

When you acknowledge that it is ok to have a bad day and accept it for what it is you are at cause in your life, rather than at the effect of the “issue”.

It was so refreshing knowing I don’t have to get it right all the time, it is OK to go through all the emotions known to human kind in a few seconds and even have a cry.

I also learned I was too attached to this outcome and because it didn’t go as I had planned I was upset. 

Note to self: stay unattached and remain committed instead. 

I woke up in a different space (and and NOT hungover!) AND I wanted to talk, I wanted to tell people.

In fact, it was so healing talking to people because I learned people do care when you let them in.

I just needed to acknowledge and declare I was having a bad day and i had to take some time off.

I promise when I am ready I will share with you what happened, and when the book is published I will send you the link too 😉!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and realised that even people who help other people to transform their lives have bad days and go for the vodka (sometimes!). 

We are like everyone else and stuff get to us too.

So remember it is ok to have a bad day. 

Till next time,

Jorge 😘❤💋

100 Years Of Solitude

100 Years Of Solitude

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed and totally loved reading, at first it started like a way to cope with life and avoid loneliness, it then became a passion that has helped me a great deal.

I started reading fiction or non-fiction, literature and prose; I always loved putting myself in the author’s shoes and decipher what he wanted to put across to the reader, I would get lost in those pages for hours and hours (and still do).

Later in life I switched to personal development and business, and success and every now and then I lose myself (again) in a nice fictional book.

One of the books that had a huge impact in my life was 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez aka Gabo.


Before I tell you why I want to give you a bit of background.

My family (most of them, anyway) are of humble means, in fact my generation was the first generation to have had the privilege to have an education, our parents and grandparents didn’t, in fact my great grandmother (who is still alive) didn’t have any education whatsoever.

It is fair to say that education and personal growth weren’t the main priority in their lives, it was all about “survival”, getting a job (didn’t matter what it was!), having a roof over their head (and their children!) and paying the bills (and maybe have the luxury to do some nice things!); I know some of you would even say that that is the case with many people nowadays, and you’d be right!

So, that is the background of 3 generations in my family (we are 5 generations living side by side).

Oh, and before I forget I read this book in 2005 when I was already living in England.

The reason I loved this book is because it beautifully described many (if not most) people’s reality in Latin America.

What is that?

Doing the same things their parents have always done, repeating the same mistakes; in fact, there would be 3 (or more) generations living under the same roof!

In this book Gabriel talks about an imaginary community (Macondo), based on what he knew and had seen in Colombia growing up.

As I was reading the pages of this book it felt as if I was reading my family’s biography and friends families, it felt real and I had seen it with my own eyes.

The family in the book perpetuating that vicious circle and they weren’t even aware of it, it all seemed “normal”.

It was OK to live with your parents and their parents, and getting married and bringing your partner to live in your house and bringing a child to the world and keeping it in the same environment, not broadening its horizons.

I will not spoil the book giving you too much information, it simply is a must read.

So, what I learned from reading this book was that I was brave and courageous when I chose to sever my connection from that vicious circle, I wanted to see the world, I wanted to be “different” and I wanted to do things that no one has ever done in my family.

At first it wasn’t easy because I felt guilty, and now when I look back I know it was one of the best decisions I have ever made because I get to do things I love and I am starting something new.

I am making my own mistakes and learning from them, I am travelling and seeing the world, I am doing things I want to do and not things I am “expected” to do, I call the shots and I live a life powerfully and I love it.

You want to know something?

Many (if not most) of my family are still living in the same vicious circle, that’s what they have always known and otherwise is “odd” and “strange” and totally “alien” to them.

The connections and bonds we have to those lifestyles can be too strong to break sometimes and it may take many generations to break away from them.

Two things come to mind:

  1. Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. And

  2. Some people believe that it takes up to seven generations to break away from a vicious circle.

Was I the “odd” one out? Was my birth the chosen one from a 7th generation and the others weren’t? who knows?

Though, I wanted to share with you about that book and how it almost felt like I was reading my family’s biography.

If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you do, you might even discover something from your family in there too.

Till next time,


Just keep going bravely and remain confident 

Sometimes I feel I run of ideas and this can lead to me struggling to put sentences together.

Though, today I was reminded of something beautiful and almost magical. 

I noticed how “easy” it can be to find inspiration when you allow it, when you let things unravel around you. 

As I have mentioned before I prefer to blog daily, rather than in “bulk”, as I like to capture my day and what is happening around me.

So, today I was reading a book with daily thoughts and poetry and I came across this phrase:

Just keep going bravely and remain confident.

How apt it is and it applies to all of us.

Whatever we want in life, all we have to do is to keep going bravely and with courage for this is the fuel that will propel us in the direction of our goal.

No matter how many times “things happen” to us, if we keep in mind our end goal, we can make it happen, this will only happen when we keep going. 

Also, it is a great reminder to stay and remain confident. 

When we face a challenge, rather than running away or stopping, if we stay confident in our abilities and know that it will pass, because let’s face it, it always does.

If we take the learnings and feedback and sharpen our skills, use our resources and become more resourceful, this will invariably give us the confidence to keep going.

And the more we do this, the more resilient we become and ultimately we become unstoppable. 

Wasn’t this a great reminder today?

Just keep going bravely and remain confident!
I found it very apt and helpful, it is great to be reminded that to be successful and achieve our goals we have to bear in mind these two things:

  1. Keep going, and
  2. Remain confident. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and please share it and comment. 

Till next time,


Your potential is unlimited 

When we are children we know we can be and do anything. 

Then, things happen and we start to doubt ourselves, beliefs are formed and suddenly we made decisions about things, ourselves and the world.

We grow into people full of limiting beliefs and uncertain about it all.

  • We don’t think we are good enough.
  • We feel we don’t have what it takes to do X, Y or Z. 
  • We struggle to “fit in” and even accept ourselves. 

And this list could go on and on and on.

Though, I am here to remind you that your potential is unlimited. 

You  (we) have all it takes to create the life you want, you have all the resources you need to bring magic into your life.

Just start believing and start getting the results. 

It was Napoleon Hill who put it best;

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Till next time,


Can anyone really be 100% confident?

​I used to ask myself this question ALL the time, I mean none stop:

Can anyone really be 100% confident?

In ALL areas of their lives?

At ALL times?

I’d be scratching my head and almost lost sleep over it. 

I knew nothing else, lack of confidence and low self-esteem  is all I knew.

So, I just wondered and never asked anyone. 

I carried on with my life and met wonderful people AND I got to work on my personal development, and towards the life I wanted. 

Next thing I was confident and I totally forgot about that question I once asked myself time and time again.

Until people started asking the same question to me… They were even more confident than I was by asking that question.

So, I got thinking and observing.

And here are my findings:

  1. People are always facing challenges, therefore their confidence is affected by it and at the same time just because they don’t show it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
  2. People are confident in some areas of their lives and not confident in others. 
  3. Some people face their “challenges” head on and feel the fear and do it anyway, so they develop that muscle and next time when they face similar situations they know what to do. And,
  4. Growing in confidence is an ongoing journey, it really never ends.

Just because you don’t feel or see yourself as a confident person it doesn’t mean you aren’t in some areas.

I have met really shy people who aren’t “as confident as” me, though in front of others they do come across as confident, brave, courageous and bold.

What you see in yourself isn’t what others see in you. 

Typical example would be parents with “no” confidence, to their children they are heroes and they can do anything. 

To many of us some friends, bosses or teachers come across as confident, though behind closed doors don’t know their “reality”.

So, to answer that question, the answer is a big fat and emphatic NO.

NOONE is really confident at all times. 

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. 

Liked it? Why not share with your friends.

Till next time,


How NOT to worry!

We have grown to become too “familiar” with worry and stress.

Although, they both deserve the same level of attention, today I want to talk about worry.

When I was 16/17 I was very fortunate to meet Jorge, my namesake, we meet in our group therapy and he took at shine to me. 

In those days I didn’t feel worthy of having a Lawyer as a friend, in fact, I didn’t feel I deserved any friends.

Anyway, so Jorge would chat to me after our therapies and often would give me a lift.

Jorge was 12 years older than me (still is, BTW), and he was very wise for his years.

He knew I had attempted suicide so he felt compelled to support me and be my guide, for he had had a tough period too when he was a teenager and in his early 20’s.

I wish I could lie but in those days I was a tad negative, who am I kidding? I was very negative, I didn’t know much about appreciation or gratitude!!!

However, Jorge would never criticise or judge my views.

So, one day I was being the “typical” teenager, complaining and whinging about everything!

So, Jorge said to me:

Jorge why are you constantly preoccupied?

Did you know that preoccupied really means to occupy yourself before its time?

Everytime you preoccupy you are wasting your time and energy AND you are busying yourself unnecessarily and before its due. 

Those words were what I needed to hear. 

From that moment on I preoccupied less and let worry out of my life.

So, how NOT to worry?

Stop preoccupying yourself and rather than busying your mind  (with things that may not even happen) and start enjoying what you have in your life.

Worrying or preoccupying is tiring and consuming, it leads nowhere and it can cost you EVERYTHING. 

It is almost like living into a negative future that you are putting there. 

It’s like using the Law of Attraction to your disadvantage and drawing negative things into your life. 

What about thinking of great and empowering things and attract a future you love.

It is possible, I learned to do it and so can you. 

Till next time,


How to create from nothing?

How to create from nothing?


Intriguing title, don’t you think?

You might be wondering what I mean by creating from nothing, right?

Just imagine you are a builder, you have what at first appears to be an empty plot of land and you are assigned the task to build a house in that space of nothing.

The idea of starting with nothing and somehow ending up with something after some work could seem almost impossible for some, terrifying for others and some, well, wouldn’t even start!

Though, the reality is that you get many more choices when you start with nothing or from nothing.

When you have nothing, what that really means is you can have anything, you get to call the shots, you get to choose what is built.

You can build the house as big as your imagination allows you to, you can use whatever materials you want to use, you can be as creative as your heart desires.

Starting with nothing gives you a clean canvas in which you get to decide what goes on it, you choose the paints you want to use, you get to choose the brushes you want to use and you also get to choose how long it will take to complete the masterpiece.

If you are struggling to grasp that concept it is ok, I am going to give you an even easier to get analogy:

We start with nothing, as nothing!

Get it?

We are all born the same, naked, vulnerable and with nothing.

It is with time we get to create the life we desire, we choose what we do or don’t do with our lives. When we are adults or even before then, we choose our friends, partners, schools, jobs, etc.

What we get, always start from nothing, with nothing.

We start with nothing and we then choose to have something.

That something could be anything we wish; though, it is our circumstances and past experiences that steer us in the direction of the things we get in life.

So, in a nutshell, you get to choose what happens next in your life.

You are the artist who gets to paint the blank canvas, you are the author of your life who gets to write on the empty page.

You start with nothing and therefore have the potential to have EVERYTHING.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Till next time,




Aligning Your Thoughts With What You Want

Aligning your thoughts with what you want


I remember many years ago when I heard of The Secret for the very first time, I was extremely excited, I could not believe we had finally found that missing bit of information that would enables to have the lives we always wanted AND most importantly effortlessly…

The reality is, it was too simple!

It was just too easy and always hard to believe that we could have anything, just by the power of our thoughts and The Law of Attraction.

So, I guess this concept put some people off (I was more cynical than put off by it – if I am being honest), and some interest was lost.

Saying this, I want to share with you how I have learned to interpret the message in The Secret and The Law of Attraction.

When we want something in life, be it a car, or a new partner, or to get that promotion at work; regardless of what it is, it ALL start as a thought, a single thought.

This thought gives birth to an idea of what life can be life when (see how I am saying when not IF!), we get that car, or meet our new partner, or get that promotion; this idea when decorated with all the different possibilities and what it will do for us is what we call a Vision.

In very simple words:

A Vision is seeing things the way they can be, not the way they are.

So, we have a thought which then becomes a vision and then what?

This is when The Law of Attraction comes in… this is the moment when we align our thoughts with that vision, we write it down as a goal or well-formed outcome that will inspire us, we get creative and make ourselves a nice vision board of what our lives will look like when we get what we want, we visualise ourselves being there, doing those things and enjoying the rewards.

However, it isn’t that easy, we have to do a few things that will help us materialise this goal or vision, these are:

  1. Action: a goal without action is just a dream, and dreams do not come true if we don’t do a single thing to make them happen… So, get to work if you want that vision to become a reality.
  2. Have a why: a why is the reason we do what we do, is why we get up at ridiculous o’clock to do what it takes to make that vision a reality.
  3. Remind ourselves of our goal/vision: if you aren’t familiar with visualisation, affirmations, goal setting or vision boards, I would encourage you to find out more, these tools help to remind us of what it is we want and why we are doing it. So, why do we need reminding? This internal repetition of our goal/vision is what will help us find the how, which is the strategy that will get us there, the more we think about our goal, the more we will be working in ways to make it a reality. And,
  4. Empowering habits: there always is a reason why we haven’t that what we want… let me explain this, if we had a way to get that car, partner or job we wouldn’t even bother thinking about it. However, the main reason we don’t have those things is because we do not have the skills or strategies to get them, so developing empowering habits is fundamental to ensure we accomplish our goals.

The truth is, there is no secret to The Secret, if there was a secret it would be:

Do what you know you have to do to create the results you want.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, it took years, decades to become the empire it did.

Can you imagine it Rome was built in one day? Surely, they wouldn’t have become the empire they did if they hadn’t built the solid foundations to support and guard their people.

The same applies to our goals, they become a reality once we have built the foundations in which they can materialise.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s read.

With all my love,




How to have the best year yet?

How to have the best year yet?


Have you ever asked yourself:

What do I have to do to have the best year I’ve ever had?


What can I do to be better than last year?

If you are like me, I am sure you may have asked yourself this countless times.

So, how do we have the best year yet?

The answer is very simple:

Say no to your excuses.

Say no to what you’d normally say yes to.

Be the person who says no…

  • Be the person who says no to distractions,
  • Be the person who says no to tv,
  • Be the person who says no to alcohol,
  • Be the person who says no to procrastination.

When you start saying no it may seem uncomfortable at first, and as soon as you start seeing the results in your life it will start to become easier and easier.

What do you have to do to have the best year yet?

What is it you want?

We all know what we have to do to get from A to B, we just don’t do it. The secret here is to go above and beyond our excuses and say: I know I don’t want to do this and I am doing it anyway.

I know this is tedious and I am doing it anyway.

I want to spend some time doing nothing and I am going to get on with my work, my studies, work towards my goals, anyway.

In brief, what we have to do to have the best year yet is to do the complete opposite to what we have always done, do more of the things that have to be done, do what we know have to be done to get the results we want.

Achieving success and accomplishing our goals aren’t exclusive to “the chosen” ones, this is available to everyone, especially the ones who put in the hard work.

Do you want to have the best year yet?

Just work, work and work towards it and in the end you will reap the rewards.

Have a great day,





How are you feeding your mind in 2017?

How are you feeding your mind in 2017?


Hello there, I trust you are having a great day so far and that 2017 is treating you well so far (it is only day 2!).

I would like to thank you for your beautiful comments in yesterday’s post, truth be told I wanted to make people think about the year ahead and how they can ensure they have the bestest year yet.

So, today is no different.

I am sure those of you who are Entrepreneurs and/or in the Personal Development field are familiar with the saying:

“Learners are Earners”

I could not agree more with that statement.

I am very fortunate that when I was growing up I had the best Spanish and Literature professors, they taught me so much and made me fall in love with my language and reading; so the day I don’t have my hands all over a book, the day I do not caress the pages in a hardback (or paperback), I feel I am missing out.

My personal library has thousands of books that I have devoured over the years (in England alone), and it just continues to grow.

Over the festive period I read like there was no tomorrow, I wanted to enrich my mind and my being. Sadly, I ran out of books to read (yes, I was upset!!!).

Yesterday, New Year, the very first day of the year I had nothing to enrich my life, my mind and me being. So, I had this thought:

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if from now on, before the year ends I get myself 12 books – one for every month of the year –, for the year ahead?

Do you remember, me talking about my wheel of life and goal setting? One thing I just realised is that by buying books that are in alignment with our goals is a great way to ensure we achieve them!

I invite you to take a look at your goals and do some research on what books and authors could help you achieve them.

I am a great believer that in order to achieve something, we must study it first and get our hands dirty, learn and fail, fail and learn, so eventually we become the people we have to become to achieve those goals.

What are you feeding your mind with in 2017?

What books will you be reading in 2017?

Who do you have to become in 2017 to achieve your goals?

How many books are you going to read so you gain the skills to achieve your goals?

A close friend of mine says:

“I always look for a job or opportunity that challenges me and teaches me new things, because the day I am not learning I feel I start to die!

What are your goals for 2017? Feel free to share them with me, if you wish; if not, take a look at them and ask yourself these questions:

What do I have to do to achieve this goal?

Do I have to read about it?

Do I have to study it?

Be honest with yourself and find the support you need to enable you to accomplish your goals.


  • Plants need CO2, water and nutrients from the soil,
  • Animals need food to survive and thrive,
  • Humans need Oxygen and nutrients to survive and thrive,
  • We need to exercise to remain fit and strong, and
  • Our minds need knowledge to become more creative, imaginative and thrive too.

Let me ask you one last time:

What are you feeding your mind with in 2017?

Drop me a message in the comments box and let me know what books you are reading in 2017.

One of the books I am going to be reading in 2017 is The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho; although, I read this book almost 20 years ago, I feel drawn to read it once more.


Till next time,







Just Another Year, Or Is It?

Just Another Year, Or Is It?1

Before I get carried away writing today’s blog I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a prosperous, fabulous and above all love-filled 2017.


Some people say the year gone was but a rehearsal, others even say that this year is going to be THE year, this is the time when we claim our lives back, our power and once and for all we get to be excellent.

If you are like me, I am sure you may have even said this yourself.

The sobering and scary truth is that no single year, ever is a rehearsal, once that time is gone, once those 365 days are gone, that is it.

I used to be really good at maths, and every now and then I like to use it (just in case what they say is true, use it or lose it!!!).


In a year, we have 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds.

We are only getting started…

So, if you live in a Western country, in average you will work 40 hours (which translates into 8 hours per day, based on a 5-day working week), you will be entitled to at least 2 weeks holidays, plus any other public holidays (which I am ignoring, as they vary from country to country!).

If you are fairly “normal” you will sleep a minimum of 6 hours per night, you will spend a couple of hours eating and getting ready, a couple of hours getting to and from work (let’s not take into account traffic and other natural phenomena), you will probably also have a couple of hours of leisure where you do your own thing (to remain sane).

For those of you who are parents, I will give you 2 hours to help your children with homework and any other things you might do with your children daily, like putting them to bed, chasing them around the house, etc.

Also, let’s add 14 hours per week for house chores, shopping, etc.

Are you with me so far?

This is what we have so far, weekly

Work: 40-Hours

Sleep: 42-Hours

Eating: 14-Hours

Moving around: 14-Hours

Leisure: 14-Hours

Children: 14-Hours

Chores: 14-Hours

If we wanted to see this daily (based on 5 days) this is what I would look like:

Work: 8-Hours

Sleep: 6-Hours

Eating: 2-Hours

Moving around: 2-Hours

Leisure: 2-Hours

Children: 2-Hours

Chores: 2-Hours

If my calculations aren’t wrong this is how much time you have left at the end of each day: 0!!!

Are you surprised?

You probably aren’t and neither am I!

You might be asking what happens with the other 2 days?

You end up with 16 hours to catch up and get on with whatever didn’t get done during your working week, which very strangely these days is: more work!

If you are not at work, you are either thinking of work, that you might lose your job, thinking of changing jobs, maybe even starting your own business and next thing, it is time to go back to work.

Why did I do this morbid calculation I hear you say!

I wanted to illustrate why some people never ever get out of the hamster wheel of life.

It is really easy to have dreams and hopes and ideas of what the future may hold; however, if we don’t do something different to what we have always done, we will continue to get the same results, or worse still (if that was even possible!), we may even end up in a worse off position – it has been known, it is happening around us all the time.

Was 2016 a trial run for 2017?

Did you say the same about 2015? And 2014? And 2013? And the last 10 years?

What have you been doing with your time?

Did you know that for millennia we have done whatever we could to make ourselves look younger, to travel back in time, and simply put to have more time.

Time is the only resource that is not infinite to us, once a day has gone that is it, it is gone forever, it will not come back, it is part of our past and memories.

Also, let’s be honest, the only form in which it comes back to us is as regrets, the ‘what ifs., the it ‘could have beens’, and ‘the cowardly only ifs’!

What are you going to do differently this year?

Me, for starters, I have had a serious conversation with myself, I sat myself down and I asked myself the question: Jorge, what do you want in 2017? Really, for real, what do you want?

My question to you is what do you want to accomplish in 2017?

At this point, I want to highlight, I have not used the word “change” on purpose because I believe that in order to get what we want in life and achieve our goals, change isn’t what will get us there, it is by transforming and evolving what we already possess that will make the difference.

Let me explain this further…

When we are working towards a goal, it isn’t by changing or forcing change that we will get the results we desire.

On the other hand, if we look at what we have and ways in which we could move things around, shift things (and this includes our thoughts), evolve things to be more effective and efficient we will be motivated to move in the direction of our goal, rather than fighting it because it is something we don’t want to “change”.

Have you set aside some time to plan the year ahead?

For the last few years I have taken the very first day of the year to set my goals for the year ahead, I do my wheel of life and look at the areas of my life that need improving and write my goals around them.

I look at my fitness and wellbeing, my relationships, my spirituality and finances and compare them to the previous year.

Then I ask myself the following questions:

What went well?

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What can I do to make it better next year?

And this gives birth to the strategies I will use to execute these goals.


Do you set aside some time to reflect on the year gone? To ask yourself what do I have to do to get my s – – t done?

Is there an aspect of your life that doesn’t satisfy you?

What is it?

What can you do this year to transform it?

When I look around, especially today, many people will have wasted the most important day of the year. They will be in bed (most of the day) with a sore head and “trying” to figure out what they left behind in the “old” year!

Today is the day when you set your intention for the year.

What will I achieve in January?

What will I accomplish in February (the shortest month of the year)?

What will I have got done in the first quarter of the month (end of March)?

I remember one of Tony Robbins famous quotes:

“The quality of your life depends and it’s based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.”


What do I want to?

Where do I want to be?

When will I have accomplished my goal by?

How can I ensure I get my s – – t done?

How much money will I have in my bank account by the end of the year?

Who do I need to speak to to help me with my dreams?

Why do I want to do this?

What questions are you asking yourself that will empower you to move forward?

Here are some other questions I will be asking myself in 2017

Is that next glass of wine going to help me move forward?

How long will I have to exercise to burn the calories in that kebab?

Will I regret it tomorrow?

What would my mother say?

What will my 90 years old self say about this?

Will I be using this in 10 years time?

Is this enriching my life in some shape or form?

Will I need this money tomorrow?

Who can I help with this?

Do I really want this?

Who am I really wanting to impress with this?

2017 doesn’t have to be the same as the previous years

I believe we all know what we have to do to fulfil our dreams and create the lives we desire.

We all know we don’t have to eat too much or drink till we lose consciousness.

We know we have to exercise, especially as we get older for mobility, flexibility and weight reasons.

We all understand the importance of education and learning. Those who are self-taught and self-educated are the ones who can vouch for it.

If what we did and tried in previous years didn’t work, is there any point in wasting our time, money and energy doing the same? Really!!!

The answer is NO!

Be smart, be savvy, do not rob yourself of the magnificent life that belongs to you.

When I was working out how many hours we have left at the end of each day I was somewhat upset.

I will tell you why I was upset because some people waste the most valuable days and years of their lives hoping that someday everything will be better, that someday that rich man or woman will show up.

They hope that someday they will win the lottery (without even buying any tickets!!!), they dream of someday waking up and realising it was all a dream.

That someday they will be slimmer, that someday they will be X or Y or Z.

Dear friends, I have got news for you…

There is NO someday!!!

Someday is a make-believe messed up idea we created to excuse ourselves. To absolve ourselves for doing nothing,,,

The time to get s – – t done is now, today, this very second.


We go through live hoping that someday it will all be better, and then when it comes to our last breath on this planet we spend it regretting all the things we didn’t do, because the penny finally drops that there is no someday.

Do you want to wake up at some point in 2017 regretting you didn’t take action when you could have?

Do you want to end 2017 the same way you did with 2016 and 2015… and 2008… and 2000… and 1995?

Someday is TODAY.

Today is THE day.


Today is the day when you say:

You know what I am good enough and I deserve the best in life. Let’s just wake up and grab the bull by the horns.

Do you want to have your own business?

Brilliant. What are you going to do about it?

Do you want to have a salary raise?

Excellent! How are you going to “convince” your boss you deserve it?

Do you want a new job?

Marvellous… What job is it you want?

You get the idea…

At this point I want to stress:

The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself!!!

2017 isn’t a trial run. 2017 isn’t about change. 2017 isn’t about the same old.

2017 is about action. 2017 is about NOW. 2017 is about exploiting your excellence. 2017 is all about YOU.

Start asking yourself some powerful questions that will help you head in the right direction.

Have a fantastic day.

May 2017 be the best year in your life yet.


With all my love,







How do you become more confident?

When I was growing up I little or no confidence whatsoever. 

I felt and believed the whole world was against me and that it didn’t matter what I did nothing would ever change.

As a teenager I hid behind books and education and put a façade, a bravado, pretending that I was ok.

Truth be told I wasn’t ok. I had issues accepting and loving myself and I just didn’t want anyone to know about it. 

I hoped and wished that one day I would wake up and it would all be gone.

What did I do to become more confident?

I will share with you the 3 most important things I did to become more confident:

  1. I admitted to myself I had a confidence issue, I stopped lying to myself and the world and I faced to the fact I wasn’t confident.
  2. I told people about my confidence issues and got the support I needed in order to get more confident. And,
  3. I got to work on my confidence, I started doing things that challenged me and promoted growth in me and it paid off.

How long have you been lacking confidence?

How long have been held back by your lack of confidence?

Why do you want to be more confident?

What is confidence for you, anyway?

What would your life look like with more confidence?

Do you know the direct connection between confidence and success?

If you want to grow in confidence and become the person you know yourself to be get a copy of Growing Confident, 10 Simple Steps To A More Confident YouIn this book I share in more detail my journey to Growing Confident and what I did to get there.

Want more confidence get learning and working on it.

Till next time,


How DARE you?

Sometimes in life we have to hear those things we don’t want to hear, so here it is:


  • Not share your greatness in life?
  • Not show up in your life and commitments?
  • Make excuses to not take action?
  • Blame others for your lack of action?
  • Play a “safe” and “comfortable” life?
  • Quit even before you got started?
  • Avoid taking control of your life?
  • Hold onto the and reject your future?

I can go on and on and on… and explain where and which areas you haven’t been fully present.

That isn’t the point, the point I am making here is you can change it, transform and evolve it. 

I have brought it to your conscious awareness, so now it is over to you. 

You get to choose whether you reflect on these areas or you take no action.

You get to do something and achieve something and continue in the same path, heading in the same direction you are heading. 

Taking control of your life requires taking actions right now and being the human being you have to grow into to accomplish your goals.

What are you waiting for?

Your time is now.

Till next time,


Time to stop, reflect and review

What have you been working on?

Are you heading in the right direction?

Whether you are employed or an entrepreneur I invite you to take a moment, stop doing what you are doing. 

Reflect on where you are right now, is it where you wanted to be? Is it close enough?

What has happened? Why haven’t you met your goals and targets?

Have you been making excuses or have you genuinely been slowed down by circumstances outside of you?

Now, review your plan.

What can you do or start doing so you start going in the right direction?

Have you been in employment and fulfilling someone else’s dreams? Or your business isn’t running the way you want it to?

Start afresh, write a list of actions you can take this very second and commit to them.

Start heading in the direction of your dreams and make them come true.

All it takes is time to stop doing what you are doing to reflect on what you have done and review what you have done and what you can start doing today.

Hope you have enjoyed.

Till next time,


Are you making today count?

Every moment counts people say…

This is so true, every action we take or don’t in the moment count towards our goal or away from it.

If you are familiar with the compound effect, the daily activities we do on a daily basis compound over time resulting in the results we want, our goals and achievements. 

The opposite is too true, those things we don’t do now, today or tomorrow or the day after will take us further and further away…

Are you making this moment count?

Are you making today count?


Are you making it not count?

Think about it and carry on doing what you do or start doing what you aren’t doing.

Till next time,


How many people are you helping succeed?

One of the biggest lessons I learned was when I joined my network marketing company, in order to succeed in this business is by helping as many people as possible to succeed, to achieve their financial goals.

Genius, I thought. 

From that moment on I embraced that same mentality into my coaching and training businesses. 

I started to help as many people as possible to become more confident and succeed in areas of their lives they never thought of or saw possible.

I was helping others to become practitioners of NLP, EFT and other applied psychology modalities and enabled them to see themselves as the solution to people’s existing “problems”.

So, the more people I helped to succeed the more successful I became, this new approach to my businesses changed them dramatically for the best.

How many people are you helping in your line of business or career?

Are you offering solutions to people’s problems and adding value to their lives?

It doesn’t matter what you do whether you are a barista or a lawyer or a therapist.

In each and every one of the above mentioned scenarios you are helping people wake up and get on with their day, you are helping people with the law to either defend themselves or to change a law and lastly you are helping people to improve their ways of thinking  (mindset) and ways of being  (behaviours).

Remember, in order to succeed and achieve success you ought to help people, the more people you help, the more successful you become.

Till next time, 


Is tomorrow guaranteed?

Yesterday I had one of the most surreal and thought provoking experiences ever!

I was walking into town, minding my own business, listening to an audio and wanting to get to my destination ASAP. 

Suddenly, I noticed a homeless guys walking past me, he looked ever so familiar, there was a sense of knowing him, I just couldn’t place him, and then…

It hit me, we used to work together in the very first kitchen, at my very first job over 9 years ago.

Then, his life seemed in the right place, he had a decent job, a wife and a daughter.

He was committed to his job, always there, going above and beyond the call of duty, he was a good colleague and I thought his life and personal situation where in order.

Sadly, I realised it was him when he was long gone and I couldn’t make him in the distance. 

Though, many questions came to my head…

I would have asked:

  • What happened?
  • When did things start to go “wrong”?
  • Did he seek for help?
  • Did he think his life would look like this after almost 10 years?
  • What about his family?
  • How long has he been in the streets?

Having witness how much a person’s life can change in such short period of time made me more committed to want to help people to remain in a healthy and stable frame of mind.

We all need help, though, it takes courage and bravery to ask for help, and the truth is that noone will judge us because what we are really saying is:

I want to be in a better position, I am committed to my life and my family and the world around me, and people applaud that. 

If you aren’t where you want to be right now, act now, before it is too late.

You never know where you’ll be in 5 or 10 years from now. 

Remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

Want something better and different? Seek the help you need to accomplish it.

Till next time,


What are you thankful for?

I remember one day reading about happiness and reasons to be happy.

One of the articles I came across was about gratitude where a gentleman shared how every time he asked someone how they were if they started complaining he’d say:

Can I stop you there and ask you a few questions?

Most people would say yes and he’d ask:

  1. Have you had a cup of hot coffee this morning? (Yes they’d reply)
  2. Do you have a job? (Yes)
  3. Do you have a roof over your head? (Yes)
  4. Do you have a family that loves you? (Yes)
  5. Do you have good health? (Yes)

And they say what are you complaining about?

Too often we forget about the blessings we have in our lives and we end up taking them for granted. 

We focus in the small things that have little or no ssignificance, we add meaning to them and see them as the truth.

It is almost as if we were drinking the poison and expecting others to die.

Quite frankly we end up being ungrateful and quite cynical about life.

What are you really grateful for?

I will tell you what I am grateful for”

  1. I am thankful for being alive, being able to see, hear, breathe and feel.
  2. I am thankful for my friends and family.
  3. I am thankful for my line of work and the difference in get to make in people’s lives.
  4. I am thankful and grateful for being able to express myself freely and encourage others to do so too.
  5. I am thankful and blessed for the animals and plants that help us to remain in this planet to see another day.

I would love to hear what you are tthankful for in the comments box.

Till next time,


What are you committed to?

One of the biggest turning points in my life was when I realised what I was committed to.

I have always had a huge commitment around wanting to make a difference and leaving a legacy, in fact I am committed to leaving this planet better than I found it.

It wasn’t until I chose to really commit to my commitment that I started to notice some significant improvements in my results.

I was being more proactive,  I was more focused, more determined and many of my goals being met.

I learned that being of service was a vital part to become successful. 

Let me ask you:

What are you committed to?

Where are you wanting to make a contribution to?

What are you doing right now to make a positive impact in your community? 

What will your legacy be?

Write in the comments box what you are committed to, I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, 


The future and You!

We all have dreams and hopes…

The truth is, these dreams and hopes are what keep us going and alive!

Also, the future starts and is written in the now.

What is meant by the future starts in the now and we get to shape it right now, this very second and reap the rewards at the appropriate time. 

We can not enjoy an amazing future if we don’t get to work right now…  

What we do and work on today is tomorrow’s reality, the future is today’s actions.

We get to choose and write what happens tomorrow. 

What do you want to achieve? What are your dreams? What are your hopes? .

Regardless of what they are you get to write and become them.

Your time is now, embrace it, become it and live it.

Till next time, 


Yay, the weekend is here!!!

Excited about the fact that today is Friday and you have 2 amazing days to make them count?

How are you spending your weekends?

Are you using them productively to work towards a goal or simply doing nothing aka “resting”.

Though, I totally get that we need time to rest and “catch up” with life, sometimes we just use it as an excuse. 

You are reading right, we use it as an excuse to procrastinate and remain in the same old rut.

What systems have you in place to truly leverage your time?

What are you currently working on to create the life of your dreams?

You see it is easy to make excuses and let out fears and doubts get the most from us.

There are two types of people:

The ones who use their weekends to accomplish a goal, and 

The ones who waste their weekends doing nothing productive. 

Think about it to which group do you belong to?

Till next time,


The man who walked after 15 years

Can you imagine being in a wheelchair for 15 years and hearing someone challenging you by saying that by the end of the weekend you will walk?

I saw just that the weekend gone.

I was attending a personal development coaching programme, which was was pure high performance coaching. 

Results were guaranteed if you kept your end of the bargain which was to fully participate. 

Among the attendees there was a gentleman in his late 50’s let’s call him Jimmy.

Jimmy hadn’t walked for 15 years and had been in his wheelchair ever since, his life was very limited and constricted by what he could and couldn’t do and he was fully dependant of others. 

Jimmy had (and still has) ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which had been part of his identity for as long as he could remember. 

The weekend was packed with assignments, new knowledge and quite frankly it was full on!!!

Each day lasted about 14 hours, and that is not including the assignments, travelling time and further coaching. 

In 3 days all the participants got to know each other very intimately. That environment was all we need for over 40 hours, and even outside the coaching sessions we were still in touch to keep the fire in our bellies alive.

The coach was 100% on our case, he didn’t care about your age, he didn’t care about your ethnic background, he didn’t care whether you were single or not, all he cared about was getting results (and that we got!).

The coach didn’t treat Jimmy any differently, he treated Jimmy like the rest of us and in his mind Jimmy was able to walk, anyway. 

He kept saying to Jimmy: Jimmy do you want to walk? Answer me Jimmy, don you want to walk?

At first Jimmy wasn’t sure what to say or what was going on for that matter.

After umpteen times Jimmy said: yes I want to walk again, but… I haven’t for 15 years,

… but I need to exercise…

… but I will need help…

Jimmy, do you want to walk?

The coach wasn’t taking a no for an answers nor any excuses!

Eventually, Jimmy said I want to walk. 

To which the coach said, so be it, it will happen on Friday evening. 

All the participants, including me, where thinking he is mad… my former self from management was thinking… this is a recipe for disaster…

Where is the health and safety here…

I am sure others had their own thoughts and opinions about what was being said.

The kick-ass  coaching continued, it was hard core and exhausting.

It felt as it is was in a time bubble and there was this vortex of energy that kept awake regardless  of what and how I was feeling.

Imagine what Jimmy must have felt like?

The tasks weren’t easy, they were just there to produce results.

We were challenged, we were pushed, we were broken and torn and pulled apart, and then some more…

I ever feel like complaining or quitting, though that thought crossed my mind…

Omg, this is too much… this is not what I came here for… (that’s another story on its own right!) I just kept going.

I kept going for two reasons, I wanted a breakthrough in my chosen area and let’s be honest I wanted to see “IF” Jimmy would walk by the end of Sunday.

There were many participants and I didn’t get a chance to interact with Jimmy, we were in groups and we weren’t in the same group, though, he was in my mind at all times. 

Friday ended, I was relieved. Phew… 2 more days!

Saturday came and I was all over the place, I was tired, I was stressed, I wanted to quit, I was doubting myself…

I had a phone call with my partner and he was worried as I sounded so confused (when I am almost 100% of the time “with it”), I found that coaching intense.

Though, I kept thinking how must Jimmy be feeling right now…

I will be honest, I had a few chances to ask him, I just chickened out!

Saturday ended, yay I survived it, just one more day and…

Let’s see if Jimmy walks!

Sunday was one of the longest days of my life… I was there and I wasn’t there, I was in a time capsule, not really knowing whether I was dreaming or still awake or what on earth was going on…

What about Jimmy?


The moment came when we had to share with the rest of the participants what we had got from the programme. 

Many people stood up and shared with us what they got from their participation and what was now possible for them. 

I was so incredibly proud of every single person in that room, they made it to the end.

What about Jimmy?


The coach looked at Jimmy and said:

Well Jimmy it is Sunday night, are you walking?

Jimmy looked at him and shouted: yes I am. 

Jimmy proceeded to unbuckle his wheelchair strap and with some struggle he wiggled his bottom to the edge of the chair…

Jimmy struggled to move of the edge, though, he was determined, it was happening, you could tell it was going to happen…

Jimmy struggled and struggled I have no idea how long he fought to get up and nothing!

Then, I said to myself he isn’t going to not walk, not on my watch…

I jumped a couple of rows and ran towards him and grabbed his left shoulder and then someone stood up and another and another and another.

In total there were about 10 people aiding Jimmy, and together we facilitated Jimmy’s first couple of steps after 15 years…

Jimmy walked!

Just as predicted by the coach…

I was in awe, I could not believe what I just had witnessed, I was a man regaining his liveliness, I saw another human being getting his sense of being back. 

He walked and we as a whole helped him achieve that. 

It was just extraordinary…

What did I get from that?

I felt totally connected to every person in that room and a real sense of community. 

I learned that we all have a place in society to help someone else, we choose whether we fulfil it or not.

I discovered that you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough and declare it to everyone around you.

I deepened my love and respect for humanity, we are one…

There is not you, he, she or me or even it, just us, there are no real barriers or divisions, we just put them there. 

I am so glad I met Jimmy he totally and truly transformed my life he made many things possible for me and the rest of the attendees and our families too. 

Miracles do happen and they are there for grabs. 

Till next time, with all my love,


Are you open to being helped?

One of the biggest breakthroughs I ever had in my personal and professional life was when I sought after help?

Are you openminded to hearing what professionals got to say about how they can help you?

Are you getting any kicks of working nonstop and getting the same results? Doing the same over and over and expecting different results? (They call this insanity!!!)

If you aren’t getting the results you want and you find yourself stuck in the same rut, perhaps you might need to consider finding some professional to help you discover where you are at and how you can get better results. 

Often we fall into the trap that we know better and more than others and that we aren’t getting the results we want cos of the circumstances around us.

If that was the case there wouldn’t be all those success stories we hear about.

Are you blind to your blindspots and too proud to ask for help?

Why should you be concerned about other people’s opinions when all that matters is that you reach the level of success you desire.

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting a better quality of life and wanting to create a future that excites us and leave a legacy as a direct results. 

Simply put get over yourself and seek the help that you know you want to create the results you desire.

Till next time,


Developing a no matter what attitude

How many times are you willing to get back up from failure?


Are you the kind of person who just quits when they are faced with adversity?

Let’s face it not many people like the feeling of failure or rejection.

How do you develop a no matter what attitude?

In my personal experience and what I have learned from others and reading is that quitting is not an option.

It doesn’t matter how many times it takes to achieve something you will see it through to the end.

All it takes is to detach oneself from the outcome and whenever we fail to ask ourselves:

What lessons can I learn from this so I can improve it?

What has worked?

What didn’t work?

What can be improved?

It is important to understand that what happens just happens and choosing it for what it is and for what it isn’t is the best way to go about it.

Life happens we simply buy into the stories we make around what happened.

Once you learn that there isn’t failure simply lessons you start to develop that no matter what attitude.

If you continue to work and work and still no results you are satisfied with all you have to do is to get a coach to help you with possible blindspots.

Ditch the story and learn the lesson from any failure.

In fact, get excited for every failure you come across as you are learning something that didn’t work and something you can improve on.

Till next time,


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